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EnglishLads: James Nichols & Kev Adamson

James Nichols & Kev Adamson  at EnglishLads

James Nichols & Kev Adamson  at EnglishLads

James Nichols & Kev Adamson  at EnglishLads

James Nichols & Kev Adamson  at EnglishLads

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EnglishLads wrote:

James is back with his favourite lad who start the shoot by exploring James, his nipples, sucking his toes and massaging his legs and chest. James is still in his briefs, though the bulge gives away his excitement! As Kev pulls them off he has a job to lift them over James’ hard on! James then discovers Kev’s bulging trackies and he pulls them down to reveal Kev is nearly fully hard. The toy comes out and goes in! James just gets harder as Kev slides it in and out, having to pause a few times to hold James back. They both come at the same time, James shoots miles over his shoulder and Kev covers his body and neck! Two lads hugely turned on!

7 Responses to EnglishLads: James Nichols & Kev Adamson

  1. avatar BBC says:


  2. avatar clusterfuck says:

    so does James get a dick up there or what?

  3. avatar The real RJ says:

    The previous clip they did was really hot, I’m looking forward to see this one, though it’s too bad that James doesn’t seem like he will ever do more.

  4. avatar bkkboy says:

    No, Kev keep knocking at the backdoor but didn’t get in. too bad.

  5. avatar chris says:

    one is cuter than the other but that’s simply a matter of personal taste – both look to be enjoying themselves and that’s enough for me.

  6. avatar Pete says:

    Kev is an absolute little hottie and his cheeky smile really makes me smile all the time lol, sometimes I forget what i started of doing when i started watching it lol. I hope to see a helluva lot more of this cheeky guy.

  7. avatar jason says:

    no james didn’t get a dick up his ass !
    they only wanked each other !

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