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Fratmen.TV: Payne

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And here’s the final member of our fourth Pledge Class. Max’s best bud and strapping football jock Payne.

Watch Payne at Fratmen.TV

13 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Payne

  1. avatar kevin says:

    nice cock head and he got i nice peehole i bet he cum alot…. i like to see him cumming

  2. avatar yuli says:

    nice head on that cock! i’d like to suck it all day long!! mmmmmmmmm.

  3. avatar Austin says:

    I’d love for him to fuck me with that hot cock! I love his helmet. And that hot bod and sweet ass. I could eat that all day.

  4. avatar Ju says:

    Honestly–that’s the hottest hole on a cock I’ve ever seen.

  5. avatar pitsman says:

    I want his fat-headed cock, his hairy ass, his sexy hairy legs and feet, his delicious pits and his gorgeous mouth. Just writing these words is making me cream.

  6. avatar Mark says:

    I really like that boy’s furry ass.

  7. avatar brian says:

    this guy is basically exactly my type. doesn’t get any better.

  8. avatar Pat says:

    Payne turns me on: gorgeous face, incredile bod, and that dick! Thick with a head that’s almost as big as my fist. Slurp, slurp; in, out. Payne, anyday, anytime. Please.

  9. avatar Blake says:

    This guy is the hottest dude in years. That big cock of his is unbelievable. He is so beautiful. I would love to have his cock up my ass.

  10. avatar Fabian says:

    Payne is so my type of guy. i love his big legs, arms and cock! gosh… that is some big cock head. the things i would do with that… mm mmm

  11. avatar rod says:

    i am literally cumming watching his thick cock, hairy legs and manly face.

  12. avatar papis says:

    i’d rail him in a moment ;)

  13. avatar papis says:

    his hairy ass is amazing

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