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Fratmen.TV: Sam & Jayden

Sam & Jayden at

Sam & Jayden at

Sam & Jayden at

Sam & Jayden at

Sam & Jayden at

Everybody loves a blowjob. And what could be better than a blowjob from a buddy… Have a look at Jayden and Sam.

Watch Sam & Jayden at Fratmen.TV

4 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Sam & Jayden

  1. avatar RJ says:

    Jayden is such a dream, perfect body and cute face and smile. I am thrilled to see him suck cock, I hope he would find his way to another hardcore site that would convince him to do more.
    Funny thing how in other sites the allegedly str8 guys don’t suck dick and here is the only thing they will do…

  2. avatar moondoggy says:

    Nothing will trump the Shay post from a few days ago except Shay doing more stiff — I mean stuff. :-)

  3. avatar brandon says:

    when you think about it sucking dick is the gayest thing of all bc you really have to be into someone to enjoy giving them pleasure. Getting fucked feels good and kissing is kissing to me no big deal

  4. avatar humanoid says:

    why do they have to couple a cute guy with a weird-looking ET guy???? it’s such a turn-off….

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