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JakeCruise: Tex Gemmell Serviced

Tex Gemmell Serviced at Jake Cruise

Tex Gemmell Serviced at Jake Cruise

Tex Gemmell Serviced at Jake Cruise

Tex Gemmell Serviced at Jake Cruise

Watch Tex Gemmell at

Jake wrote:

Tex, a carpenter by day and stripper by night claims to be quite good at pounding things (nails or otherwise). I make him put his money where his mouth is. Actually it’s my money and my mouth, but you get the point. Before we get to the face-fucking Tex shows off some of his moves for me as a stripper and man this boy can wiggle! I sure intend to bring Tex back for more fun.

19 Responses to JakeCruise: Tex Gemmell Serviced

  1. avatar derrick says:

    jake i wish i had your job

  2. avatar DVNO says:

    NOTHING hotter than a big guy who bursts out laughing when you play with his feet.

    They’re so vulnerable…

  3. avatar elmtree says:

    How disappointing that “Tex” left ChaosMen for this. He could have been paired with any number of the hot ChaosMen guys. But instead, we get to see him with Jake. No thank you…

  4. avatar Askanipsion says:

    Ugg defiled….

  5. avatar jp says:

    at least jake kept his clothes on.

  6. avatar Rusty says:

    Orca kills another one!!! Once they pass by Orca’s hand their careeer is in the basket for sure.

    • avatar vance says:

      …and what about all the erections he’s killed!?

      That troll should be brought on charges of crimes against pornography!

  7. avatar Zee Brat says:

    OMG he’s smothering that old man! Somebody stop him!

  8. avatar Jake (aka Orca) says:

    In the event of Armageddon, only cockroaches and I will be left standing. I’d be above having sex with them though. Oh, who am I kidding…

  9. avatar Established One says:

    Well you knew ORCA was going to get his paws on him sooner or later. I see Tex has his limits in allowing the fat whale to plow him. I guess the price WAS right for Tex to go on camera with the fat whale!

  10. avatar Paul says:

    Jake is SOOOO sexy without his beard! Why didn’t he take his clothes off?

  11. avatar MM says:

    damn jake looks almost human,20 years younger without the goatee.tex is a spank freak.he & tubbo deserve each other.toe licker spank freak perfect combination. typical filth update EXCEPT it doesn’t make me laugh or gag just sigh.

  12. avatar Blah! says:

    God Jake, don’t you make enough money to shop somewhere OTHER than Old Navy?

  13. avatar daniel says:

    Orca would look great if he could just lose about 240lbs.

  14. avatar david says:

    he should be arrested

  15. avatar Jono says:

    people who keep coming back to see Jake when they clearly don’t like him should be committed. obviously they have some kind of masochistic inclinations! get over it you silly queens. this was hot!

  16. avatar ben says:

    YUCK @ the first picture of jake sucking the toes. he looks deranged.

  17. avatar Jonas says:

    Can we just go ahead and paper bag this bitch.

  18. avatar triedntrue says:

    why are they serviced videos? wouldn’t “punished” be more accurate?

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