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SeanCody: Spencer

Spencer at SeanCody

Spencer at SeanCody

Spencer at SeanCody

Spencer at SeanCody

Spencer at SeanCody

Spencer at SeanCody

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Sean wrote:

Spencer is a 19-year-old, corn-fed college student from the midwest.

The first thing you notice about him, even with his clothes on, is his massive chest.

Once his shirt comes off, you notice it even more! I mean, his pecs are absolutely flawless — big slabs of perfectly round muscle, with just a light dusting of hair.

“Do your muscles get you a lot of play?”

“Oh yeah,” he said. “The girls love them.”

Like a lot of young guys from the midwest, Spencer had never seen the ocean.

Even though it was a cloudy day, we decided to give his dick a break and pile into the car. I wanted to surprise him so we put a makeshift blindfold on him as we approached.

“I’ve never seen the ocean before and it’s going to be a big surprise when I get there,” he said.

We parked and navigated him carefully to a bluff. He removed the blindfold and his response was the cutest thing I have ever seen.

“Holy shit!” he said when he saw the crashing waves. “This is surreal… this is beautiful!”

He’s so adorable!

34 Responses to SeanCody: Spencer

  1. avatar LikeWhoa! says:

    The tattoo on his back is bible scripture:

    “We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.” -2 Corinthians 4:8

  2. avatar DC says:

    There was a bible scripture on his back? I was too overwhelmed by his handsome face, incredible body, PERFECT bubble butt, and delicious tight hole to even notice.

  3. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    LOVE SPENCER HE IS MINE and I’M NOT sharing HIM!!!! ;) Kinda favors Mitch around the eye area a lil’. That being said I wanna see Spencer with MY LANDON,JESS,MAX,BRIAN,
    DUNCAN,JAKE,KURT,JAMIE,etc you’ll get the drift. Spencers 19 and from the MID-WEST are there any more like him that have NEVER seen the ocean? Do they also need a tour guide?
    I will gladly show them around!!!!! ;) DC is right though perfect evertything. But he forgot his perfect pecs that look like 2 lil pillows you lay on after rounds of sweaty non-stop love making!!!!! ;) MORE SPENCER Sean COdy sign him long term!!!! ;)

  4. avatar lkthms says:

    This is the same feeling I got with Jay. This guy is beyond hot (that ass is the best I’ve ever seen). I really hope he sticks around for some man-on-man action. The sounds he makes when jacking are so hot!

    What ever happened to the toys videos? I’d want to see a guy start there like they used to do at SC.

  5. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    Uh Yes Sean Cody I’ll take 2 Spencers to go ASAP PLEASE THANKS in Advance!!!! ;)

  6. avatar jayare says:

    ooh. thumbs the hells up. His body is sick. He seems like he’d be a great versatile dude for the site

  7. avatar Anton says:

    Meh. Nice body, but nothing unique. He doesn’t really stand out much compare to what we’ve already seen before. Seriously, what separates this guy from someone like a Mitch? (Someone who was very popular with that same “All-American” appeal. A performer who I felt despite being attractive was bland and dry as wheat toast.) SC can really hit home runs when he introduces uniquely hot guys like Harley, Parker, Jay, Jake, Rodney, Alan, Dennis, Jess, etc. Yet Cody cannot resist giving us guys such as Spencer, someone that’s predictable and safe. Spencer is attractive, but after being treated with such a diverse group of uniquely-hot looking guys, regardless how nice his face appears to be or how well-defined his muscles are, he just doesn’t offer anything fresh.

    • avatar Prancer says:

      Agree..that’s the 1st thing that came to my mind when I saw this was another Mitch type, however, even though Mitch was lifeless there was something about him I liked enough to add him to my short list of fav SC models.

      Anywayz, my guess is this kid wont be back..I could be wrong but I highly doubt it, so I suggest folks get what they can out of this.

    • avatar humanoid says:

      so true… another bland, garden-variety SC clone…

      and 19??? he must have stayed in his mother’s womb for at least 5 years before she puffed him out!!!!

    • avatar Mike says:

      For me, Spencer’s parts are greater than the whole. Great ass, nice cock, but….

      This guy doesn’t come close to Mitch. Mitch was laconic, but I didn’t care. :)

  8. avatar clusterfuck says:

    The goofy smile makes my hardon go soft.

    • avatar KillerWave says:

      What are talking about? Spencer has sexy smile that I’d like to cover with my own smile!!!!!!!!!!

  9. avatar bob80 says:

    Really hot. I hope he gets fucked!

  10. avatar elmtree says:

    OMFG, that ass is flawless. It would be a shame to let Spencer get away without getting fucked. Beautiful ass and legs…I’m speechless.

  11. avatar Fazz says:

    This man is such a handsome hunk! I love the tough but somehow soft atmosphere he projects.
    Amazing muscles, perfect definition, a really nice dick I mean all around awesome! This guy needs to come back and plough the SHIIIIT out of Jonah! NOW that would be a scene worth watching, and it beeeetter have a BTS!

  12. avatar Ted says:

    19? Is this guy cursed by a witch or something? He looks a few years older than 19, whatever.

  13. avatar Guy says:

    That ass is spectacular, damn! I mean it it just perfect. His dick is just how I like it also, damn I would love a dildo like that. Hope e does a flip-flop scene, I am with Fazz, with Jonah would be effing HOT!!!

  14. avatar cdman says:

    Excellent pick, SC! Please bring him back for some man-on-man action. How about pairing him up with Max and having Spencer bottom? He’d also go good with Jake or Jess.

  15. avatar Established One says:

    Nice. Very nice. Nice body, nice dick…perfect edible ass. It’s without question a YES for me!

  16. avatar russ2789 says:

    Spencer and Max and that would be the icing on the cake!!

  17. avatar EmpireState says:

    I love SC and how frequently the videos come out, but they just seem a bit repetitive lately… Can’t they vary the surroundings or something? Maybe a Lava Lamp in the background? [sigh]

  18. avatar GAZZAQ says:

    Hey this man is Fit, Fit Fit!

    Sean, Spencer needs to get fucked now, pair him up with Jake or Jess or somebody who will pound him properly.

    This guy needs man on man action sooner rather than later!

    Don’t keep us waiting…

  19. avatar KillerWave says:

    Can’t wait to see him topping or bottoming!!!!!!!!!!

  20. avatar Mamzelle Naomi says:

    SERIOUSLY, WTF, Big Red!? Get your shit together or else!!!


  21. avatar FFVIIMidgar says:

    He’s pretty hot.

  22. avatar sangechote says:

    what an ass. i could eat his asses all day long. hope he gets plugged soon

  23. avatar Daniel says:

    Wow the bod is SMOKIN! It’s practically perfect… The ass, back, cock mmmmm

  24. avatar chipp says:

    spencer – sean cody. Thank You!
    This guy is fuckin’ great. ass, body, ..that chest!! YES..
    someone mentioned toy..
    love to see spencer get serviced and penetrated by a vibrator.. use a jack off sleeve.. ( the aiden vid w. the jack off sleeve is incredibly hot!)
    but, Keep it up! Jess – Max vid smokin’ .. new guys are great..

  25. avatar Jared says:

    He has like the same physique as Landon. I’d love to see them together. It’s prolly never happen though.

  26. avatar alias74 says:

    This guy could be Devin Draz’s (from Cocksure and Randy Blue AKA Spence from ASG) younger brother! They look alike, have the same muscular body and almost the same cock!

    This guy should bottom ASAP! Loud though…

  27. avatar Marsx09 says:

    Not impressed by his tits or his face…but fuck me sideways, his ass is a work of art!

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