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Fratmen.TV: Wyatt (Naked College Cyclist)

Wyatt (Naked College Cyclist) at

Wyatt (Naked College Cyclist) at

Wyatt (Naked College Cyclist) at

Wyatt (Naked College Cyclist) at

He gets his long, lean body from cycling. Welcome Fratmen Wyatt.

Watch Wyatt at Fratmen.TV

24 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Wyatt (Naked College Cyclist)

  1. avatar corey says:

    where do they find these big dick guys?!

  2. avatar buzzpgh says:

    what a pair of low hangers!

  3. avatar Gitai says:

    I’ll ride him or he can ride me. Either way works. He is magnificent. Truly, truly, truly magnificent. Too bad he’s on a website that is utterly boring and where nothing every happens. What a waste of a man. Zowie. Get him on MenAtPlay or Randy Blue.

  4. avatar Warren says:

    Wyatt is hott! and i see ppl still saying FRATMEN is boring…Its a solo site for crying out loud… They have the hottest guys on the net… So what the models dont touch each other…. why would you want somebody to touch him when you can “DREAM” your the one touching him? I dont want some dirtyboyvideo guy touching him or a recycled models that been on a zillion sites…

    Fratmen is a high-end adult site…. (exclusive,hott,NO photo shopped photos and no BS bio’s)

    and you know they get the best guys…. (refer to fratmen nash)

    My question to all the ppl saying fratmen is boring…

    How can something like Wyatt be boring? I mean most of you guys said he was hot and you would do him in heartbeat? boring? N-O-T!!!!!

    in closing how many sites can you actually chat with the models? ( has live webcam shows) its a handful of other sites but not alot….

    So before you judge a book by its cover open it and read it……. here what i call BORING…. is seeing models recycled and seeing a models jumpin from site to site, photo-shopped photos, and bogus bio’s….

    Fratmen Wyatt is 10++++++

  5. avatar phunky says:

    Pretty hot! Love those low hangers!

  6. avatar Riley says:

    My future hus/bf/lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesomely HOT
    I’ll ride him and vice versa ;) Sweaty shower love

  7. avatar scott says:

    Fratmen does it again. A body that is perfection. Very nice.

    Agreed, that it’s too bad there is no action going on with these guys. Boo. :(

  8. avatar Edward Cullen says:

    Awww i wish i saw someee cum

  9. avatar Erik says:

    What a wierd dick…..if a pussy rode it then it looks like it would snap off in her vagina…skinny/fat/skinny.

  10. avatar TK says:

    Yeah, where do they get these guys?! I mean that in the most complimentary way. Wow, what a hot, natural looking guy. Great body, cute as all get out, nice cock, sweet ass.

    I’m in the vast minority, but I actually prefer that these guys are just nude models and not porn performers. It works the imagination :-)

  11. avatar Tobias says:

    Paradise by the dashboard light. Gorgeous gay man. Wonderful body and penis. I sort of agree with TK, it is nice to fantasize, but overall Fratmen is a site that really doesn’t offer much else.

  12. avatar Bryce says:

    Anyone got an idea as to how long that thing is? Man oh man, he is one gay hottie.

  13. avatar pubert says:

    Yes, his dick is weird looking. Plus he could use some body fat. He looks like a skinned rabbit.

  14. avatar Woody says:

    I want to be under him and wrap my legs around him as he leans that magnificent gay body over me and penetrates me with that fabulous man tool. Skinned rabbit? Weird cock? Not by a long shot. This man is the total package. I can only wish I would meet someone like this, let alone see him naked in my bedroom. I am truly smitten with this one.

  15. avatar jakeg says:

    Man i would so do him.

  16. avatar Neo Geo says:

    And, we have a winner. This is what being homosexual is all about. If you react to this fellow, you’re gay. Photos of him should be the litmus test for Lavendar Love. That body and that cock are gorgeous. And his thighs and legs are pretty darn hot, too.

  17. avatar Contrarian says:

    A litmus test for “lavender love”?? Oh please, get real! Can’t someone admire a toned athlete’s body in a platonic, or artistic way, even in our depraved sexualized culture? Why must every male physique be an occasion for horny homo lust–needn’t be at all. Museums are filled with muscular nudes and not all the artists were gay by any means.

  18. avatar Neo Geo says:

    Au contraire. The greatest statues were sculpted by gay men, many of them supported financially by the gay ruling elite in the Catholic Church, the gayest church of all time in all recorded history. Why is our culture depraved? Because we like hot men?

  19. avatar Prince says:

    Worship the ground these guys walk on all u want..this site is still lame as hell.

  20. avatar Jason M in Charlotte says:

    Lame site, yes, but gay Wyatt is breathtaking. Get yourself to a real gay porn site Mr. Bicyclist so we can see you in man-on-man action. Yowser.

  21. avatar dexedrine says:


  22. avatar AL says:

    What an extraordinary penis. Like a batch of pastry unevenly rolled out. It must be unique. He ought to bequeath it to the medical world after his death, so it can be pickled in a jar for all the world to admire. Lovely body too.

  23. avatar sasha says:

    fratment is boring because they don’t show the anus.

  24. avatar I SEE U GEISHA says:


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