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FratMen: Spencer

Spencer at Fratmen

Spencer at Fratmen

Spencer at Fratmen

We thought you’d like to catch a quick glimpse of Fratmen’s upcoming model, Spencer. Stay tuned!

Watch Spencer at

16 Responses to FratMen: Spencer

  1. avatar matt says:

    this is my favorite guy of all porn. he is so fucking hot!!!!

  2. avatar Riley says:

    HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. avatar shottietx says:

    This guy is one of the castmembers of the new season of the Real World Back to Las Vegas.

  4. avatar girlskill says:

    he is so sexy

  5. avatar amanda says:

    I can haz please?? He’s so gorgeous ;)

  6. avatar Matthewmiller says:

    2673325138 text me!!

    I love the real world! Even more now just because dustin is on the show and I will take it deep from him any day!!!

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  8. avatar monet_75 says:

    Saw him tonight on the Real World gettin ?ed by all his roommates LOL!!!

  9. avatar napier says:

    Wanted to let whomever know before I go to bed with my beautful (female)wife that Dustin from The Real World confirmed that just like The Real World show,The Real World has almost nothing but SICK minded gays in it just like him.Someday I assure whomever may be reading this they will see their paradise someday with their gay buddies and its called HELL.Have fun Dustin

    • avatar LBoogie says:

      Just wondering when you were actually put in the position to cast judgement and throw stones? A bit hatsh, no?

    • avatar LBoogie says:

      Just wondering when you were actually put in the position to cast judgement and throw stones? A bit harsh, no?

    • avatar spys says:

      Hey Napier! Make sure you tell your beautiful wife…WINK WINK. Why you were checking out Spencer’s nude pics.

    • avatar motd says:

      the insecure mr. napier – you needed to get turned on and hard by dustin’s pics before you do your “female” wife…
      come on… gay sex is fun….
      see you in hell…. all out and hard…..

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      If I’m not mistaken, I highly doubt God appreciates you spreading his word backed by hatred, you bigot. People like you are why others detest Christians.

  10. avatar Kayla says:

    I have nothing against gays, I have a best friend and he is bi, but im open to Dustins story. I grew up in a hard place so I get where he is coming from but it was his decision so I think people should leave it at that. Obviously he doesnt regret it, it was an opportunity that anyone would accept if they came from the same place.

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