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Fratmen.TV: Diego

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It’s about time Fratmen had a little latin flair around the house. Welcome Fratmen Diego.

Watch Diego at Fratmen.TV

19 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Diego

  1. avatar Ty says:

    A circumcised Latin boy! Love it! ;)

  2. avatar danny says:

    Permanently exposed Latino head – orgasmic :-)

  3. avatar johnboy says:

    i take one please

  4. avatar jez says:

    At last…a latin boy without a foreskin…more please!

  5. avatar Papi says:

    Someone should come out with a Latino FratmenTV starting with Diego and Alex. I’d be a loyal customer.

  6. avatar kris says:

    Good ole FratmenTV for finding even cockskinless Latinos.
    Fucking yummy :-)

  7. avatar Joe Joe says:

    Seems these frat dudes never wear underwear…

  8. avatar Mark says:

    Me too! Love those cut Latino boys. Yummy.

  9. avatar Chris says:

    Beautiful smooth fit bod on this cutie!

  10. avatar Kevin says:

    Diego is a cutie… I’d take him anytime ;-)

    And WOW I didn’t realize there were so many like me who crave for cute latinos (and asian)guys with circumcised dicks :-P hehe

  11. avatar uncutlatin says:

    whats wrong with uncut latin men? i am one! and i love cock no matter what!

  12. avatar carl says:

    about damn time they got someone like him..


    more prz

  13. avatar Jer says:

    LMAO wow, I know this kid, he goes to my school…awkward but hott :]]

  14. avatar UncutEuro says:

    F…ing gorgeous latino jock & oh so sexy cut cock. If u wanna know if he’s really wearing undies, look at hist balls. The’re hanging low so he probably ain’t. Still great cut cock & nice balls to suck on.

  15. avatar dustbrush says:

    my favorite…infectious smile…and everytime he appears on cam, i drool

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