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MiamiBoyz: Roberto

Roberto at MiamiBoyz

Roberto at MiamiBoyz

Roberto at MiamiBoyz

Watch Roberto at

This week would like to introduce our last exclusive discovery – Roberto! Roberto is an 18 year old with a perfect body and for those who love smooth chests you are going to love this kid! Of course, that hot face…and bubble butt are also pretty fucking hot!

Roberto might be just 18 but he’s already exploring his kinky side with tattoos and a hot cock piercing! Roberto is a college freshman who has not decided on a major but one that he is decided on is that he loves sex! He tells us that getting that thick cock of his sucked is his favorite sex act! Roberto is str8 but enjoys showing off…so when we suggested that he appear on the site he was very eager to show off his perfect body for all of us to enjoy!

13 Responses to MiamiBoyz: Roberto

  1. avatar Established One says:

    Wow….Roberto is really, really hot and sexy….It’s a YES for me!

  2. avatar Trophy says:


  3. avatar Riley says:

    Agreed EO I’ll take one to go please!!!! ;) I want that at my college DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  4. avatar Trophy says:

    Riley You All Dick LMAO!

  5. avatar alfichiani says:

    Nice dick n sexy slim

  6. avatar jayare says:

    Yea he’s straight. All straight dudes get stars tattooed on their pelvis and their eyebrows did up and kabookie like Christmas

    He’s cute though, I will give him that;)

  7. avatar DerekTyler says:

    Chola eyebrows.

  8. avatar Daniel says:

    Frightening eyebrows and creepy torso.

  9. avatar Jciro says:

    YIKES!!!!!!!!!! She’s a fright!

  10. avatar Ike says:

    Dude! No amount of doll painted on hairline and female drawn on eyebrows are going to take attention away from a geeky face. On the contrary, it just makes everything worse. Try looking normal, and then the assets (good body, dick) can shine more. Anatomically correct dolls are not arousing.

  11. avatar Anton says:

    Hell-to-the-naw! Looks like Carol Burnett in the face.

  12. avatar Stanley Kowalski says:

    The stars need to go. Can we start a tat removal fund for these poor guys?

  13. avatar aphroditenluv says:

    How does a tyranny in Miami get some of this delicious Latin dick?

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