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Fratmen.TV: JJ (Naked College Fratmen)

JJ (Naked College Fratmen) at

JJ (Naked College Fratmen) at

JJ (Naked College Fratmen) at

JJ (Naked College Fratmen) at

JJ (Naked College Fratmen) at

JJ got tattooed on his 18th birthday and applied to be a Fratmen soon thereafter. A college art major, JJ is unconventional, very sensual and a bit mysterious. We can tell you that besides being tattooed, he has a big uncut dick.

Watch JJ at Fratmen.TV

37 Responses to Fratmen.TV: JJ (Naked College Fratmen)

  1. avatar Drew says:

    Cute. He could use a little tightening up here and there, but he’s cute.

  2. avatar askanipsion says:

    He is a cutie! Love his pits and uncut cock!

  3. avatar andrew says:

    not bad but i have seen better fratboys from this site before..oh and im first do i win a prize?haha whatever

  4. avatar Riley says:

    HOT and UNCUT Hell, if he was here with me I would be riding him six ways to Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freakin Awesome Frtmen!!!!!!!!!! Good Work ;)

  5. avatar Chad says:

    Damn. If only he were cut…

  6. avatar pubert says:

    Wow, his foreskin is extremely big. The poor head can barely peek out.


  7. avatar wendall says:

    everybody that posted a bad comment go look in the mirrior and tell me what you see!

    You queens do nothing but write bad comments every week, get a fuckin life…better yet grow the hell up…i’m first,no i’m first….fuckin childish!

    The guy is hott… keep them coming fratmen and dont pay attention to the “free-tards”!

    and please to whom i offended dont write a book reply back cloggin up the thread…its about “Fratmen JJ”

    this comment is not direct towards (Drew) thats a legit gripe….

    but all the other comments could be direct at those who wrote them!

  8. avatar Michael says:

    This guy is really wonderful. (Well done Wendall too!)
    He has a beautiful face and a sexxxxxxxxxy body htis man.

  9. avatar AveQue says:


    Shut Up.

    People can write what they want.

  10. avatar Neo Geo says:

    Kid needs to learn how to pull down the foreskin. Cute if you’re into twinks. But what the hell do you talk about after? The Jonas Brothers? Zac Efron? Your new sneakers?

  11. avatar Talen says:

    Hey guys, remember, nature made us all uncut, it is just some twisted fuck who decided to take a knife to out dicks when we are young, inflict pain so later we can be old queens who think our opinions about these young men matter. Think of the pleasure uncut men must have that nature intended that we cut men dont. I am sad for that fact, but then again, I am smart.

  12. avatar Cory says:

    Love the foreskin. What is wrong with (twinks) I don’t want to look at some old man.

  13. avatar TK says:

    I don’t often like to look at twinks, as I prefer men in their 30s. Which to some people are “old men”.

    As for JJ… I don’t mind uncut but I agree that a bit more of the head would be nice. I’m also all for natural pits, but they seem strangely bushy and unevenly hairy, which is a little off-putting.

    Anyone can type whatever they want, as long as it’s kept in mind that our anonymity allows for much more crass statements than we’d make in real life.

  14. avatar jr says:

    save your propoganda talen. i think uncut dicks feel clamy and have a tendency to have a displeasing odor. but that’s not ev en the worst thing about this set. the kid is too…well…too much of a kid. what is he 16? maybe in another 5 years…after his chest hairs grow in…and after a circumcison :p this guy might be worth showcasing.

  15. avatar boxrsnsox says:

    The rude fucktards making the disparaging comments would never be considered worthy enough to be paid to appear on sites like fratment… so they put down those that do get showcased. Why can’t you admire the beauty of the variety that all of these sites display rather than display the obvious contempt and jealousy for the handsome guys that are brave enough to display their artful bodies for us? Oh that’s right… you won’t sit for a photoshoot because your belly hangs over your belt by a mile as you are too damn lazy to get out of the chair from behind your computer long enough to develop an artful body.

    I’m not sure what’s more shameful… that I addressed the rude childish people, or that trolls want to impose their idea of cute upon the rest of us. If you don’t like what you see nothing is forcing you to comment rudely or comment that you are ‘first.’

    Have you not thought that more positive comments as appropriate would get you farther with the site publishers than the negative comments will. But, honestly face it, the site owners really don’t care about your negative comments since the guys that like variety far outnumber you and pay for variety.

  16. I have visited this site and read plenty of comments for a while now. It is rare that a model excites me and I usually just keep it moving. It’s the same little dicked, west hollywood clone after the other and variety in many cases is nonexistent.

    It’s sad that all these gay men living behind their computer screens, who are probably imperfect and not model material, are always giving these boys hell. I read comments on boys with great bodies and people saying they need to tighten up, hit the gym or lose a few pounds when there is absolutely nothing wrong with the model.

    Imperfect gays looking for that perfect man that they will never have. You all are a dime a dozen, and 11 of you all are undesirable by most. If you were so hot and perfect, you wouldn’t be sitting in front of your laptop screens looking at pictures of men…you’d be busy with your own.

    As for this model, I think he is one of the best I have seen on here. He’s got a great natural body, adorable face, lovely natural dick that he was born with, and he isn’t obsessed with manicuring his arm pit hairs that are natural. He’s a real guy…not a sugar coated twink spoiled by fags. I can’t understand why you guys are beating him down because of the way he was born.

  17. avatar s says:

    I’d like to shave his armpits and then lick them (and the rest of him) uncut is hot as long as its clean

  18. avatar rayman says:

    guess wendull gets to review us but if you’re offend you’re not supposed to review him … personally I think the Fratman JJ is adorable but I’d sure understand that he’s not everyone’s type and that, regardless of what wendull might think they certainly have every right to express it … freedom of speech isn’t only of those who agree with you jerkwad!

  19. avatar EM6 says:

    This is a beautiful guy. My only wish is that the tattoo on his right arm would go away. And then, low and behold, in the long distance shot of him sitting on the bed…it does!

  20. avatar Edward says:

    Wendell and boxrsnsox and Kornbread, I’m confused. Nobody wrote anything negative. Who are you addressing? A few guys saying they don’t like foreskin is not bashing. Seriously, who dumped on this man?

    Cute, regular looking guy. The picture of him sitting on the bed is adorable. Ridiculous tattoo but at least it is on his arm, which for some reason seems more appropriate to me.

  21. avatar DJ-Chesh says:

    This guy really is the perfect example of youth. I can’t believe how many of you complain about the foreskin! I’m glad I won’t be letting any of you near my cock.

  22. avatar danny says:

    Nice pits and crotch, but definately needs circumcising.

  23. avatar spike92101 says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Stunningly perfect just as he is.
    Oh my.

  24. avatar HUMANOID says:

    i love his pits, pubes and foreskin and face….

    lovely the way he is now…. why does he need to mutilate his foreskin? it’s so in some culture that you need to mutilate your body to be more perfect… yuck….

  25. avatar clay says:

    Really nice pits.

  26. avatar AL says:

    Circumcision is the penis’s Declaration of Independence. No restrictions. Total liberty. But the world is big enough for circophiles and circophobes to live in peaceful co-existence.

  27. avatar nature's_best says:

    He is super hot, and his cock is perfect the way it is — the way nature intended! I would fuck him so hard he would cry! :)

  28. avatar rich says:

    What a doll. Just perfect in every way. And the most beautiful, uncut prick that I have ever seen. Why in the world would anyone want to cut off that perfect foreskin?

  29. avatar joseph says:

    You all are so hung up on being circumsized. Read what science says about it. Had we been circumsized from the begining, according to science, man and animials would not exsist today. The skin is there for protection from infections etc. read up on it and lets drop it.

  30. avatar gpguy says:

    He has a bit of a “regular guy” look about him which to me makes him super hot. He does look a little young though, but I’m not going to say he isn’t cute.

  31. avatar Steven says:

    Love his uncut cock and his body. Yeah, maybe he would be more presentable without as much hair, but where I normally don’t care for hair, I love this guy body and smile. I just know he has a positive attitude about himself. Thanks JJ…..

  32. avatar Alfred Bitchcock says:

    God, why do you people always have to argue about cut vs. uncut, young vs. old, small cock vs. big cock… that’s sooo annoying!

    Anyway, as my Grandma said : “Arguing on the Internet is like running in the Paralympics. Even if you win, you’re still RETARDED.”

  33. avatar Anthony Johannes says:

    i love his both hairy arm pit and cock. Hmmmmm looks sexy

  34. avatar thisboy408 says:

    Some of the nicest looking armpits I’ve seen on this site. God, so nice… What a cute face, totally the boy next door but also looks kinda nerdy: very hot! His crotch is great too. Would have loved to have seen some shots of his big dick being limp though. That would be a treat!

  35. avatar Anthony Johannes says:

    so sexy, i love hairy armpit and hairy dick

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