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ChaosMen: Nash

Nash at ChaosMen

Nash at ChaosMen

Nash at ChaosMen

Nash at ChaosMen

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Chaosmen wrote:

Nash is a blonde version of Teo! Lots of energy and enthusiasm for making good porn. Very keen on improving his body and getting his life in order.

I met him just as he was getting Focus in his life and it was a treat to see it in action. He spent almost a week with me as we had all kinds of travel changes and issues.

Definitely a “gay for pay” type of guy, he still seems a bit unsure about doing more, but from all accounts, he says he is ready to go all the way.

So stay tuned for much more Nash!

38 Responses to ChaosMen: Nash

  1. avatar Prancer says:

    Everything looks good when he doesnt of the hottest bodies to hit Choas.

  2. avatar Fazz says:

    AAAAAAAAH It’s Chuckie!!

  3. avatar Trevor says:

    He looks like he is very short. But hot.

  4. avatar ben says:

    ugly and “gay for pay”. BLEH! I’ll pass!

  5. avatar phunky says:

    Not bad! His cock looks like it gets really hard. Awesome body!

  6. avatar jj9 says:

    Well, bring on Zane…it should be quite interesting Bryan with those two making love to each other and Zane loves to eat cum!

  7. avatar Skyler says:

    Great body and looks. He seems to be really short as in less than 5’5″ but other than that he looks real good!!!!

  8. avatar Skyler says:

    Is it my impression or the front tooth is false? Gay for pay means he turns tricks??? LOL

  9. avatar Zane says:

    Um, gay for pay my ass. If you look up “The Gayface” in the dictionary, that ugly fucked up mug would be staring right back at you.

    Gay for pay… LOL.

  10. avatar jay says:

    his teeth look huge because of that huge smile he’s got! nice body, and handsome face! (non grin ;>)

  11. avatar Josh says:

    You’re right Prancer…lol…also ..once again …the ink is a bit much ..especially the big sun on his shoulder that looks like a large gaping wound or something…

  12. avatar Cole says:

    The porcupine buzzcut does nothing for him. He’d probably be hot with longer hair. He looks like a younger version of Dave from Desperate Housewives.

  13. avatar happyhomo says:

    Hurley from :) Ugly there, ugly here.

  14. avatar me says:

    He reminds me to much of my brother-in-law; difference is my bro-in-law has a 10″ cock and a less defined body.

    Still cute and I’d hit that inside and out.


  15. avatar clay says:

    I’d like to get my tongue in there!

  16. avatar Topher says:

    The only thing “gay for pay” about him is that he gets paid for sex, or porn. I am surprised that no one has mentioned his distended nipples (either really heavy nipple play, or nipple clamps), which in some of the images are really hanging out there. Now we know what type of gay sex he’s into, and he’s obviously not the dominant top…

  17. avatar Jim says:

    Unspike the hair, and turn off the toothy grin, and he’d be really HOT, despite the unfortunate tattoo choices. “gay for pay”,..yeah right. She probably throws her legs up the first chance she gets.

  18. avatar pubert says:

    He looks like a cross between a monkey and an ass clown. You couldn’t pay me enough to fuck something like that.

  19. avatar Anton says:

    LOL at Prancer! You speak the truth! I was thinking EXACTLY that when looking at his photos, and sure enough, reading the comments, someone felt the same way! He’s a bit too teethy for me, but when he closes his mouth, he’s very sexy. Next time ChaosMen bring him back, they need to have him tone down the cheesy smile — it completely ruins his sexiness.

  20. avatar The real RJ says:

    Nice, another Fratguy popping up elsewhere. Now they should get Jayden to come to this site and finally fuck and get fucked. And yes, please don’t smile, “Nash”

  21. avatar milo says:

    He looks like a black woman…Esther Rolle from Good Times to be specific.

  22. avatar randy p says:

    He’s really cute.

  23. avatar Nick says:

    Man I want to suck on those nipples!

  24. avatar MM says:

    milo you are a stupid fucking asshole.nothing’s wrong with looking like or being a black woman.Esther Rolle was a beautiful woman. this dude has a smoking body but that’s it. I would do him though.

  25. avatar BannedWithANewAccount says:

    anyone else notice his hair style changes while you scroll through the pics

  26. avatar rlyan says:

    third “Nash” to appear on waybig and no where near as hot as the first 2 – especially the one for FratmenTV – run a search if you’re curious …

  27. avatar tyrone says:

    I think his Fratmen shoot as Hurley is way hot. Maybe it’s the haircut or maybe it’s just better a photographer. Or maybe he was just having a better day. But if CM says he’s ready for more than there must be another video in the can and, if that’s the case, I hope it’s not just one of the serviced or edge videos.

  28. avatar mplsmech says:

    i just threw up in my mouth scrolling through these pics. :(

  29. avatar milo says:

    milo you are a stupid fucking asshole.nothing’s wrong with looking like or being a black woman.

    Did I say there was? I wouldn’t want to look like a black woman being I’m a man. That’s just me…

  30. avatar Zeke says:

    He has an amazing amazing, furry body. It’s too bad his face isn’t attractive.

  31. avatar cancer says:

    This site is very weak and there scouts must suck ass! I heard fratmen ty is going to appear on CM…

    He wasnt a hit on (memebers didnt care for him at all) Bryan ur scouting team really sucks i guess cause your the only person that uses other ppl models and also the models look horrible when they work for you…. and to give him the name NASH…IS A MISTAKE! more like TRASH! you know most of your models are trash…..

    Teo is in the works on going to CF….so be ready…

    the reason why fratmen doesnt use any of CM models cause most of them suck!!!!!

  32. avatar Fire says:

    I find it funny how people lose their damn minds over the guys on that damn fratmen tv site, but then whenever one of their models leaves and goes to do stuff on other sites all the frat fans always come to the posts and use that same stupid ass excuse of the frat fans not liking the model when they appeared on the site. People said that same shit when Jason went to SC.

    Why these poeple get so bitter when frat models go elsewhere is beyond me, but if you like the site so much keep your asses over there. The site is pretty lame if you ask me..good looking guys or not.

  33. avatar Brandon says:

    Throw him back in the wannabe pond.

  34. avatar satire says:

    I long for the days when these idiots stop ruining perfectly good bodies with ugly ink.

  35. avatar Get 'Em says:

    I’ll take him home, even with all the problems you talk about, I’ll take him home and keep him. He is fucking cute, sexy and a keeper. I love that big smile.

  36. avatar Edward says:

    Banned is right and he looks better with his hair unspiked. Nicely muscled body with dumb tattoos; one spoils a beautiful bicep. His grin is too big; when he smiles it makes me think of George Kennedy.

    “I just threw up in my mouth” has become a very overused phrase.

  37. avatar colton says:

    have you stooges seen Nash lately, lmfao….he’s the hottest guy in male entertainment, ever.

  38. avatar Rahbah says:

    His smile is disgusting. Stop grinning, bro’. Very few like it.

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