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Corbin Fisher: Jake (II)

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Jake at CorbinFisher
Jake at CorbinFisher
Jake at CorbinFisher

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I’m sure you’ll empathize with me when I say that at countless points throughout the week, I’ll find myself seeing someone and thinking “Oh, he has to do porn!” There are a lot of extremely attractive young men out there, and what better way to enjoy as many as possible than to get them on camera, buck naked, rubbing one out or having sex with another equally hot man?! Often enough, I muster up the courage to approach such guys and set about trying to get them to appear here on for you. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Jake likes to show off. He also likes the idea of both women and men lusting after his body and looks, and immediately agreed to pay CorbinFisher a visit, strip down and stroke.

Jake’s got quite the impressive body, a hot face, seductive eyes and a cock that… well, you’re about to see just how nice it is. There’s this imaginative list in my head with every hot young man in America on it that I simply have to get to appear on CF. I’ve put a checkmark next to Jake’s name. Now, on to the rest!

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  • gustavo

    I´ve seen that dick before!!!! Check Uncle Don´s videos.

  • MRJ

    Could you please let me know what website or what video? and what name he is under? Thanks!

  • The pics above look like older pics of Mike Roberts. Mike Roberts did a lot of videos for The Body Shoppe under the name Angel. Mike Roberts/Angel looks a lot like the photos above on the cover of The Boddy Shoppe Video “Kinky Southern California Sex”. Mike Roberts is now with another video company, he is in “Matt Sterling’s Matter of Size 2” and he was on the cover of Freshmen Magazine.

  • It matters not whether you win or lose; what matters is whether I win or lose

  • dave

    i dont care if the pics have been around before – he (and what he’s got) are amazing -and id get in his pants ANY TIME