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Brent at MilitaryClassified

Brent at MilitaryClassified

Brent is one of those rare finds who floored Rob at MilitaryClassified when he met him. Everything about this southern country boy exudes masculinity and pure straightness. He’s tall, beautiful blue eyes, great hair, smooth body, tan skin and a nice 7 incher cut nicely with big ass nuts. Brent is really just plain hot and Rob just can’t believe that he got him to do what he did for him on tape. Brent is a virgin in every respect of the word to the whole “gay for pay” world and Rob’s bringing him to all of you today. He is one of the few studs on the site that just stand out!

Brent at MilitaryClassified

When Brent got to the hotel Rob could tell he was nervous as hell because he kept trying to make idle conversation and continually tried to keep the conversation in the heterosexual realm. It was so funny to watch him squirm and get nervous as Rob began to tell him what we had planned for the day. Brent knew for sure that we were doing a solo masturbation video but when we actually met and talked about the money, Rob offered him a lot more if he thought he could handle a blowjob from him. Now you have a straight Marine that loves to bust a nut, definitely liked the financial arrangements Rob made but told Rob that he was nervous about the whole guy blowjob thing. Rob told him that they’d try it and if it worked great if not no big deal! He said cool!

Brent at MilitaryClassified

Rob relaxed him a little by taking the conversation right to chicks at the start of the shoot which he took like a duck to water. Brent started to smile and relax to know that we were talking about things he liked to do. He proudly began boasting about the girls he’s been fucking since his divorce and how very RARELY he gets turned down… which he said happened twice in his life. What Rob found out during the conversation was that he had just nutted the night before with an online hook up Asian chick so Rob was worried his nut would be bland… wel.. pay attention and watch.

Rob got him to get his cammies off and tried to relax him by letting him start jacking off while Rob stayed back. Soon he got into a rhythm and you can see that he was getting comfortable enough so Rob made him get completely naked. Rob also introduced him to a product called “AstroGlide” (which he swears by) and Brent went berserk and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

Brent at MilitaryClassified

He loved the stuff and in no time had the blood filling his beautiful dick making it grow and grow. Well of course Rob had to get his dirty little hands on it because he wanted to stir the pot and Brent got real uncomfortable and put his hands on his face and really couldn’t even look down at what Rob was about to do. Rob started by licking Brent’s balls which he eventually got use to and then Rob just went for the gold! He got SOOOOO uncomfortable when Rob started sucking with a smile on his face and just sort of took it like a kid getting his flu shots. It looks like he was trying to focus on the movie and the paycheck afterwards and sort of put up with it.

What happened next is what surprised Rob the most because as he started sucking, Brent really began to get into it and Rob got that boy super hard. Rob stood him up and made Brent fuck his face like a pussy which he fell right into and soon Rob had him on his back and sucking and stroking this guy to one of the most amazing nuts Rob has taped on a straight guy to date! It blew everywhere… and mind you he said he just nutted the night before. His reaction seriously guys is just fucking amazing… Rob was so turned on by this guy that the room was quiet when he nutted. He was in shock and just couldn’t understand it! It was so hot! This really is a hot video guys! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!

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  1. avatar matt says:

    this video really is amazing!! x i really want to know his second name so i can research him on other stuff! he is th hotest guy i have come across in a while

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