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MenOver30: Billy Bleu & Jason Talon

Billy Bleu & Jason Talon  at MenOver30

Billy Bleu & Jason Talon  at MenOver30

Billy Bleu & Jason Talon  at MenOver30

Billy Bleu & Jason Talon  at MenOver30

Watch Billy Bleu & Jason Talon at

MenOver30 wrote:

This week, we have a blast from the past as we welcome back Jason Talon. Though he may be a blast from the past to us in general, Jason is a new face to MenOver30. Originally from Minnesota, Jason made his debut on CircleJerkBoys a few years ago but is now old enough to join the ranks of the MenOver30 Stable. We’re glad to have him back. He’s looking damn good.

To his side is yet another Atlanta find, Mr. Billy Bleu. Billy is a smooth, lean slice of hot with ink, an edgy look and a huge cock. We have big plans for these two. We asked these two if they could have 2 dream residences where would those residences be. Jason would stay in Minnesota (—Reeeally!?) and he’d have a second home in Australia. Billy comes up with a more Cosmopolitan answer with a swanky loft in New York City and a second flat in London. “I love the accent, I love Brits”, he confesses. We then asked these two what their sexual acts topped their must have list. Jason chimes in with rimming while Billy loves to have sex in the shower. As for the best knee buckling sexual experience for Jason, it would be out hunting with a bud and being in the middle of nowhere. Their isolation turned creative and led to a hot back-woods fuck session. Billy was poolside at 3 am when his then boyfriend and he went down to the pool & ended up fucking out in the open. Billy’s a ballsy boy; and by ballsy we mean he’s a keeper.

13 Responses to MenOver30: Billy Bleu & Jason Talon

  1. avatar josh69 says:

    Looks like 30 years of not eating makes you make poor ink choices…lol…

  2. avatar Stanley Kowalski says:

    It doesn’t seem either of them are over 30. The bottom is mal-nourished, maybe his dream home should be Pyongyang or Port-au-Prince.

  3. avatar jmdrwac says:

    More food less ink.

  4. avatar Jay says:

    Holy shit you guys fucking suck. That model has ONE visible tattoo. What the fuck do you three look like? I’m guessing trollish by the behavior.

    • avatar Stanley Kowalski says:

      Hey Jay, I didn’t say jack shit about the tatoo. But now that you mention the tat, is it a native american theme?? You know, there is a lot of great 15th and 16th century spanish literature about the dismal state of nutrition among the gulf natives. Maybe the ink is a nod to the difficulty of subsistence living among the great people who used to inhabit the currently oil-soaked gulf. Perhaps he is also on a diet of found clams and brackish-water tubers. That would explain his appearance.

  5. avatar LA Clergy says:

    Being thin is OK and desirable in some case but concentration camp skinny is NOT sexy or desirable.

  6. avatar Delovely says:

    some people love stick figures

  7. avatar KamikazeHeart says:

    As a fan of the skinny druggie-look, I’d be all over that bottom if I came across him in real life. Hell, he looks great here as well, but it’s just not what I’m looking for in porn.

  8. avatar Established One says:

    Neither of them look over 30.

  9. avatar iguana8989 says:

    Well, a porn video’s the last place I’d expect to find a Power Rangers tatoo.

  10. avatar seymour dix says:

    I like thin, but the cute redhead is way too skinny even for me

  11. avatar Daniel says:

    Billy looks awfully skinny… Amazing, beautiful thick cock though – he should be fucking the ugly granpa!

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