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I’m A Married Man: David Scott & Girth Brooks

David Scott & Girth Brooks at I'm A Married Man

David Scott & Girth Brooks at I'm A Married Man

David Scott & Girth Brooks at I'm A Married Man

David Scott & Girth Brooks at I'm A Married Man

David Scott & Girth Brooks at I'm A Married Man

Watch David Scott & Girth Brooks at I’m A Married Man

I’m A Married Man wrote:

A night out at the strip bar was not something Girth Brooks wanted his wife to find on their credit card so David Scott was nice enough to lend his co-worker his credit card for the night. Instead of Girth repaying the money used, David prefers ass play as a repayment plan.

22 Responses to I’m A Married Man: David Scott & Girth Brooks

  1. avatar elmtree says:

    Girth is certainly not the best looking porn star, nor does he have the best body or the biggest dick. Yet the sum of the parts far exceed the individual parts. There’s just something about him that’s so damn hot. I wanna have his babies!

  2. avatar BrianRatliff says:

    Girth Brook’s mother must have let a donkey in her with her husband ’cause that dick looks eeeeaaaawwwwww, eeeeaaawwwwww big and fat!

  3. avatar Bob-omb says:

    Girth is kind of a douchebag (his twitter is full of the typical HEY I’M STRAIGHT GUYS LOL crap his fans don’t want to know) but other than that? Fuck he makes me horny.

    And not to brag, but he reminds me of my ex. Yes, even the dick. I think I’m ruined for life now.

  4. avatar TaterTot says:

    The scrawny little red-faced dude is, well, kinda homely. I think Girth sort of has a handsome face, actually. Sux, tho, what Bob, above, said. I saw him rub Conner Habib’s shoulders, I guess that’s as much as he’s gonna reciprocate: I kinda hate that shit.

    And while his feet are surely the last thing anyone is paying attention to, Girth needs to do a little maintenance. Man, summertime, and I am so tired of seeing guys in flip flops with…messed up toenails.

  5. avatar cutlass says:

    I don’t know why some of you guys support this kind of self-hating bullshit, then turn around and complain about it. Must be some kind of torture thing.

  6. avatar Established One says:

    Married or not….give me some.

  7. avatar Ted says:

    Wow, you can land a jet on that forehead! That David Scott would actually look okay if his head was a few inches shorter, but with a big head like that no one will question his mind or his ego (probably because the implied brain control will keep you from doing so!)

    Also, Girth is meh for me, but the other guy draws my attention away from him.

    • avatar davidscottxxx says:

      Thanks for the thoughts. I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m having pictures taken :)

  8. avatar Dz says:

    I love Girth. He looks guy-next-door, but then you find out what he’s packin’. They do a fairly decent job with these scenarios (maintaining the fantasy). Would love to see him paired up with a fellow hairy, beefy guy. OMG, if they could get Berke to do a bottoming scene with him, I might die.

  9. avatar NE1956 says:

    Decent looking, but he did an update with Jake Cruise. Ewwww. I’d rather have a man with some semblence of a brain. Maybe it was temporary insantity (or greed for money money money).

  10. avatar Daniel says:

    Holo crappola that’s one fat cock

  11. avatar jayare says:

    Oral would probably be a hoot and a holla, but anal with him would be the death of me. He can have all the vaginae he wants ha

  12. avatar Peter says:

    What happened to Girth? His face looks nice all of a sudden. Younger too. Did he loose some weight? Or does he have so much camera experience that he responds like a pro-model?
    Anyway. He looks way better than before.

  13. avatar FFVIIMidgar says:

    Yeah Girth has a HUGE cock. My goodness! He’s hot.

  14. avatar Kiron says:

    Girth has the whole packgage. Cute face, amazing hairy hot body, huge body, and the ability to fuck really DAMN good.

  15. avatar country cocker says:

    are you guys serious? i think that girth is so hot and sexy, i love how manly he is and i would love to suck his giant mushroom head cock. i would let him fuck the shit out of my virin hole!!!

  16. avatar hornyjeff says:


  17. avatar David Scott says:

    You are too sweet babe  thanks!!

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