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RandyBlue: Andrew Stark

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Andrew Stark at

Andrew Stark at

Andrew Stark at

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RandyBlue wrote:

Tall, handsome, and incredibly sexy with a scruffy five day old beard, Andrew Stark describes himself as ‘straight but comfortable’. He’s not new to the adult video world so he brings with him a little bit of experience. His body is lean and mostly smooth with a uniquely trimmed treasure trail that leads down to nice thick meaty cock. There’s also a lightly hairy butt surrounding his inviting hole that you can’t help feel needs to be put to good use. He’s got the college frat vibe and you get the feeling that he’d be up for just about anything if coaxed enough. He says he’d much rather get laid than jerk off but when you watch him use both of his hands to jerk his huge dick you know he’s had practice because he does it so well. And of course you keep wishing he’d let you do it for him. Then he comes and sprays a nice splash of jizz all over his beautiful slim chest.

27 Responses to RandyBlue: Andrew Stark

  1. avatar shock55 says:

    He was one of my favorites over at CF. I really hope he gets fucked by Reese, Cayden, and/or Richard.

  2. avatar ichiban says:

    WOW! Is this Ty at CF?
    Ty is my favorite model at CF!
    I’m so glad to see him on RB.

  3. avatar baz says:

    Oh, FUCK YES! I’d have loved to see Ty over at Sean Cody, but i suppose Randy Blue will have to do. His enthusiasm will be a welcome addition to RB.

  4. avatar Bradster says:

    It’s weird how Ty can look hot on one site and fugly on another. Randy Blue ruins yet another guy.

    I have a feeling they’re going to pair up this guy with Brett Swanson (gross) some time in the near future.

  5. avatar Riley says:

    CF THE DUMBA**ES HAVE DONE IT AGAIN. Let Prime Grade A Beef like Ty get away and to Randy’s no less where we know the sex is sometimes faked I mean look at that sorry 3 way suck off couple weeks back pathetic.

    Hell can keep Dawson and Lucas not even Penicillin will get rid of them,but yet a couple of movies with Ty now Andrew and he’s out the door. I just don’t get that logic.

    Anywho hopeful he will have a long career here and will not be lost in the shuffle like Ben and Ryan two former CF’s who I haven’t seen in a good while esp. Ben.

    Love Ya Ty/Andrew Peace Out!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  6. avatar Daxuan says:

    I like his smile,like sunshine

  7. avatar porndog says:

    I’m glad to see Ty again and am not surprised he left CF. Seems they can’t keep anyone who’s really good and has charisma and personality. Unfortunately, I happily canceled membership with both CF and RB. I don’t regret either decision, but am sorry I won’t be seeing Ty in action. I’ll have to be content with screencaps. BTW, it’s funny that CF did special profiles of at least 3 of their top models only to have them leave the site.

  8. avatar m8991 says:

    Ty looks much hotter with the facial hair.

  9. avatar jugde6 says:

    Here looks hotter. Facial face sometimes makes te trick.
    I hope Ty will succeed. All the best Andrew

  10. avatar Bradster says:

    The only shit CF can manage to keep are losers like Dawson and Elijah (apparently Lucas is done but who knows). I will instantly end my subscription to CF if Travis leaves the site.

    I’m already considering not renewing my sub. I’m sick of seeing the same ugly guys over and over again (mainly Levi and Aaron). I’m only staying because of Travis, Brody, James, and Zeb. Other than that, this site is not worth even paying $2 a month for.

  11. avatar Peter says:

    What a fabulous dick.

  12. avatar nickpro says:

    why Ty/Andrew, why? i hate those RB updates, so fake, first thing i do watching this RB shit is to put the volume down…

    i quess no more facials for Ty :/

  13. avatar Jay says:

    It’s kind of sad to see Ty move to RB of all websites. But it is what it is. He does look a lot better with some facial hair though.

  14. avatar FeydRautha says:

    Glad to see Ty again! With him around, maybe RB won’t need some guy to shout out directions while filming. “Now transition to the sofa!” LOL!

  15. avatar Established One says:

    Ty? Andrew? WTF? He still is hot…and sexy… Thumbs up and a YES for me!

  16. avatar louie says:

    Wonder why CF lost ANOTHER hot guy?

  17. avatar kikileo says:

    I like his dirty look. I suspect this is more like the real him, though I enjoyed watching his clean-cut stuff on CF. Ach, whom am I kidding! I love him, I’ll watch ANYTHING he does.

  18. avatar Daniel says:

    Loving the creamy skin and the fat cock!

  19. avatar seymour dix says:

    Not that handsome, but he loves the gay sex, we know Ty from CF…he LOVES it.
    Looks much better with the facial hair

  20. avatar ben84 says:

    ty is looking great and sexy

  21. avatar Duke says:

    he become one of my fav RB pronstar

  22. avatar Etony says:

    Andrew/Ty is one of my favorites guys,I miss him at CF.Love the first and fifth picture.I hope he don´t change a lot in RB,well we have to wait for him scenes.

  23. avatar alias74 says:

    Andrew/TY whatever….he’s balls out GORGEOUS! The only thing I’m at odd with here is the description and the fact that they put WAY too much powder/makeup on his face to the point that his face is yellower than his obviously pink underbased skin tone (RB should hire me as a makeup artist!).

    Ty…unless he was lying….indicated that he had fooled around with boys and certainly took dick and mouth shots like a pro over at CF…Straight? I dunno….I guess we just have to realize all those bios are patently fake!

    I’m beginning to wonder about CF and their losing some of the hotter guys….My suspicion is after many of the performers have filmed gay condom’d scenes, they may be pressuring them to do the condom-less bi scenes; hence performers flying the coop after like six or seven clips.

    Just saying….

    MORE ANDREW!!!! I could watch that guy get fucked all day long…

  24. avatar versuader says:

    not sure about the pruned pubes :-/

  25. avatar Anton says:

    God, he looks so sexy and masculine here than he did at CF. I think it’s the goatee that really gives him a new look that works amazingly for him.

    I was a fan of his at CF, but it’s a shame that he’s here at RB. Even prime meat like Ty/Andrew will appearing boring as hell because RB has no talent in filming beautiful men having sex. With the overproduced jump cuts, facial close-ups, etc., the videos feel way too manipulated for my liking.

    Tis a shame. Ty/Andrew has never looked better than he does here.

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