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SG4GE: Beau Flexxx

Beau Flexxx at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Beau Flexxx at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Beau Flexxx at StraightGuys4GayEyes

Beau Flexxx at StraightGuys4GayEyes

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SG4GE wrote:

Wow. That’s BIG!
Beau Flexxx sports a big, thick, massive dick and a big, proud smile when he shows it off. Beau says he loves to “get dirty” and fuck where ever the mood strikes him. A bit of an exhibitionist, Beau tells us how people seeing him fuck heightens the excitement of having sex, so while you’re feasting your eyes on him, he’s getting off knowing you’re watching. Beau’s girl explores his whole body, taking out that huge dick, playing with his tight ass and low-hanging balls. The two of them fuck hard, both yelling out as he slams his dick hard into her, his toned muscles flexing, getting her off over and over again before blowing one of the biggest cumshots we’ve ever seen. Big dick, big smile, big cumshot and from one big guy.

9 Responses to SG4GE: Beau Flexxx

  1. avatar LikeWhoa! says:

    That chick looks a little like Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  2. avatar clusterfuck says:

    This guy is all the right proportions.

  3. avatar von schlomo says:

    I watched the video and he did a nice job fucking her.

  4. avatar Daniel says:

    AMAZING thick cock and body, but totally wasted on a woman.

  5. avatar Established One says:

    Yeah, it’s JLH sister. lol. He has a nice dick and nice low hangers. YES for me!

  6. avatar douwd20 says:

    Why do you look at straight porn then poo hoo the guy for having sex with a woman? It like going to a pizza joint and wondering why they aren’t making hamburgers.

  7. avatar Kiron says:

    WOW Beau has an amazing dick and body. WOW

  8. avatar ThomT says:

    There are really straight guys out there who won’t do gay porn (go figure) and some of them, at least for me, are worth watching with a female just so that I can see how hot they are. I think Beau Flexx (stupid fucking name) is hot enough for me to wanna watch.

  9. avatar frankay76 says:

    Other than his goofy name (bowflex LOL), I like this guy.

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