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ChaosMen: Ace ‘Serviced’

Ace 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Ace 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Ace 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Ace 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Watch Ace at

ChaosMen wrote:

Since Ace has done work previously, it wasn’t hard to talk him into doing a Serviced video while he was in town. In fact, I think the extra money was much needed.

Despite his comfort level, he still relies on the TV now and then to keep himself hard. And he was VERY uncomfortable with the idea of anyone near his ass. I guess he was worried I was going to try to fuck him or stick my finger in.

I assured him we set our limits at the beginning of a shoot and we stick to them – unless his limits suddenly broaden and he asks for it.

I was a bit determined to show that at the very least having his ass licked would turn him on. Sure enough his dick got hard, betraying that paying attention to his ass wouldn’t result in a traffic cone inserted surreptitiously!

Ace has a big cock, and it was really fun sucking it and making him cum. I had to do some jerking to really get him to cum. It’s kind of cool to watch it shoot up into my mouth and spill everywhere.

Ace is keen on being a Top in videos, and I work with so many straight guys that that is their starting position, I am not sure I will have much work for him.

I do have a couple eager bottoms that will be making appearances soon, so maybe he will get a chance to show off his topping skills, but as of this writing, this all he has been set up for.

16 Responses to ChaosMen: Ace ‘Serviced’

  1. avatar LuckyinKentucky says:

    Even though he’s a little too thin, his cock is perfect and his face is cute. Something about him is really hot to me.

  2. avatar humanoid says:

    this guy has a tacky look of male go-go dancer… everything on him looks very cheap…

    • avatar Riley says:

      How’d you know Humanoid if you check Cockyboys website that is exactly what he did at an Arizona dive bar that the Cockyboy owner found him at.

      Bryan go ahead and pay him the fees HELL HE’S DAMN worth it.Tired of hearing and I Quote” but as of this writing he will/won’t be back end Ouote. Hell if he won’t then find someone who will. We have heardthe same thing on the lasst couple of guys you have had it’s getting old and repetitive NOW.

      And where the HELL is my BABY TEO at miss him and his energetic antics soooooooooooo much!!. :(

    • avatar humanoid says:

      no i didn’t check the website… it’s just my guts feeling clocking him as male go-go dancer… the hair, the lips, the eyebrows…he would have been so hot if he didn’t look so tacky and easy…

  3. avatar Daniel says:

    Nice abs and cock but the face photographs weird in some angles.

  4. avatar PauloD says:

    The shine off the old guy’s head is distracting. I can’t get past his oddly white hands. It’s like he’s wearing white gloves. It’s creepy to see them wrapped around a guy’s cock. Not to mention all those sunspots covering his body. Horrible.

  5. avatar Trophy says:

    He is hot but something about him throws me off.

  6. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Looks like trade but I’d do him.

  7. avatar Established One says:

    Hell he can do me any time! Hot! Thumbs up!

  8. avatar Delovely says:

    Hot, if he didn’t look so much like a trick.

  9. avatar tyler says:

    pay the kid what he deserves !!!!

  10. avatar Stanley Kowalski says:

    Not bad for CM. Yeah, he kind of does look like trade, but that’s not always a bad thing.

    • avatar twinkletongue says:

      ditto to Stanley Kowalski-I love trade-you know where you’re going with trade

  11. avatar ThomT says:

    how long until “Ace” comes back for his RAW plowing?

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