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RandyBlue: Jeremy Walker

Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue
Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue
Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue

Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue
Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue
Jeremy Walker at Randy Blue

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Randy wrote:

I’m totally floored that Jeremy Walker has not done any modeling before this. The guy looks like a Greek statue come to life. Muscle on top of muscle, with a pretty nice love muscle hanging between his meaty thighs. A nice dusting of neatly trimmed dark hair spreads across a pair of pecs that are so tight you just want to dig your fingers into them, leading down to a stomach you could lick for days. There is not an inch of his body that is not covered in perfectly formed muscle. He heard of Randy Blue from a friend of mine and gave me an audition tape to check out. This tape was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. He filmed it himself while holding the camera and showed off his whole body. I wanted to capture that same sense of sexiness so I gave him my camera and told him to pretty much do the same thing. It’s like being right up against him, just inches away from those gorgeous legs, strong arms, nips you just want to nibble on, well, you get the idea. You can almost smell the musky scent of the light sheen of sweat that builds up on him as the lifting and lowering of the camera becomes a bit of a workout. And getting a first hand view of that magnificent cock of his as he wraps his hand around it and stokes it for your pleasure is enough to send anyone through the roof. But don’t blow your load before he does because you won’t want to miss the shower of creamy goodness that this powerhouse shoots into the air, splattering all over that furry six-pack of his.

30 Responses to RandyBlue: Jeremy Walker

  1. avatar moondoggy says:

    I know guys who are this ripped want us to know it. But chest stubble makes no one happy. If you’re hairy, let it grow, guys.

  2. avatar boyman says:

    One of the most attractive to come in a very long time at RB(I am very much into muscled guys)! Dick not big but that of a very horny guy’s! And I bet he is very much into guys himself! Hot!

  3. avatar Michael says:

    NOW this IS the kinda guy we should see more often! NO MORE twiggy, muscle-less, little boys! Hot muscle, muscle, muscle!!

  4. avatar Will says:

    Does he remind anyone else of Dr. Rey from Dr90210?

  5. avatar Vic says:

    Yes indeed! Great body, great looking guy.

  6. avatar irwin says:

    Yah, great body, small dick!

  7. avatar Drz says:

    He does remind me of doctor ray…i don’t like twinks..they don’t do it for me…but how about something between this and that….:)

  8. avatar brady says:

    who cares about the sized when he is that damn sexy and for me i think his size is just fine

  9. avatar chriso says:

    Plastic as hell.

  10. avatar caio says:

    There must be something wrong with me, but I just love smaller dicks. And a small dick in a big, muscled guy, that’s perfection.

  11. avatar tralfaz says:

    I don’t mind the clipped/trimmed chest hair, but for God’s sake, guys who take manscaping to that degree in the crotch just bother me. Dude, shorter pubes don’t equal longer dick. He’s super hot… until he exposes the pubes.

  12. avatar andrea says:

    Uno dei piu’ bei maschioni mai pubblicati.averlo nel proprio letto sarebbe il sogno di chiunque

  13. avatar Tobias says:

    Small dick??? Geez, what the hell planet are you guys living on? His dick is hardly small. Furthermore, “size queens” are the unhappiest people of all because they spend all that time coaxing guy to have sex and then when they’re in bed – the surprise awaits. Let-down after let-down leads to despair and despression. Happily, I’m not a size queen. Hence, never despairing or depressed. Jeremy is one hot stud and I hope to see him in sex scenes real soon on RB. His body hair is fine, long or short, clipped or ragged. Who gives a fuck? He’s got a great face and a spectacular body.

  14. avatar Michael says:

    Jeremy is HOT!! His cock looks hella tasty, too, just like that rest of that body! His face is handsome, and DAMN!! This stud IS all that! Sure wish his load could explode in my mouth! Amen Tobias!!

  15. avatar andrea says:

    piu’ lo guardo e piu’ mi piace. Cosa non gli farei….em lo leccherei tutto come un cioccolatino

  16. avatar Chris says:

    Cute guy. Perfect muscular body. Best body i’ve ever seen on this site in fact! He’s beautiful.

  17. avatar kevin says:

    He is Cute .n Great body.. he’s Dicks its okay ..its proportonal with he’s great body//// smaall dicks not a matter .. he ‘s so cool n handsome guy … i love u JEREMY … good luck to you

  18. avatar Bonnie says:

    Jeremy will most certainly give Chris Rockoway a run for his money, and I’ll be damned if none of those eager bottoms on RB have their asses all lined up for him to take on.

  19. avatar Johnie says:

    Hi is AMAZING great body hot as hell
    great dick !!!!
    perfect face!!!
    and he is playing his part really well
    i hope to see him in sex scene soon!!!
    I LOVE HIM!!!

  20. avatar Mark says:

    I used to talk to Jeremy all the time on a particular webaite and he told me all about his sometimes daily sex with many beautiful woman. He wrote many blogs about all his fun with the babes. He wrote like something youd read in a porn mag. He has NEVER even touched another guy. But like with Chris Rockway who I NEVER expected to be in Randy Blue Jeremy definitely will be UNFORGETABLE to see give some lucky guy lots of BIG loads of fun

  21. avatar chance says:

    I would rather to see Jeremey being bottomed and forced to a dick.

  22. avatar Adriel says:

    omg i love him! i wanna put his cock in my mouth and my ass forever! love you jeremy!

  23. avatar Ron says:

    I’m fascinated with his face, his total body, and yeah his dick isn’t huge, but really, I’d do anything to lick him all over!

  24. avatar jake says:

    he has a hot body , and that dick may be small
    but still it gets me horny

  25. avatar adam says:

    Stop being so damn picky. His cock is fine and his face and body are spectacular

  26. avatar vietnamese says:

    i love sex gay .. from vietnamese ..welcome to vietnamese …go to the home … sex

  27. avatar suslob says:

    i love his hairy chest… his dick is juicy

  28. avatar Tim says:

    Love the chest stubble. When your’re clipped like that and the guy you’re with is also, the friction is very very sexy, a real turn-on. Moondoggy has it wrong.

  29. avatar Paul92 says:

    This guy is so hot! I wish I could meet him. The things we could do ;) LOVE him, he’s just the best!

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