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CorbinFisher: Austin & Lucas (Austin’s First Time)

Austin & Lucas (Austin's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Austin & Lucas (Austin's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Austin & Lucas (Austin's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Austin & Lucas (Austin's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Austin & Lucas (Austin's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Austin & Lucas (Austin's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Austin & Lucas (Austin's First Time) at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

No doubt, this is a much anticipated video!

As you know from Austin’s solo video, getting him to shoot a video with us at CF took quite a long time. We first got in touch with him a couple of years ago, but schedules never matched up to the point that he could come out to film. Finally, we were able to get him out for a shoot and it went great! He charmed my socks off, as well as won tons of CF fans over with those incredible looks and that amazing body!

Not only did his great looks and build blow me away, but the fact that he agreed to get a blowjob from another guy also had me thrilled! He didn’t stop there, though, as he also decided to try out some hardcore guy/guy action! I could hardly believe that we’d finally met and were filming a video in the first place, and on top of all that he was up for some guy-on-guy sex!!

Dare I say it, he’s taken to it all like a duck to water! Austin has such an easy going attitude that’s put him right at home among CF’s other studs and has also helped him out a great deal in venturing into such new territory! He’s so friendly and laid back that hardly any situation would intimidate him or make him the least bit uncomfortable. Indeed, in chatting it up with TJ before his first blowjob from a guy and Lucas in this video, he was totally at ease and able to hang out like he’d known the guys for ages!

Speaking of Lucas, he’s also incredibly chill and easy going, as you know, and so he and Austin get along great here. They hang out in the hot tub for awhile before getting into the action and might as well be long-time buds by the time they do!

Actually, I was in for quite a big surprise once these guys got to it! Not only did Austin eagerly go down on Lucas and suck dick for the first time ever, but these two were so horned up and into things once they got to fucking that Lucas was firing off a big load – with Austin’s dick buried deep inside him – in no time! You could tell that totally put Austin over the edge as he drenches Lucas’ back in his own load immediately after!

Austin certainly has himself a bright future here at CF!

31 Responses to CorbinFisher: Austin & Lucas (Austin’s First Time)

  1. avatar Sophomore says:

    Austin was so hot when TJ blew him. I knew we would be seeing him again. Too bad an upperclassman had to be his “first”. As much as i appreciate Lucas I woild have liked to have seen Travis or Joel bend over for him. Looking forward to Austin in all postions and situations. Great addition.

  2. avatar Remy says:

    About fuckin time!!! the best update in about YEAR!

    Corbin get your head out of ur ass and start giving us members more hot shit!!! like this…

    And this was hotttttttttttttt!

    I’m still a member i’m not giving up on you..(corbin)

  3. avatar Askanipsion says:

    Nice!! Austin is hot!!!

  4. avatar RJ says:

    Ugh, Lucas again, he makes me retch… Oh, how unpredictable this was… Let’s see, Austin had his solo and an appearance at the str8 site and a blowjob, then he fucks and in a few weeks he gets fucked. Because surely he needed all that time and convincing, and the “CF education”. I’m not against this site, I like several of its models, but I don’t understand why CF fails to see how dull it has become.

  5. avatar Ron says:

    For crying out loud RJ, why don’t you do what everyone else here does. If you are tired of the models and the genre of the site, cancel your subscription and move on to another site that does it for you. All this bitching and moaning is really redundant. No body really believes all this fantasy straight boy stories, it is just role playing and meant to get your juices flowing. Does anyone here think they are exposing these sites for fraud and we the viewers actually believe all the printed hype? I don’t think so, and If you do, man you need to get a life.

  6. avatar Carlos says:

    Friggin hot to death.

  7. avatar OberonOZ says:

    What?? RON tell me it isnt true!!! You mean that Corbin Fisher is LYING to us about all his hot straight boy models??? You mean the CF education is nothing but a fantasy and not a real life guide to getting and fucking hot straight boys??? Oh be still my crushed and bleeding heart! LOL LOL
    Oh well, somehow I will struggle on and survive despite this devastating new knowledge. You make me wonder if Lucas’ name is even Lucas now!
    All giggling aside… HOT update! :)

  8. avatar Dave says:

    Actually Ron, there’s a guy who posts as PhunkSpunk on the JUB boards and he will argue with everyone that these guys are straight. Think he might work for CF?

  9. avatar Matt says:

    Ya know, Austin is the type of jock you see in high school or maybe on your high school baseball, basketball or football team. He is so sexy and cocky that you just wonder what it would be like to have sex with him…it’s a dream come true. I like the pic above where he has climbed on top of Lucas and showing that nice tuffed hairy ass of his…I am going to send Corbin some Irish Spring Soap for Austin…he used the “f” word every other syllable. I mean ever so often but geez and GD just doesn’t cut it so hopefully the taste of soap will cure his wirely tongue. With that said, he is a stud.

  10. avatar Let's bareback CF says:

    One can see Austin wants to fuck Lucas with his raw cock so desperately…

  11. avatar don says:

    It’s pretty obvious both these humpy boys enjoyed this session tremendously…but no, I really honestly think they’re both straight LOL

  12. avatar Firenze says:

    These are all either porno boys or rent boys. Whatever is written is a crock of hooey. That said, CF needs to stop the sports imagery with which he begins 99% of his vids. It’s tired and dreary and passe. Lucas goes bananas when he comes and that always cool to watch. Austin has a hot bod, but his face isn’t right.

  13. avatar boyman says:

    I do not agree with RJ that CF has become dull. Lucas is so hot and passionate! What more can you ask for?

  14. avatar Enlightened One says:

    HAWTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Thsnk CF for two HAWT sweaty updates this week and weekend

  15. avatar tbag says:

    Are you serious, the guy with the 2 inch dick is on top!!!!! What is this foolishness!!!!!!

  16. avatar MM says:

    will get vid, it’s like old faithful you can count on it being the same day in day are retarded people.

  17. avatar Sala-MAN-der says:

    Hmm, I might believe these guys are str8. But then I am wondering about the end of this scene when Lucas pulls Austin into him to kiss and cuddle a bit. I hadn’t lost it until then–usually it takes me two CF scenes to get off anymore because they have become so predictable and such, but that was an unpredictable, unscripted moment between these two where Lucas looked like he really, really wanted Austin on top of him, between his legs, body to body cuddle-hugging and kissing. Every kiss before that seemed wanted by Lucas and unwanted by Austin, but Austin, once pulled, dove right in. I thought they might lay there and cuddle for hours. It looked like Austin had no idea that he was actually going to like any of this. Sort of, “Hell, I can overcome my inhibitions for an incredible sum of money. I can act my way through this thing and just get it done.” His rear-ending of Lucas was an obvious choice since a guy with a good imagination can will himself into thinking he’s just rear-ending a girl with a tight ass. But, after a bit, it became more and more obvious that he wasn’t acting, he was feeling it, he was realizing that he was having sex with a guy, and that it was great. No different, nothing to be scared about. Pretty darn amazing. And a lot easier to get since he didn’t have to play a million mind games to get to have this sex, in fact he got paid for it. Anyway, then the final moments when Lucas pulls him in, watch it a few times. It’s a very interesting segment. I just watched it again and blew my load. It’s one of the more passionately unexpected things I’ve ever seen on CF.

  18. avatar Duncan says:

    what’s that small round thing on austin’s dick head?

  19. avatar joh says:

    CF has become beyond boring. Some hot models but there’s no spark to it anymore, and “Corbin’s” synoptic rhetoric is yawn, well, let’s say sensationalized. What’s up with having models around for three years. Does he have them on a social security plan?????? Give me Sean Cody anyway. has some hot fucking now and then.

  20. avatar chad says:

    Saw the video. Cute banter between the two…but the sex was boring, quick and ameturish.

  21. avatar simrex says:

    does anyone know if Austin has a way of being contacted?

  22. avatar nathan says:


  23. avatar martin says:

    Great pairing hot, maybe a flip-flop next time, can’t wait to see Austin go bottoms up, or make it a fuckfest, add Trevor, Ben, Jeff & Dawson :)

  24. avatar Sala-MAN-der says:

    Anyone know why it’s Tuesday an there’s no update?

  25. avatar Slick says:

    If you listen closely early in the dialog between Lucas and Austin, when asked by Lucas about what he’s done so far he says I got a blowjob yesterday…Well that video was posted on July 1, this video posted Aug 7..I have long thought that CF has videos that have been made and are held back until he is ready to post them..So I would bet that Austin has already done a bottom video and CF will post it at some point. While I know this is a marketing ploy to keep the membership in anticipation of a video of a specific guy coming out, truth most likely is that most of these already exist and CF will post them when he feels like it.

  26. avatar Slick says:

    One more piece to this, look at the stills and you notice and entirely different set with Lucas’ dick at Austins ass. Again I bet he has already bottomed on film and CF will make his members wait, and wait and wait.

  27. avatar Kyle Saguaro says:

    I love Austin!
    He kissed a guy!!!

  28. avatar ron says:

    Hate some pics on the site
    Don’t tell me that fat boy Connor f***** Austin!

  29. avatar jj9 says:

    Based on Corbin’s website, he has come up with a Buy Corbin Fisher products….one of the pics attached is one of Connor and Austin….ya see, they are on the couch….Austin is face down with his head sort of risen up and Connor is on top of him with his more than likely, his fat dick in the bad mouth boy’s ass. Look’s hot!

  30. avatar justice says:

    enough of some of your bad mouths already! most guys you would find in corbin fisher is HOT, esp. as time progresses, more and more beautiful models are showing up! i am just so hoping that there would be MORE ACTION from them, not just by playing with themselves!

    AUSTIN is great! you would just want to look forward in his next video in action like that teaser pic with his ass almost reaching and getting the big thing! so, i expect that he’d be at the receiving end soon and that would be totally AWESOME!!!

  31. avatar Lucaslvr says:

    This wa shot, just wish Austin fucked Lucas longer than that. And why didn’t he blow his load all over Lucas’ face. I think Lucas would have loved that..and so would I.

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