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CorbinFisher: Tanner

Tanner at CorbinFisher

Tanner at CorbinFisher

Tanner at CorbinFisher

Tanner at CorbinFisher

Tanner at CorbinFisher

Tanner at CorbinFisher

Watch Tanner at

Corbin wrote:

I loved Tanner’s opening line here.

“My name is Tanner. I’m 21. I’m here to jerk off for you today.”

That about sums it up!

It took awhile for Tanner to make it out and jerk off for us. I’d originally spoken to him and scheduled to have him out to shoot a vid for us close to a year ago. Things were all set and ready to go back then, but he pulled out at the last minute. I just assumed he’d lost interest and didn’t really press the issue. However, he recently got back in touch with me and said he really wanted to come out and shoot. He was bummed he didn’t make it out the first time and wanted to make up for that. He seemed really eager over the phone, as well as totally sincere. So, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give him another shot and get him out here to jerk off!

I’m glad he finally did make it out, as he is indeed a hottie! Tanner loves to run, and has a tight and defined body that show off the fact that he’s quite the athlete. He’s also extremely friendly and personable, as you’ll see during his solo! He’s very engaging, couldn’t have possibly seemed more comfortable in front of our cameras, and clearly got a kick out of jerking off for us as well.

Tanner actually shared with me just how much he was looking forward to jerking off, mentioning the idea of getting off on camera for tons of people to see turned him on a huge amount. Obviously, he was looking forward to making some money while doing it. But he just couldn’t get over how hot the idea seemed to him and how much fun he was sure it’d be.

Judging by just how hard Tanner gets – and how quickly he does so – he certainly was pretty damn turned on! Within seconds of stripping down, his dick is pointing towards the sky as he furiously strokes it. It’s a big, hot dick at that! If all that wasn’t enough… you guessed it! Tanner fires off what must be a gallon of cum at the end of this vid!

20 Responses to CorbinFisher: Tanner

  1. avatar Drew says:

    That is one ugly fucker. And I’m not even that harsh a critic most of the time..

  2. avatar Riley says:

    HOT I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I’d do’em Def. want a ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  3. avatar mike says:

    so cute!!!! and love his ball

  4. avatar Brad says:

    I saw the video and it’s hot. Keep it coming CF!

  5. avatar Dillion_McCoy says:

    Well, he looks alot like Gage’s brother and he has a handsome bush. Let’s hope none of these furrless Corbin Fisher boyz get a razor to his natural beauty.

  6. avatar Truth says:

    Ughhh, im not seeing it. I completely agree with Drew…100%

  7. avatar MM says:

    brad you are retarded fucktard.this herman munster barack obama baby needs to be buried in the cemetery will the economy.hey we all want new models but when they show up and are GROSS we all bitch and moan-go figure.

  8. avatar MM says:

    with the economy.damn brad you gave your disease to me.
    too bad we don’t have viewer submitted pics-we all then could show the others why we have the right or nerve to complain.

  9. avatar Troll Patrol says:

    Whoa; that is one fugly mug. I wonder if you can buy that towel in the CF gift shop?

  10. avatar Neo Geo says:

    Cheesy set-up to sell a towel. The gay guy in this sequence is just not attractive. There’s something off about his face.

  11. avatar Zak says:

    I like, can’t wait till he bottoms

  12. avatar AL says:

    Nice body. But why do they add stuff out of a bottle? Surely a penis is self-lubricating.

  13. avatar Danny says:

    His dick is vry hot. He’s not that handsome, though.

  14. avatar TtlBlkTop says:

    Hot Cock, Low Hanging Sack & that’s about it. We all have our form of sexiness. This guy will be a hit & miss for a lot of people.

  15. avatar Matt says:

    –We all thought he was gay but we weren’t sure.So yeah like i’ve been to partys with him and stuff..
    ..he was in the Army Reverves and is in college..!!
    wow, i didn’t know he was gay haha.

  16. avatar jugde6 says:


    Let´s wait for his turn with Dawson

  17. avatar Mike says:

    It’s nice to see a young guy with a nice bush! Yummy!!

  18. avatar robbie says:

    @Dillion_McCoy: i second that, wholeheartedly!!!

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