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Fratmen: Ricky

Ricky to Fratmen
Ricky to Fratmen
Ricky to Fratmen
Ricky to Fratmen
Ricky to Fratmen

Long and lean, with broad shoulders and a butt like a marble statue. Welcome Fratmen Ricky.


  • Tim

    Ricky is so hot. However I think he looke even hotter with the goatee; makes him look more rugged.

  • Seth

    Best Ricky, of all the guys I’ve seen, you have the best defined, most horny and beautiful body. I admire your devotion. Cause I think that anyone w/ a body like that needs a whole lot of discipline. Hope you’re not grosed out by a comment from a guy. You’re a male inspiration to me. Stay yourselve. Seth

  • Jake

    I dont like him shaved… He looked better before. He was fucking hot with the facial hair.. Well he’s just ok now… Me kind of reminds me of the guy who plays Jack McFarland from Will&Grace.. Haha love that show!!!

  • oh-bye

    who would have thought back at graduation this mother fucker would be doing gay porn! what a tool…