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Fratmen.TV: Kumar (Naked Indian College Jock)

Kumar (Naked Indian College Jock) at

Kumar (Naked Indian College Jock) at

Kumar (Naked Indian College Jock) at

Kumar (Naked Indian College Jock) at

We’re not sure whether we’ve had a Fratmen with East Asian heritage but this week’s addition definately has it. Welcome Fratmen Kumar.

Watch Kumar at Fratmen.TV

40 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Kumar (Naked Indian College Jock)

  1. avatar Mike says:

    Kumar? Really??

  2. avatar dell says:

    This guy is hung for an asian Indian. He could be latin.

  3. avatar HB Fly says:

    The “Kumar” moniker is totally unappealing & it just doesn’t fit right. He also reminds me of Devon from sean cody, only Devon was sexier. I’m not feeling Kumar, but I think it’s because he’s on fratmen & probably the HUGELY boring fratpad. Maybe seancody should make a play for Kumar.

  4. avatar D@vid says:

    hot body total surprise from the initial pic…chest 6pack and amazing ass….this guy is the total package plus a cute face to go along with that nice trimmed dick…put a smile on my face =)

  5. avatar Patrick says:

    Very handsome kid.

  6. avatar phunky says:

    Wow! Very hot guy. Awesome body and a great cock!

  7. avatar brucesteggert says:

    How do we spell relief? K-U-M-A-R!

    I’m liking him a lot. Very hot lad. I’d definitely assume the position for Kummie!

    PS Would have liked to see more of his cute ass and hairy legs.
    PPS And two thumps up for diversity. There are a lot of super hot Arabs out there too.

  8. avatar moondoggy says:

    Oh god … the shower pics are too, too hot.

  9. avatar me says:

    Kumar is a beaut…..

    Dick and body…………call me Kumar….


  10. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    Yummy Kumar can live with me in my kingdom!!! ;) He can do anything he want to do to me!!! :) Come to me Kumar I’m yours!!! :)

  11. avatar Yvrrice says:

    @dell. Your comment is typical of how insular you are. Get out there and see the world. You will be surprised that Asians whether Indian or otherwise come in all sizes of dicks – not just extra small.

  12. avatar Andrew says:

    Wow absolutely stunning body. Great arms, chest, ass, legs and dick and cute face to top it off. Best fratguy in awhile.

  13. avatar Blah! says:

    I gotta admit, I’m with other people who noticed the “Kumar” thing. Does anyone else notice how every shot basically has his foreskin pulled back to make his dick look cut? He has a nice booty, so I am not complaining.

  14. avatar Brahmin says:

    To Dell he is actually a Bharati a nation called in English the Republic of India, not Indian, because INDIA was a colonial imperialist Brit/European/Romanic empire that ceases to exist, SOUTH ASIA is an umbrella for this term. This term is by the Yanks and is used to refer all the nations of the subcontinent Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc…

  15. avatar Dave says:

    He look adorable! And delicious! I’d love a roll in the hay with him!

  16. avatar nutmeg says:

    I once “dated” a guy from India. Not the best looking, but he did have a very big dick. I then realized there is a diversity, too, in Asian endowments.

    Kumar rocks my world! But let’s get him on an active site and get those nice legs up in the air.

  17. avatar Scotts says:

    More of him a.s.a.p!

  18. avatar CNB525 says:

    The last pic is awesome! I could jackoff to that all day long. I live in LA, which is pretty culturaly diverse, but i’ve never seen(as far as I know…I could be mistaken)an Indian/East Asian guy this hot ever. He’s definetly a keeper.

  19. avatar HUMANOID says:

    he might be inca indian or west indian, who knows… I like his uncut cock though…. with dark ring around the knob….

  20. avatar Daniel says:

    Whoever knew Indian cocks could be so nice?

  21. avatar Monty says:

    best update of the week….. damn he is hott!!!!

  22. avatar hotrod54 says:

    Very good looking—and nice body too

  23. avatar lucaslvr says:

    nice looking, hot bod. But seriosly boring video. He hardly even moaned when he was cumming..what a waste of a hot guy

  24. avatar scott says:

    yeah. he’s pretty hot.

    i’d prefer some body hair. but a hot dude. with a big dick.

  25. avatar Established One says:

    Woof! For an Asian, he is well hunged. Sexy looking too. Must be the food their eating. He is the ideal fratmen. Hot! Another YES for me!

  26. avatar Nds says:

    It’s amazing how many guys here buy into the stereotype that all Asian men (East, South, Southeast etc.) are not well-endowed! Some of the guys with the biggest cocks I’ve been with were Asian – thinking of a particularly thick and long Asian cock I had in a sauna not too long ago…. But still, we need to move beyond this stupid stereotypes!

    • avatar Southwestern Guy says:

      I agree, Nds. I played w/a guy when I was n Chicago 4 a long wk end a couple yrs back. He was Thai, but had a donkey dick! Fucked like a maniac, & his uncut cock shot a huge load! Fed me well, woof!

  27. avatar paschal says:

    Would love to see Kumar bang two or three fem white twinks. They could take turns pleasing him. That would be hot, as I see Kumar as a top.

    The opportunity to see Super Stud Kumar in action is almost enough to make join Fratman.TV. Almost!

  28. avatar jinx says:

    i would deff take a ride on his magic carpet

  29. avatar boxie says:

    hmmm.. yummy black cock

  30. avatar Seriously? says:

    The comments on this blog are so disgusting. Are you guys serious? “Hung for an Asian”? “Magic carpet ride”? I mean, do you seriously not realize how ignorant and racist you sound, or is it intentional? And let’s not even get started on what gets posted on the AfAm models. SMH

  31. avatar Mike says:

    He’s beautiful.

  32. avatar Boxcar says:

    Finally! After several misses, Fratmen has a hit! Kumar is stunning.

  33. avatar paul says:

    Kumar is gorgeous and handsome. I think that he has all what I want…
    Does someone knows who is he?

  34. avatar veronjeff says:

    hi Kumar,

    Nice body and cute cute face too..

  35. avatar loken says:

    nice cock, nice body, i want to suck your cock harder so we can both enjoy the longest pleasure, just like in heaven

    • avatar loken says:

      hey kumar, i already download some your photos, so i sleep with the sreen of my laptop facing your sweet lips and cock, im will find someday, your will never know, but u have to find me, becos im going crazing with my feelings about you, you r always on my mind

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