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Jake Cruise

Beau Flexxx Massaged

Category: Amateur, Mature Men
Pornstars: Beau Flexxx

About this Video:

Last time we saw the ever-so-studly Beau Flexxx, he was being serviced from head to toe by our very own Jake Cruise.  Now, in his return engagement, Beau is about to treated to an extraordinary massage (plus!) by Jasun Mark, whom our members know quite well.  Jasun is an avid weightlifter and uses those arm muscles to maximum advantage as he digs deep into Beau's aching back and sore legs.  Every masseur has his own special technique and Jasun's involves substituting his tongue to get to those often-neglected anal muscles.  And while Beau drifts into the Land of Ecstasy, Jasun stimulates the genitals with expert ball-licking and cock sucking.  Keep in mind that with a length of 10+ inches, Beau had NEVER had anyone swallow his dick all the way.  Until now.  Jasun's jaw-dropping ability is the highlight of this video.  (Okay, it's a tie between that and Beau's cum load which may still be dripping out for all we know!)

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Submitted: Apr 5, 2011


  • qbayu May 21, 2011 at 16:40

    oooooohhhhh really hot video....i am very horn wanna massage all gay n licks play feet like in video you try massage by me sir????

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