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BiLatinMen: 3Trez & Ruthless

3Trez & Ruthless at

3Trez & Ruthless at

3Trez & Ruthless at

3Trez & Ruthless at

Members asked to see Trez back in action, so we recruited cute Latin boy Ruthless to take on Trez’s thick uncut dick. Ruthless gets a hard pounding in his Latin culo before sprays his hot cum all over his asshole.


11 Responses to BiLatinMen: 3Trez & Ruthless

  1. avatar Daniel says:

    This looks dirty.

    And not the good kind of dirty.

  2. avatar Riley says:

    Daniel you are so bad :)NO MORE FOMK no passion when they do that.

  3. avatar Established One says:

    This looks incredibly hot….It’s a YES for me. There is something about Latinos that drives me crazy.

  4. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    Ditto EO Ditto on everything you said HOT!!!! ;)

  5. avatar BladeX says:

    Both are attractive, but it would be nice if they had about 15 more pounds added to there frame.

  6. avatar kewl0420 says:

    These two just don’t fit the Latino image. Sorry.

    • avatar 1americaninkorea says:

      Uh… which ‘Latino image’ do you think they’re missing out on? The George Lopez show? Speedy Gonzalez? Would you like them to have gardening tools scattered in the background? What’s up?

      They look ULTRA Latin to me. So, that’s pretty much any ‘image’ they have to match in my eyes.

    • avatar waybig says:

      He was probably expecting “latin.” He’s likely one of those gays for whom “latin” only means “tanned white person.”

  7. avatar boner boy says:

    Why are they barebacking? So dangerous!

    • avatar 1americaninkorea says:

      Uh… maybe they got tested and found out they were both negative. Not so dangerous anymore, is it?

      By the way- you can’t catch AIDS from looking at pictures. I checked.

  8. avatar A. MILLER says:


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