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Sean Cody: Frank

Frank at Sean Cody

Frank at Sean Cody

Frank is an eighteen-year-old jock who likes to play football. A recent high school graduate, he’s enjoying the freedom of being on his own — which, for young straight guys, means chasing girls. He was working as a waiter at a local restaurant when Sean Cody spotted him, and he later told Sean that being a waiter is one of the best ways to pick up on women. He said he especially loves it when an “older” (which to him means “over 30”) woman leaves her number with the check.

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  • frank jr

    Damm boy you are so fine, i’m fine and your fine but the things i can do with my mouth and i’m talking talented boy! i can take it all with no problem yea boy! that’s right, good lord if you give me tha chance i can prove it that’s right boy!