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RandyBlue: Eddie Renzo

Eddie Renzo at Randy Blue

Eddie Renzo at Randy Blue

Eddie Renzo at Randy Blue

Eddie Renzo at Randy Blue

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Randy wrote:

From the moment you lay eyes on Eddie Renzo you know there’s something special about him. Is it the handsome face? The beautiful musculature that covers his mostly smooth body? The exotic looking tattoos that adorn his firm shoulders? Or the substantial handful of cock he’s got swinging between his legs? I would have to say all of the above and then some. Eddie was so much fun to work with because he’s so sure of himself. He got amazing self-confidence without coming off as cocky. He loves to have fun and is down for basically everything. He hardly needed any direction and I could tell he loved showing off his body. I really think he was getting off on knowing people would be watching his video. He told me he loves to go to the beach in speedos so I knew he wasn’t shy. And really, when you have a body that good why hide it? He was such a natural working that hot cock of his, and when I suggested he show off his ass he arched his back so that it raised high up in the air and his hole was open and ready. Then he started working his finger in and did his best to show off what a sexual creature he is. And by the time he shoots a huge think load he’ll have you so worked up you’ll have to join him.

34 Responses to RandyBlue: Eddie Renzo

  1. avatar dell says:

    Another model, no mid-week hardcore? Have to wait for
    “that 70’s gay porn”.

  2. avatar joe says:

    he’s cute. too bad about the cheap looking, tacky tattoos.

  3. avatar Grant Urwish says:

    Now this is what I call a beautiful man and he appears to be begging for a good fuck. I’d like to help him with that desire. I like everything about him. I’d keep him.

  4. avatar Eric says:

    Cute. Looks like my friend that is coming to visit next week. yummmmm

  5. avatar XYZ-1 {º¿º} says:

    Unbelievably and incredibly fine. Total hotness here. Nice complexion, nice body, nice dick, nice tattoos. But what’s up with the finger in picture #13. Nevertheless, it’s a YES for me!

  6. avatar clay says:

    HOLY FUCK this stud is HOT! I’d go to town on that.

  7. avatar im in love says:

    complete joy. I’d have wanked over him if he had been fully clothed. Never wanted to suck a dick or fuck an arse more in porn except for Danny from Sean Cody who has vanished- he does look a bit similar though!

  8. avatar Dougal says:

    One of RB’s most handsome guys ever. Would love to see him with a shaved butthole getting fucked by Reece.

  9. avatar Dustin says:

    Amazing skin color there. The Latin/Italian look does it for me. Hawtttt!!!

  10. avatar rlyan says:

    not a big fan of tattoos but his actually look pretty good (on him) … doesn’t matter anyway cause I think he’s hotter than fire and would gladly overlook even ugly tatts for a couple hours with him …

  11. avatar Ryan says:

    oh well ..would be PERFECT if he didn’t have all that ink..why do hot guys feel the neeed to draw all over themselves?..

  12. avatar pubert says:

    If you have a near perfect body, why would you want to distract people from it with a bunch of stupid tattoos?

    I’ll never understand it. I can’t imagine liking any image enough to put it on my body forever.

  13. avatar Dave says:

    YES YES YES YES YES YES!!! I seriouly jizzed myself just looking at him. Tattoos and all, he’s HOT in my book.

  14. avatar phunky says:

    Wow so hot! Amazing. He can take me home any day he wants.

  15. avatar LAChris says:

    VERY hot — two thumbs up!

  16. avatar elmtree says:

    Yes the tatoos are a bit much but he is nearly flawless so who cares! Wow, what a beautiful, sexy man.

  17. avatar Tim says:

    This man needs to get fucked hard. And soon.

  18. avatar charlie says:

    Now put him and Robbie Madden together!!!

  19. avatar LadiezMan says:

    WHOA! This Eddie Renzo dude is FINE AS WINE! Beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful smile, beautiful skin. He is just beautiful. You all know what I’d do to him if I was gay. I’m kinda mystified right now :-) I might have to change my name from LadiezMan to HotDudesMan…lol

  20. avatar Andy406 says:

    cute face, but so gay on some angles. Not that it’s bad. If he’s gay, it makes it more likely for him to come back and maybe even get fucked.

  21. avatar jason says:

    that is beautiful. Anyone who touches their nipples like that, male or female, turns me on. Those are some nice crotch shots…

  22. avatar LadiezMan says:

    You’re so right Jason…dude looks so irresistable when he’s touchin those nips like that. That’s a damn hottie right there!

  23. avatar don says:

    Beautiful! I could watch him touch his nipples all day long and cum without touching myself!

  24. avatar hotrod54 says:

    This man is so very hot!!! So very sexy!! Would love to see him in M2M…or just the two of us!!

  25. avatar Anton says:

    Something about him reminds me of Derek at CF. Like Derek he has that erotic, rough, street trade look to him that I can’t resist! He’s definitely hot, no doubt about it. I’ll give him a 9.5 to a possible 10. Let’s see how he’ll do if he decides to engage in some man sex!

  26. avatar mandy says:

    I wonder from where does RandyBlue Studios get hold of such sexy guys?

  27. avatar sureyeahok says:


  28. avatar Topher says:

    I agree that Eddie is very hot in every way (the ink can be overlooked because everything else about him makes up for it). Notice that his sexuality is not mentioned, and that the images of his spread butt are so Photoshopped that there doesn’t seem to be a hole. I supect that he’s bottomed so often that his hole looks like hamburger. Who cares? Bring on the guys and let’s see Eddie in action. I am hoping that Reese will not be considered as a candidate for Eddie’s first RB action video. I’ve read posts here from people who really like Reese. He has been doing gay porn since Jesus was a boy, and I have never cared much for him. There’s always been something about Reese that turns me off. Reese is like CF’s Brent, a good performer, with a good body. Athough I realize that porn is basically prostitution, many hot guys are able to make one forget that fact, and their videos are hot erotic fantasies come true. Unfortunately, RB’s Reese and CF’s Brent can’t pull that off. They both come off as “been around the block too many times” unclean prostitutes, and make my dick limp. I’m hoping that RB opts for one of his uber-hot guys to pair with Eddie, for a video that could be an instant classic…

  29. avatar Ryan says:

    I’m not usually into tatoos, but WOW! I would definitely make an exception for this guy. He has killer eyes! He could make me melt.. HOT!

  30. avatar dan says:

    It’s amazing that 9 out of 10 comments are ALWAYS negative towards tattoos and yet every young dude coming into porn is sporting like 9 or 10 tattoos on their bodies. Do they not get that most think tattoos are ugly, especially big ones that cover up their really nice defined bodies?
    This guy, though, is a beautiful specimen and he’s only 9 out of 10 because of the stupid tattoos.

  31. avatar bob says:

    Is there a way to contact him? Somehow?…

  32. avatar Steve B says:

    Bob…ha ha. If you want to contact him try looking at Eventually, he will appear there looking to make some money. A lot of these models work as escorts. They use their movies as advertisements. lol.

  33. avatar LanceE says:

    Nice beefy ass. Can’t wait to see him bottom.

  34. avatar leatherndevil says:

    Eddie is from CT. He was in the Marine Corps and is a veteran of OIF! He considers himself bi with a leaning for some DL anal action

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