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SeanCody: Dennis

Dennis at SeanCody

Dennis at SeanCody

Dennis at SeanCody

Dennis at SeanCody

Dennis at SeanCody

Dennis at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

Hot daddy!

OK, so Dennis is only 30, and that’s a little young to be considered a “daddy.”

But he’s just so nice and sweet and calm, and he has a very “wise” way about him.

I liked him the minute I met him. He just has one of those personalities.

Dennis currently lives in the midwest and has been there for about ten years. But he was born and raised in the south.

He’s lost his accent, but his roots are very apparent.

I took him out to dinner the evening he arrived. We went to a seafood restaurant and he ordered Texas red fish with fried green tomatoes, creamed corn, and rock shrimp!

His career path has led him down some interesting roads:

“When I got out of high school I went into the Air Force,” he said. “I did exercise physiology.”

After that he did a stint as an accountant at his father’s (high-end) motorcycle dealership, and then he found his true love: being a motorcycle mechanic.

He seemed very open-minded to me, and had an interesting comment when I asked him about:

“I am Ronald Reagan conservative from the neck up,” he said, laughing. “From the neck down, well, that’s another story.”

He says he’s straight, but likes to try new things. Awesome!

He told us he’s watched gay porn and actually enjoyed it, especially when it was in the company of his girlfriend.

“It gave her ideas,” he said.

One of those ideas: an 8-inch strap-on which she used to fuck him.

“It hurt at first,” he said. “But then it felt really good!”

25 Responses to SeanCody: Dennis

  1. avatar rj says:

    “it hurt at first but then it felt really good?” Sounds like he’ll be back for more of the “really good” stuff…

  2. avatar ben84 says:

    hes straight but likes watching gay porn and getting fucked up the ass..okaaaaayy…well at least he has a nice dick and set of low hangers!!

  3. avatar clusterfuck says:

    what a well-equipped daddy! hope he comes back for some more good stuff!

  4. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    HOLY HOT S**T get him back for more with Trevors,Sydney,and
    DAN that would be DAMN HOT!!!! ;)

  5. avatar Guy says:

    OMFG!!!! Now that is what I call BEEFCAKE! What a COCK!!! What HAWT low-hangers!! I am drooling. YUMM!!

  6. avatar phunky says:

    Wow! Look at those balls. Fuckin yum. And his big cock, hot body, and awesome smile. Can I please have a taste?

  7. avatar Peter says:

    He reminds me of Hugh Jackman (the singing and dancing Hugh, not Wolverine Hugh)

  8. avatar Redboy says:

    HOT!!! I’ll even overlook the terrible tattoo work for someone who shoots a load like that.

  9. avatar sophomore says:

    I want to drown in his ballsac!

  10. avatar Billy says:

    totally hot — i love his cock and his super-low hanging nuts are a awesome turn on, makes me wanna suck on them all night

  11. avatar Josh S says:

    WHOA!!!!! Beautiful dick!! He’s hot for 30. Definitely can’t wait to see his solo. Hope he comes back for some one on one action. I can imagine a lot of sore asses after being fucked by that dick, LOL. HOT!

  12. avatar elmtree says:

    I don’t know what is more amazing. His big dick, his low hangers, his hot bod, or the fact that Sean Cody has a man on his site who is 30. Whatever, do what you have to do to get him back for more! Wow…..

  13. avatar rojo says:

    HOT!!! I would love to see this guy flip-flop with Trevor, Jake or Kurt. That hot ass must be fucked !

  14. avatar Established One says:

    Woof! Woof! Yes, Yes & Yes! This guy is so damn hot and sexy. A nice piece of meat that he is carrying. It’s a YES for me!

  15. avatar Travis02 says:

    Can we get Dan back on here sometime soon. I really would love to see him fucking or getting fucked again

  16. avatar bgbg85 says:

    That’s quite a story he’s got there and he’s way cute too ! Red head love ! wOOt wOOt !!

  17. avatar davez says:

    i could have those balls all night

  18. avatar Grant Urwish says:

    Dear Santa, please bring me Dennis. That’s all Thank You.

  19. avatar Jay says:

    Sean has been trending towards older models slowly. I’m happy he’s bringing some back and bringing in newer ones.

    20 year olds get boring after a while.

  20. avatar Anton says:

    Sort of lost me with that “Ronald Reagan conservative” bullshit. Sounds like another self-hating gay freeper who jerks off to Sean Hannity when watching Fox News.

    No doubt, he’s sexy, but please, we had one Gage, we don’t need another one. (Not to mention even Gage wasn’t that pronounce with his “conservatism”.) I wonder what those parents of his with those strong, “conservative” values will think of their son jerking off and sticking fingers up his ass for a little cash.

    Should make an interesting conversation over dinner. :)

  21. avatar Fazz says:

    Dear Lord have mercy!!! His got it all! I WANT him to fuck KURT! right now!! Fuck him!!

  22. avatar Daniel says:

    Parker v2.0!

  23. avatar davez says:

    Would love to see him fuck Doug!

  24. avatar JLovesIt says:

    Hottest Sean Cody has had aswell as Parker + Curtis! And He is 30 :O
    Me Likey, This Daddy

  25. avatar turbololo180 says:

    Dennis is my fave @ SC … seems comfortable in his own skin and that translates well to the camera and especially with the other guys.

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