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MenAtPlay: Johnny B Post-Game

Johnny B. Post-Game on

Johnny B. Post-Game on

Johnny B. Post-Game on

Johnny B. Post-Game on

Johnny B. Post-Game on

Watch Johnny B on MenAtPlay

At Men At Play they get many emails from straight guys wanting to get their kit off on camera, and most of them don’t even make it to the audition stage. But every now and then they’ll get an email from one guy who has that inexplicable special something.

Such was the case of 22 year old ex rugby player Johnny B, who turned up at his audition and blew everyone away with his smooth muscular body, teasing laugh and by no means least his simply perfect 9-inch uncut dick.

Watch Johnny B on MenAtPlay

9 Responses to MenAtPlay: Johnny B Post-Game

  1. avatar morrow says:

    johnny i love you. ur great.

  2. avatar Ronnie says:

    Johnny, You must be a bit older since the pictures were
    taken, but I’m sure your Handsome Manly Face and Well Sculptured Masculine Body have only matured well for you.
    I would like to wish you well in all your endeavors.
    I’d like you to know I’ll be thinking of you.
    All My Best To You Guy

  3. avatar Alan says:

    He has a gorgeous foreskin.
    I would gladly stick my tongue in it.

  4. avatar garry says:

    Next time I see you around I’ll tell you how much I enjoyed your pictures!
    Maybe you’ll show me your dick in person sometime!

  5. avatar Student says:

    He’s that local bouncer.
    Didn’t realise he was up to these shenanigans!!

  6. avatar Cheltenham Guy says:

    I spoke to him tonight…offering praise…he seemed disinterested. Spending much of the night staring at some fake-boobed forty something. Despite what is said about his nice personality etc…he’s still straight as they come and is playing gay guys. He’s just a cock tease! And definitely, at least, bisexual.

  7. avatar GAZZA says:

    So where do I go to see him being a bouncer in the flesh?

  8. avatar Cheltenham Guy says:

    Nightclubs in Cheltenham are your best bet. I saw him in a place called 21Club, but I’ve seen him working at others. I believe he’s a trainer at the Fitness First too. In the summer he ‘bounces’ in Imperial Gardens. So full of himself though.

  9. avatar GAZZA says:

    Cheers C Guy – anyone know if he is up for fun with guys?

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