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CollegeDudes247: Aaron James Fucks Dillon Woode

Aaron James Fucks Dillon Woode at CollegeDudes247
Aaron James Fucks Dillon Woode at CollegeDudes247
Aaron James Fucks Dillon Woode at CollegeDudes247

Aaron James Fucks Dillon Woode at CollegeDudes247
Aaron James Fucks Dillon Woode at CollegeDudes247
Aaron James Fucks Dillon Woode at CollegeDudes247

Watch AJ and Dillon at

CollegeDudes wrote:

Aaron James takes what starts out as a simple massage from Dillon Woode and turns it into a virgin-hole-plowing sex romp! Dillon and AJ flirt around a little, then get down and dirty trading cock-sucking on the massage table. After Dillon gets AJ’s cock all nice and wet, AJ tastes that pink hole of Dillon’s, and then gives his virgin ass a pounding. It is rare that we shoot a deflowering, but AJ was very eager to pop his hole and Dillon was more than ready to give it a try. You can tell by the screaming, grunting, and squirming that Dillon was giving it his best, and AJ finally managed to get his cock all the way up Dillon’s hot ass!

20 Responses to CollegeDudes247: Aaron James Fucks Dillon Woode

  1. avatar lee welton says:

    Despite what people may think from these videos, Aaron James is not gay. He stated so on MTV’s “True Life” series.

  2. avatar boyman says:

    Lee, I do not know what in the world you are talking about…

  3. avatar randomguy says:

    ^ And we all know that whatever we hear or see on television is 100% truth.

  4. avatar Cellar says:

    lol @ lee. yeah, that was a pretty interesting episode…and of course, Aaron James’ testimony that he is 100% straight left me unconvinced. but whatever. I was more surprised by how he didn’t attempt to cover up what website he was affiliated with at all.

  5. avatar RJ says:

    AJ’s hole isn’t virgin either, so it would be cool if he got fucked on CD247 sometimes.

  6. avatar Brad says:

    I have an idea. Let’s play this video on MTV and ask viewers to vote on who’s straight. Gimme a break. Ain’t nuttin’ straight happening here!

  7. avatar Vinnie Niagara says:

    Lee heard something on TV and he actually believes it. Says a lot about America, doesn’t it? Golly, all these “straight” guys doing gay videos. I guess the “gay” guys are doing straight videos. If it all weren’t so ludicrous, it’d be pathetic.

  8. avatar TJ says:

    I love AJ, but that guy he is fucking is FUGLY

  9. avatar GG says:

    “Lee heard something on TV and he actually believes it. Says a lot about America, doesn’t it?”

    Sarcasm… meter…. broken….. must……make…….stupid……….comment

  10. avatar EV says:

    Yah there are people that are straight and you can tell and there are people who are just gay and they don’t even have too look gay. Aaron james is definitley gay. Even though on mtv he said he wasn’t gay he said it like once I think and then he asked his sister I think if it would matter if he was gay or straight. I am in love with aj he is sooo delicious

  11. avatar Jace says:

    AJ is as gay as a zigzag. No straight man takes another mans dick in the mouth and tongues another mans anal opening. The gay porn industry really needs to kill selling that “straight guy seduced/manipulated/conned/prostitued into gay sex” shtick.

  12. avatar brandon says:

    Once again how many gay guys have married women and made children with them. If they can do that then surely a straight guy could for $5,000 dollars. Hell I’m 100% gay and I’d fuck a woman for that. You can’t presume to know what someone else would do and the fact that he is willing to go on TV shows that fear isn’t a motivation for saying he is straight

  13. avatar BT says:

    Check out Aaron’s myspace page, he’s not as sure as he once was about his orientation. What a waste of his incredible talent and body in this video. Dillon Woode is the absolute worse dangling dick until the end. Aaron deserves a bottom to match his aggressive fucking.

  14. avatar Blah! says:

    Is this guy attractive enough to be so controversial? In my opinion, if he was that great f a looker, he wouldn’t need to pretend to be straight so that people can find him attractive. Besides, we all saw that True Life, he’s gayer than Jack on Will and Grace.

  15. avatar GG says:

    “Check out Aaron’s myspace page”

    link please

  16. avatar Evan says:

    Oh Oh Oh AJ….total awesome body. Straight or gay, I dont care. I would take him just as he is. His body, his curved cock, his ass, his face, all of him. He rocks!

  17. avatar Vic says:

    I think I could enjoy a night with Dillon. Beautiful teeth! No comment one way or the other re: Aaron.

  18. avatar TC says:

    Dillon is one beautiful smooth guy, but he is a bit loud during sex, and his moan is somewhat weird to me too. Check out the preview clip from the site, you’ll know what i mean.

  19. avatar MM says:

    as usual ajs hot.when is he gonna bareback top?
    when is he gonna bottom?
    when is blah gonna show us how hot (or not) he is?

  20. avatar ono says:

    Aaron James Looks VERY GAY to me than the guys he ever fucked! anyone can say whatever on television despite the obvious.

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