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JakeCruise: Dexter & Jake (Bareback)

Dexter & Jake at Jake Cruise

Dexter & Jake at Jake Cruise

Dexter & Jake at Jake Cruise

Dexter & Jake at Jake Cruise

Dexter & Jake at Jake Cruise

Dexter & Jake at Jake Cruise

Watch Dexter & Jake at

Jake wrote:

One of the hottest, studliest models we’ve ever had is back – Dexter. After a 4-year hiatus, he is still as cut and defined as ever, but there is a difference. Now Dexter’s ready for some hard core bareback sex. After some extended foreplay, including some great kissing, we get thoroughly reacquainted. Then Dexter goes after me from behind, using all that muscle to pump me hard and long. From any position, Dexter proves he’s one great fucker. And he delivers quite a gusher to prove it. Welcome back, Dexter!

32 Responses to JakeCruise: Dexter & Jake (Bareback)

  1. avatar Bilbo says:

    I don’t what to be disgusted by more — another appearance by Jake Cruise or the fact that they are barebacking.

  2. avatar Greg says:

    Dexter has an awesome body and look but JAKE, eeewwww!!!! Please stay behind the camera.

  3. avatar brandon says:

    I’ve always suspected that dex was jake’s favorite model and he kind of reminds me of Tyson the model

  4. avatar Garrett says:

    That breathtakingly beautiful body destroyed by those hideous tattoos. What’s with these gay men? Also, Dex shouldn’t go for that hair look. I would like to see him with some hair on his head. As for dear Jake, well, good for you as always, and more power to you. What an incredibly lucky life.

    • avatar seth says:

      Most of these guys aren’t gay, and are doing this for money. If you’re going to get 5k+ to get your dick played with by some ugly old gay dude, and maybe more if you fuck him.. There’s a lot of men out there who’d jump at the chance for that lol everyone’s got a price.. Some of these guys are bi too, some want to just make porn and gay porn pays men more than straight porn does.. As for the tats, they’re beautiful, I love tattoos so long as they’re done right, and if they’re on an awesome body in the right spots and they look good then its all good.. Why do I always see whiny fags bitch about a man’s tats.

  5. avatar scott says:

    dexter = hot. I don’t mind the tattoos. Sometimes they are hot as well.

    jake = amazing. Because yet again, he gets some hot guys to fuck him or be fucked by him. He must have an amazing personality, be a great lay and/or have some great cash available. LOL.

  6. avatar Marc says:

    Is Jake losing weight?

  7. avatar moondoggy says:

    Marc: Not in his dick, he ain’t! Nice piece on him, although I still hate when he loses wood while getting fucked. I’m not a Jake hater, obviously, but when he’s getting fucked raw by guys who are obviously hot by a different standard, staying hard is the least he can do!

  8. avatar johndong says:

    At his age, he is luck he can stay awake. What is he like 70??

  9. avatar RJ says:

    That is one seriously sculpted body, too bad the face is fug. The hole looks like it has seen a lot of action, maybe he was in the slammer during his 4 year hiatus?

  10. avatar Alex says:

    more than 80….

  11. avatar Chris says:

    Jake is fucking vile. How can anyone what his videos? He makes me want to throw up. He’s so fucking nasty. He looks like a high school gym teacher.

  12. avatar JaVIER says:

    “I’ve always suspected that dex was jake’s favorite model and he kind of reminds me of Tyson the model.”

    Only if you are blind and think all black people look alike.

  13. avatar Churchy says:

    Be more disgusted by the barebacking. jake should be ashamed of himself for encouraging it.
    But the tattoos on that gorgeous body are a close second.

  14. avatar phreshmeet83 says:

    Omg. What a beautiful, perfect specimen. I’m in love. The tatoos only add to his hotness.

  15. avatar snoopdoggy69 says:

    hood rat fucks big ole fat turd.sheez this is fo sure the nastiest i done seen in a looong tyme. jakey noes we love to rag on him.clay aiken is a daddy.2 times i am sick today.lets all buy jake memberships and demand he go behind the mite be the trick.

  16. avatar brandon says:

    javier don’t get defensive I am black so no I don’t think all black people look alike bc I know damn well I don’t look like bernie mac. you don’t always have to assume people are being racist

  17. avatar unbelievable says:

    This is what is known as “rock bottom” –
    Still barebacking :~(
    Does anyone watch the news? We are back on an upswing with new HIV cases among gays.
    Wake the FUCK up!!!!!

  18. avatar Marccccccccccc says:

    i just cant look at models the same, after they have been w/ jake cruise sexually.

    its like they lose their appeal. Like Zack Cook, so HOT, but now I can’t even watch anything he’s done. I know its a reality, and they are doin it for the money, its just Jake is SOO disgusting ..IT SHOULD NOT BE FILMED!

    Some sick people who get off, watching Jake molest these models. YUCK!

  19. avatar zhlover says:

    Jake delivers! Finally he gets Dexter/Jamar to fuck him, I don’t mind if Jake makes severval more vids with him servicing this stud…now that he conquer Dexterm I can’t wait for him to get another one of my favs, Devon to do more hardcore stuff!!!~

  20. avatar Ron says:

    I am amazed to read so many negative comments on this site. My conclusion is most people no longer enjoy watching gay porn. I no longer see a celebration of male sexuality. The vast majority of commentators hate the models, despise the host sites, loath the background decor and criticize everything in a mean and negative way. Am I the only gay man that still gets a thrill to see two men get it on? I hope not. Just what is going on here?

  21. avatar John says:

    Thank You!! I could care less about what half these people on here are complaining about.Just enjoy the porn and jerk off ;-)

  22. avatar Laicrs Phils says:

    Santa Claus meets Spidey!

  23. avatar wave the red cape says:

    Woo Hoo! that Dex is one lucky dude. not only gets to fuck Jakey, but also gets to enjoy his hole bareback! now that’s hot!!!! I bet Dex sweet talked him into some practice times before they actually shot this hot vid….

  24. avatar mxf says:

    OK…seriously… Who the heck ARE you people who are paying this guy for subscriptions and WHY are you keeping him in business?

  25. avatar Nausea says:

    Usually the mere sight of Jake sends me running for the nearest bathroom but on this one both him and this other dude have had me puking faster than you can say vomit on a sober Wednesday night.

  26. avatar terpmaniac says:

    He’s baccckkkkkkk! America’s favorite old, fat, ugly, TROLL!

  27. avatar Johnie says:


  28. avatar James says:

    Ewww… Dexter deserves better

  29. avatar abz says:

    Actually it’s good that Jake isn’t too hot, cos it just emphasises Dexter’s sexiness :P

  30. avatar Stevo22 says:

    Seriously, I don’t know why so many people dislike Jake. I actually find him to be rather gorgeous, but maybe that’s because I prefer the daddy variety than twinky. I mean for example… Jake may not be the most attractive man in the universe, but he’s light-years better than Justin Bieber, it’s a fact – as for the barebacking, and the whole HIV thing which people think is all gays fault – straight people have an equal chance of getting it or contracting it, and I know several straight guys who screw every girl they see, so shut up about this HIV thing, because you’re not as pure as you think you are. Although… I do hope I never encounter anyone in life who’s a total whore. I can watch them porn, but if I met them in real life, I’d spit in their direction.

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