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AmateurCollegeSex: Gabe

Gabe at AmateurCollegeSex
Gabe at AmateurCollegeSex
Gabe at AmateurCollegeSex
Gabe at AmateurCollegeSex
Gabe at AmateurCollegeSex

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ACS writes:

There’s just no way to get enough of Gabe! This young man is too hot, and, without a doubt, is one of those studs that CF fans will constantly be hungry for more of – and I don’t blame you! I also can’t get enough of Gabe, with that ripped chest armed with those great pecs, those dark and handsome features, captivating eyes, and awesome cock! That awesome cock!

You look at Gabe and you see those striking features and it’s clear he’s as hot as can be… but then he whips out that massive dick and you find out he only gets hotter! It’s almost not fair! :)

It’s not lost on young Julie what a stud Gabe is, and I think she was just about to pass out during and after this video! I was about to pass out while watching it!…

7 Responses to AmateurCollegeSex: Gabe

  1. avatar Frankie says:

    Hottest man I have seen in a long, long time. Absolutely breathtaking.

  2. avatar Reece says:

    This man is my idol!!! He’s HOT as hell.

  3. avatar trasiano says:

    Gabe is for me the best of the best that amateurcollegesex have. Congratulations by have the man most beutiful and wanderful. He the have all. Is hot, is delicious all. Thank by found him. And Congratulation. Ciao! P.S. I´m fan number one.

  4. avatar chad says:

    Why is he wearing a condom?

  5. avatar Scotts says:

    GABE is perfect in every singel way!

  6. avatar rayman says:

    thanks for the condom … STD’s (and HIV) aren’t just for gay guys … it takes a REAL man to do the right (and smart) thing

  7. avatar Anonymous says:

    CF, can you bring more of Gabe? i crave for him & i still am…

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