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MenHardAtWork: Bryan Slater & Lucas Nichols

Bryan Slater & Lucas Nichols at MenHardAtWork

Bryan Slater & Lucas Nichols at MenHardAtWork

Bryan Slater & Lucas Nichols at MenHardAtWork

Bryan Slater & Lucas Nichols at MenHardAtWork

Bryan Slater & Lucas Nichols at MenHardAtWork

Bryan Slater & Lucas Nichols at MenHardAtWork

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MHAW wrote:

Lucas is a huge fan of Professor Slater’s writing style. Since he missed out on a recent book-signing, he’s decided to poke his head in the classroom to get a special inscription. Good timing too, as Professor Slater wants some head followed by a good poking.

16 Responses to MenHardAtWork: Bryan Slater & Lucas Nichols

  1. avatar Kyle Saguaro says:

    Wow. This was hot as FUCK

  2. avatar Calvin says:

    The “teacher” does nothing for me. The bottom dude is hot.

  3. avatar sophomore says:

    Love this site.

  4. avatar peter parker says:

    That teacher’s body is perfection.

  5. avatar sam says:

    The bottom guy is HOT! Love the shot of him on the desk! Very hot.

  6. avatar WHOA says:

    I wish I had a teacher like that to do me good when I was in H.S.

  7. avatar Edward says:

    The teacher’s shoulders are too bony and his chest looks like little titties from the side view. However, he is quite muscled and has a good ass for a skinny guy. The student is cute and has a nice ass.

  8. avatar Ryan says:

    The teacher is kind of gholuish. Some older men look fine in porn. But not this guy.

  9. avatar moondoggy says:

    I’m lukewarm toward the student. But the teacher is a dynamo. The set-up needs work though — what college classroom has a globe or a file cabinet in it? And the student is way too groomed for the role: overdone hair, overdone eyebrows. That “look at my ass” pose in the fourth row is too feminine (the fifth row on the desk is way better), and his books look like two volumes of encyclopedia. I don’t mean to beat up on him, but in a fantasy, the details matter.

  10. avatar moondoggy says:

    P.S. If they said this was a high school classroom, it’d work much better, and the very first pic would be the best one in the set!

  11. avatar Josh says:

    great post moondoggy. I don’t think the person who designed this set ever stepped foot into a college classroom. This is probably just a generic set whenever they want to do a teacher-student sex scene.

    As for these two models, the “student” is average at best. The older guy has an okay face, but an awesome body. This scene wouldn’t make me run to the site and subscribe.

  12. avatar Al says:

    Teacher is a total buttaface!

  13. avatar Ms. Minchin says:

    oh god… bryan slater should just go back to where he be longs; NURSING HOME!

  14. avatar John says:

    Very Hot Scene!

  15. avatar whatsinaname says:

    I like Bryan slater – he’s very attractive.

    With age, comes experience and wisdom – two great things in a sex partner.

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