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SeanCody: Jonah & Pete

Jonah & Pete at SeanCody

Jonah & Pete at SeanCody

Jonah & Pete at SeanCody

Jonah & Pete at SeanCody

Jonah & Pete at SeanCody

Watch Jonah & Pete at

Sean wrote:

“Jonah, this is Pete.” I like to keep the introductions simple. “Pete this is Jonah.”

“Man,” Jonah said to Pete. “You’re big.”

I think Jonah might have been a little intimidated. He was probably expecting someone smaller for his first man-on-man fuck session.

“Thanks,” Pete said with a smile. Even though he’s packed on muscle, he’s still the same sweet guy!

It all turned out OK, though. Jonah is a talented fucker, and he had a great time tapping Pete’s bubble butt!

“Wow, that felt great,” Jonah said afterward. “He’s got a great ass. He’s hot too!”

“So you enjoyed yourself then?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was a little weird at first fucking someone with muscles,” he said. “But it was fun!”

23 Responses to SeanCody: Jonah & Pete

  1. avatar Fazz says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! *faints* Jonah fucking? I have never been so turned on in MY LIIIFE! Jonah is a fucking masterpiece in form in movement in sex. he is PERFECT!

  2. avatar Established One says:

    Yes, this it hot! Johan is sexy and Pete is ideal for him. I’d love to see more of them both. It’s a YES for me!

  3. avatar clusterfuck says:

    That’s hot!

  4. avatar Prancer says:

    O wow Pete again! I got bored just seeing his name in the headline..

    • avatar elmtree says:

      I gotta agree with you Prancer. I know we are in the super minority on this one but Pete just does not do it for me like he seems to do for most everyone else.

      I was Very please to see Jonah back so soon. Really liking him. Just wish it was with someone else, perhaps Jay. Smooth blonde Jonah fucking hairy brunette Jay–total hotness.

      Speaking of Jay, are we gonna see him in another SC video or has SC banished him for posing on a Treasure Island media blog? From what I have read it looks like all Jay did was take a few pics for TI last fall (?) but, thankfully did not do any videos for this raunchy porn site (not that there is anything wrong with raunchy if that’s your thing). The pics, which were posted to a blog site and were very vanilla, can and should be forgiven, altho one might question Jay’s thought process. Of all the MANY gay sites he could of gone to get paid to take nude pics, he ends up at the bb raunch site Treasure Island?? I still love him but he did drop a 1/2 peg in my book…but please bring him back SC!

    • avatar Marsx09 says:

      Add me to the list of Pete detractors! Its not that I don’t like him…its just that I’m sick of seeing him (and a host of other SC models) so fucking often. SC needs to clean house again and bring in a new class of models [they can keep Kurt & Jay though – if either ever come back]

    • avatar humanoid says:

      pete is like a bland and boring orangutan for me and jonah should bottom though… nothing special here…

  5. avatar army2002 says:

    Me like Jonah! Pete? Eh take him or leave him (why is it when a guy gets buffed up body hair goes? His hairy legs were the best part for my money!) Jonah and Kurt!!!! Yumm

  6. avatar marti1234 says:

    nice, but hope Jonah takes it next:)

  7. avatar Grant Urwish says:

    Jonah and me would really make me happy. I’d like to see Pete face fuck Jonah, that would be hot.

  8. avatar Guy says:

    UTTER HOTNESS!!! A flip-flop would have been better. I hope he does a flip-flop with Kurt.

  9. avatar brad323 says:

    LOL! This looks like two pretty women. Maybe if Jonah takes it up the ass it’ll be hot. But this is just blah.

  10. avatar ThomT says:

    I’d have put Jonah on the bottom – too twinkish for me to see him as a top.

  11. avatar LA Clergy says:

    A flip flop would have been even better but hey this was as hot as ever. These two together is just pure perfection. I was hard all clip long. AAWESOME!!!!

  12. avatar Dave says:

    I always have thought Pete was cute. The newer, more muscular, Pete is just more of a good thing for me.

  13. avatar DinhoBP says:

    Esse Jonah é muito gostoso, gostei dele desde o solo, estou doido pra ver o video dele sendo fudido!!!

  14. avatar PauloD says:

    Pete is cute and I do like him, I just want him to stay off the roids. I watched the video and it’s repulsive how he’s getting bitch tits. It’s so sad to see young gay guys do this to themselves. He was perfect the way he was.

  15. avatar Mike says:

    What’s not to like: two hot natural blonds going at it.

    I like Pete—although I think he should spend less time at the gym; he’s getting stretchmarks on that very nice ass.

    Jonah’s hot but not very interesting as a top. I think Jonah is new to this. He was anxious to get it right. It looked like he gave Pete a blowjob like the ones he’s seen in vids. Funny.

    I would rather have seen Pete just work over Jonah’s beautiful body orally: kiss him, eat his ass, and suck his cock. (And what is this thing SC has about Pete’s partners giving him facials? Hotter if Pete caught them open-mouthed. :P )

  16. avatar Redboy70 says:

    Why with the BS after-sex talk. “Straight” guys don’t like having sex with men.

  17. avatar HKguy says:

    Seriously, have to agree with Redboy70 on this one, Jonah has an extreme gayface! Married? LOL give me a break…He will be back bottoming. What straight guy thinks another guy is hot?? Bet the footage of him is in the can ( no pun intended) that being said, they are both hot, loved the little blond fur on their asses

    • avatar Mike says:

      Yeah, I think Jonah will be back. And I agree the vid is already shot; probably with Gabe, Dennis or Trent.

  18. avatar roman says:

    Is it me or is Pete looking uglier? The director is right, he is losing his neck. He needs to stop working out. now…

  19. avatar badulover says:

    Pete is *lookin* buff, but too bad he still *sounds* like Mini Mouse.

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