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Corbin Fisher

Christian and Kennedy Fuck (Bareback)

Category: Amateur, Bareback
Pornstars: Christian II (CF),Kennedy (CF)

About this Video:

Kennedy is such a hornball and loves taking big cock, which made him the perfect guy for Christian's first time. Right away we knew that Kennedy wasn't going to hold anything back. He'd been carrying a boner all day and couldn't wait to get his hands, and mouth, on the willing stud.

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Submitted: Dec 7, 2014


  • herodes Dec 7, 2014 at 12:32

    This scene is a complete joke. This is the second video with Kennedy in four days in which they pair him up with a model who doesn't even belong at CF but at Helix Studios. Christian is even more of a twink than Noel, and him being the top in this scene was just ridiculous. In the story that goes with the scene CF wrote "Kennedy is such a hornball and loves taking big cock, which made him the perfect guy for Christian's first time." then why do they pair him up with a model whose dick size is 5.5 inches, their own measurements btw. If they are so set on hiring these twinks they should use them as bottoms, because as tops they do not convince at all. Christian btw looks like he is about fifteen years old. Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody in my opinion have the same problem, they can't find replacements for the popular models that have left them like Aiden, Cain, Calvin, Abe etc, and both studios have little to no ethnic diversity. Why can't they find Jocks who are of Latin or African-American descent. Why couldn't CF convince Jamie to do more scenes.

    • herodes Dec 7, 2014 at 12:56

      And another thing. The scene CF released 12/6/2014 on ACS called Rowan & Christian's fuck show, the girl in the video doesn't even participates she just sits there and watches the two guys fuck. What the fuck is that about? It's basically a ACM scene but because there's a girl in the video it's released on ACS? I think Corbin Fisher is completely losing the plot. Sorry for my rant.

  • Hungry Dec 8, 2014 at 17:26

    What is going on? I had not realized, but those popular models disappeared a long time ago, can anybody say why? I aggree, these new boys are all boring. And that video, "Dawson pumps Austin´s hole", when was it shot? It looks there´s something very bad going on with Corbin Fisher. Is it because of bareback shooting, and they are getting short of cool guys to take risk? Sean Cody still has some cool guys, and I hope the quality doesn´t slip down like Corbin Fisher´s did!

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