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MenAtPlay: Harry’s Appraisal (Starring Harry Louis & Christian Alexander)

Harry's Appraisal (Starring Harry Louis & Christian Alexander) on MenAtPlay

Harry's Appraisal (Starring Harry Louis & Christian Alexander) on MenAtPlay

Harry's Appraisal (Starring Harry Louis & Christian Alexander) on MenAtPlay

Harry's Appraisal (Starring Harry Louis & Christian Alexander) on MenAtPlay

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Men At Play wrote:

“You got a big penis boy!” Christian Alexander gasps when he see’s Harry Louis’ ample package! 23 year old Brazilian beauty Harry has his first appraisal with boss man Christian who cannot help but notice Harry’s bulging trouser suit. When asked Harry explains he has no underwear on and so Christian, being a good boss is more then happy to help and offers him some underwear but this only causes Harry’s enormous cock to expand. Christian offers a helping hand and begins to wank off Harry before taking all of Harry’s meat in his mouth licking and sucking with great excitement. Harry admits that this is not going to make him cum and so his obliging boss offers his even more obliging hole. Harry plunges his thick meat into Christian’s willing ass, teasing his hole by taking it out and plunging it back in over and over again whilst Christian screams with pleasure. Harry fucks him really hard until he can’t hold it any longer, pulls out his 10″ gun and shoots his huge load across the room (and directly on to the camera and into the cameraman’s lens!) A magnificent cumshot which none of us were expecting, especially the cameraman!

20 Responses to MenAtPlay: Harry’s Appraisal (Starring Harry Louis & Christian Alexander)

  1. avatar Daniel says:

    Harry is beginning to get a bit old and tired.

    Like Bo Dean, if he’s not going to bottom, then there’s pretty much nothing else to see.

    • avatar Delian07 says:

      Harry actually did bottom in Kristen Bjorn’s Casting Couch series #177 for Lucas Rocha. It wasn’t really hyped though.

    • avatar fabrice says:

      So agree!

      If you’re not going to be versatile, just stick to straight porn. Heck, even most of those guys are at least willing to take a strap on up the ass.

    • avatar Ted says:

      Harry’s too hot to ever get tired in my book. I still wonder why he’s more of an exclusive top, or why any model tries to be an exclusive top. Maybe it’s prestige, maybe it has to do with private life, I have no clue. (As far as I know, he’s not straight, unless he is a closeted straight guy because he casually talks about liking guys in his blog site and seems to have a boy friend)

  2. avatar King Henry VIII says:

    Old and Tired to you maybe but still Hot and Fresh to me!!

  3. avatar ThomT says:

    Please feel free to send me all the old tired guys who look like Harry – I can assure you that he’s got plenty still going for him!

  4. avatar Trophy says:

    Not sure old and tired is the phrase. More like sexy but un-iteresting. Yet and still he is a great performer!

  5. avatar Josh J. says:

    Not all guys are gonna top and bottom in porn, so we need to get over it. Besides, as long as this dude is still pounding some hot ass, I’m gonna watch. Nothing about Harry disappoints me, especially that dick of his.

  6. avatar Sushi says:

    Harry looks like Lee DeWyze from American Idol to me. That makes it sorta hot. :)

  7. avatar jmdrwac says:

    What’s an “apprasal?”

  8. avatar Established One says:

    Meh…I’ll pass on this one.

  9. avatar NE1956 says:

    The guys are just okay, but hate the ‘in suits’ stuff. Maybe because I’m a firefighter and despise suits, but office attire has never done anything for me. Guys look better (and sometimes way hotter) in more than just suits.

  10. avatar cnbear says:

    Harry looks like Lady GaGa..

  11. avatar Bradster says:

    Harry is gorgeous now that his hair has returned to normal.

  12. avatar christopher says:

    Wow, intense cum shot from Harry. And I thought Shane Erickson could shoot.

  13. avatar flier says:

    I like his face and dick,so nice .

  14. avatar juletied33 says:

    Harry is so hot…and his cum shot…very impressive !

  15. avatar petervu says:

    OK, 2 years since date of product. I have to say. How could he shoot that far???

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