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SeanCody: Cameron

Cameron at SeanCody

Cameron at SeanCody

Cameron at SeanCody

Cameron at SeanCody

Cameron at SeanCody

Cameron at SeanCody

Watch Cameron at

Sean wrote:

“I don’t like being alone,” Cameron told us.

He was referring to the fact that, although he’s kind of quiet, he’s very social and likes to have people around all the time.

“I’ve never lived by myself,” he said. “I’ve always had friends or family around.”

He’s 19, and currently lives with two other guys in an apartment near the university he attends.

“It’s pretty wild,” he said. “At least one of us always has a girl there.”

They’ve gotten comfortable with that and the girls don’t seem to mind.

“You don’t have a system? Like hanging a sock on the doorknob?”

“No we don’t really care,” he said. “I’ll come home and my buddy will be fucking some chick in the next room. It’s no big deal.”

Cameron likes to take his turn bringing girls home as well.

“Usually I have four girlfriends at a time, so I’m never worried about not having a girlfriend!”

30 Responses to SeanCody: Cameron

  1. avatar Anonymous says:

    Look, If you going to use a football as a prop, for God’s sake at least show the mo how to hold it.

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Absolutely WITHOUT QUESTION the best remark ever on this site! Love the fact that his fingers are nowhere near the laces of the ball when he’s trying to, uhmmmmmm. putt it like a shot? And I’m speaking as a baton-twirling, band-geek queer who never played organized football but could compete equally with my buddies in tackle football and flag football in pickup games whenever I could.

    • avatar LA Clergy says:

      Could not agree any more. The best comment so far

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      Too Funny!

      It gets old trying to pass off these Mo’s as straight!

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      OMG I have to agree…SOOOOO FUNNY….Great point! ahahaha..what a tool..a hot tool but still a tool (yes i would do

    • avatar Anonymous says:

      I am glad you guys got what i was saying. He is a cute guy. But listen SeanCody: just cuz we are gay, doesn’t mean we are gullible idiots

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    wow, he looks like USC Quarterback Matt Barkley

  3. avatar elmtree says:

    So, so update. Cameron certainly has a great body but other then that he’s kind of forgettable. What is most interesting is how fast Sean Cody put out this new update, just one day after the Hawaii finale fiasco. Guess he wants us to forget that as much as we do.

  4. avatar SC FAN says:

    He DOES look like U$C’s Matt! I give this a thumb’s up! & I agree with elmtree…I’m surprised at this release considering the Hawai’i mess was just out yesterday…

    Hope he returns…and that no other videos from Hawai’i return…

  5. avatar Urs Jans says:

    LOL. I love blondes, but this one does nothing for me.

    Speaking of CA quaterbacks, I blew a Stanford quarterback in a bar bathroom once when he was completely trashed. I completely took advantage of him – at least he let me think so.

    • avatar waybig says:

      which QB did you blow?

      Re: Cameron – he’s a big boy…with a kind of small head. Overall, I approve and want to see more.

  6. avatar brad323 says:

    He’s really a cutie, but as usual he comes from the Island of Generic Sean Cody Models.

  7. avatar altarego says:

    another Canadian clone…*yawn*

  8. avatar Fazz says:

    So yeah, he seems like the cuddly horndog type.

  9. avatar BenedictXIV says:

    Interesting how fast this update went up so we’d all forget about the faked Doug bottoming video.

  10. avatar yuppers says:

    I can’t get past the teeth. I like him with his mouth closed.

  11. avatar Established One says:

    Perfect! Nice! Definitely sexy! Definitely YES!

  12. avatar LA Clergy says:

    I like the entire body even the dick. Great ass shots there and overall a great looking guy.

  13. avatar kyle says:

    He’s as interesting as a saltine.

  14. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hes ok but i doubt he has 4 girls. i bet its more like him and his 4 “roommates” pretending they are girls while he fucks them. plus he looks older

  15. avatar Anonymous says:

    I guess I must be a big bore who likes Saltines, Canadian clones, ‘mos who can’t correctly hold a football: This guy is nearly perfect; in fact, I’m hard-pressed to find a flaw. Yes, in the make-believe world of porn, his dick’s a little small relative to his big body. Yes, he doesn’t look as though he has a whole lot going on upstairs — but who among us did at age 19? Yes, his but doesn’t look extraordinarily bubbalicious (actually hard to tell — more butt shots please!). But c’mon! I bet if any of us saw him in person, whether he was throwing a football or twirling a baton, we’d turn our heads so fast we’d get whiplash.

  16. avatar topher says:

    This SC bio is as bogus as Trent’s (str8 and will compete in 2012 Olympics, but sucked cock like a pro, and was in ecstacy while being fucked by Trevor, and shoots a huge load way past his head with cock inside him). Cameron will being eating dick, and have his legs in the air while his butt is being pounded in an SC video, very soon, that is if his boyfriend okays it…

  17. avatar Biznitch says:

    meh i have seen better

  18. avatar Dante says:

    “Usually I have four girlfriends at a time …” will turn to a four guys who gonna fuck the shit of his ass that he will remember to not be such a big talker

  19. avatar Mike says:

    Nothing this guy has interests me.

  20. avatar fuuuuuck says:

    hey. if you look very closely, i think he has a penis.

  21. avatar Anonymous says:

    He looks much better in those first,photoshopped pictures than in the video itself-as it is the case with most SC models.Actually,his video is quite boring and unexciting.

  22. avatar Daniel says:

    OMG he looks *just* like a friend of mine yummm

  23. avatar Grant Urwish says:

    I took the laces off of my dick so Camerons teeth wouldn’t get caught on them. I don’t care how he holds it just so it’s tight.

  24. avatar Riley says:

    HOT I WANNA SEE MORE OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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