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CorbinFisher: Gage Fucks Cade

Gage Fucks Cade at CorbinFisher
Gage Fucks Cade at CorbinFisher
Gage Fucks Cade at CorbinFisher

Gage Fucks Cade at CorbinFisher
Gage Fucks Cade at CorbinFisher
Gage Fucks Cade at CorbinFisher
Gage Fucks Cade at CorbinFisher
Gage Fucks Cade at CorbinFisher

Watch Gage Fuck Cade at

Corbin wrote:

The last time we saw Cade, he was using that massive dick of his to drill Logan’s hot hole in an intense tag team with Gabe. The last time we saw Gage, he was getting pounded by Dawson’s hot cock. A switching of the roles was in order! :)

Gage has himself quite a nice dick, so Cade was set to experience some of what he’d done to Logan a short time back, with a thick cock splitting apart his ass and giving it to him good.

All throughout this video, there’s some really hot kissing and contact as both studs are rock hard and eager. We’ve long known that each can get quite passionate and intense, as we’ve seen them be just that in their previous videos. Pairing them up together really let the passion and intensity max out, and it all comes to an awesome climax and Cade strokes a huge load out of Gage and then Cade blows his own, with Gage on his knees in front of him looking almost desperate to get every drop of Cade’s cum in his mouth.

9 Responses to CorbinFisher: Gage Fucks Cade

  1. avatar classy_grandma says:

    i don’t like gage’s mouth. and in a bathroom. what? was tj fucking ben in the only available room. gooohhh!!

  2. avatar blah says:

    Hey, I just notcied something. All of the ole favorites from CF are balding, Cade, Dawson, Lucas. Thats troubling. I love Cade tho, what an ass.

    • avatar ThomT says:

      hey I just noticed that all of the regulars at CF have been around long enough to be balding … maybe time to change up the first string?

  3. avatar Erik says:

    Love Cade….what a hunk. I was hoping that maybe Gabe and Cade would do something together…when I saw Gage fucks Cade…I thought, “shucks!” I can see Gabe and Cade standing up with Gabe behind Cade with his dick in him…grabs him around the waist and power fucks him from behind standing up. I hope CF makes this happen and maybe see Gabe kiss and suck dick.

  4. avatar Bernard says:

    Cade is so freaking hot. It’s a real pleasure to see an old-school big, butch guy in the midst of the twinkified wasteland that is modern porn. And it makes it all the hotter that he’s so versatile. Cade could have been a Colt model – back when Colt was really Colt.

  5. avatar elijah says:

    Even though I’m missing Brent, Cade fills the void quite nicely. Great chemistry between the two. You could tell in the video, Gage wanted to make out with him all day long. Who could blame him? I would love to get the opportunity to see “the machine” in the flesh.

  6. avatar Mac says:

    Gage can pass as Macaulay Culkin’s older brother!

  7. avatar Darioemeka says:

    Classy_Grandma, Gage’s mouth has got to be his sexiest attribute! I want to fuck the two of them, together!

  8. avatar BrianRatliff says:

    Gage must have done something to Gabe and Cade. Shortly after the three-way with Gabe/Gage/Cade, Gabe disappears and Corbins states that he probably will not be doing anymore films. Then Cade disappears shortly after this video release. Did Gage do something to horrify our butch boys….I mean Gabe could be Cindy Crawford’s twin brother and Cade looks like the linebacker stud on the high school championship team!

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