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CruiserBoys: Trey & Lance Bennett

Trey & Lance Bennett at CruiserBoys

Trey & Lance Bennett at CruiserBoys

Trey & Lance Bennett at CruiserBoys

Trey & Lance Bennett at CruiserBoys

Trey & Lance Bennett at CruiserBoys

Lance and Trey are the perfect bad boy/TWINK combo. Lance is a dominant top while Trey is a submissive bottom. Lance may be hard core, but he proves himself an attentive lover as he starts rubbing Trey’s feet before rolling him onto his back, and continuing the foreplay. Trey may be a TWINK, but the kid knows what he’s doing as he builds Lances excitement with a little cock tease. Lance’s ”bad boy” persona takes over as he dominates Trey guiding him into each position before mounting him and taking full control. Hope these two cum back again soon!


11 Responses to CruiserBoys: Trey & Lance Bennett

  1. avatar Riley says:

    YUM LANCE and TREY :)

  2. avatar Established One says:

    This Trey guy is just too damn girly for me. Small dick to which makes him a perfect bottom for Lance.

  3. avatar phunky says:

    Hot jocks from California? lol! How the hell is Trey a hot jock? He looks like a girly boy!

  4. avatar Fazz says:

    Some one should really yell “RAPE” !!

  5. avatar baz says:

    Why does Trey’s face look like his head was photoshopped onto his body in all the pics where he’s looking right at the camera?

    Anyway, for some reason his face reminds me of Perez Hilton. And that’s more than enough of a turn-off for me.

  6. avatar KSaguaro says:


  7. avatar ohmygosh says:

    I think Trey is cute as Fuck!

  8. avatar Treyk says:

    Well, I think I look pretty cute. :)

  9. avatar eraslda says:

    Trey, I think you are beautiful and amazing, and like you just the way you are. Don’t listen to some of the other people here, I think you are perfect the way you are and hope to see more of you!

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