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TommyDXXX: Tommy D & Marcus Mojo

Tommy D & Marcus Mojo at TommyDXXX

Tommy D & Marcus Mojo at TommyDXXX

Tommy D & Marcus Mojo at TommyDXXX

Tommy D & Marcus Mojo at TommyDXXX

Tommy D & Marcus Mojo at TommyDXXX

Tommy D & Marcus Mojo at TommyDXXX

Watch Tommy D & Marcus Mojo at wrote:

If you haven’t noticed, Tommy’s always getting the hot pieces of ass. Today is no different. is being graced by the extremely handsome and quite awesome Marcus Mojo. Not only has Marcus stepped up his workout regiment in the last year, he’s also become quite a bit more open minded. Just how open minded? Well, Tommy’s going to do a little probing into that subject…with his cock. Yes! The muscly blue eyed Mojo will be taking TommyD’s rock hard member straight into his ass, and mouth in this absolutely boner inducing scene. Marcus even takes Tommy’s load across his face. Yum!


  • jmdrwac

    There isn’t six inches of dick betwee the two of them.

    • AaronJL

      That’s one reason I’m not attracted to muscle hunks in general. All bulk, no dick. There are exceptions, probably, but few.

      Nothing special here. Even I can’t live on eyes alone.

      Mate is back so he returns the Hi Mr Dean. (He had a PT session this a.m.)

    • jmdrwac

      I’m usually thought of as a muscle guy Aaron. Does that mean it’s over between us?

    • AaronJL

      Only if you’re all bulk and no dick bro. :-D

      Nah, I don’t picture you as being a ‘musckle hunk in general’. Musckle hunt in particular; with a heart.

      Overall TommyD isn’t unattractive. The photography on this one does nothing for me though. Not even for Marcus, who has his good days as well. Screwy name though.

    • jmdrwac

      The BF says he loves me because of who I am, “but he dancing pecs help.”

  • Orion Hunter

    Attractive models but really not my cup of ‘mo, so to speak. Still I wish this had been a flip-flop (reciprocity is the sparkly eighth Wonder of my Gay World).

    • LA Clergy


    • AaronJL

      Yes yes! Mine too. You said it better than I could.

    • Orion Hunter

      @AaronJL: Thanks, guy but you’re being terribly modest. I’ve been following the comments on this forum for a while now before deciding to join in and you are one of the most eloquent, insightful and introspective voices here. Believe me, you could have said it much better if you had so desired.

    • AaronJL

      Orion Hunter, you just made my Skip hug me (he sits behind me when we read).

      Wow do I have a smile on my face :-D

      Thanks. Nice to hear.

  • Alex S

    Might have been good if Tommy D wasn’t in it.

  • baz

    Eh, I like Tommy D and this update sort of serves as a bookend to their previous scene where Tommy got fucked by Mojo.

    But now that Tommy D is out of the way, Marcus Mojo will probably be relegated to the obligatory blowing of Cody Cummings.

    What a waste.

    • von schlomo

      What, it hasn’t happened already? Probably only because Mojo was doing more of the “straight” trade thing back then.

    • baz

      Exactly. I’ve always found it funny how went from going on about having fantasies about having threesomes with two MILFs to become the bottom extraordinaire he has now become.

  • elmtree

    I think Marcus is hot and I would luv, luv, luv to play with that ass of his. And by “play with”, I mean fuck :)

  • Sushi

    I still like both of them, though it is a treat when TommyD gets fucked too. He’s been around for ages, but still entertains. Who needs giants donkey-dongs anyways? All these size queens are really delusional.

  • mat

    Mojo reminds me of Topo Gigio.

    • AaronJL

      Awww that’s not a fair comparison, mat. I loved that little guy. Wow, flashback.

      (By the way, you DO know some of these young studs here are not going to get that, right?)

      Marcus scares me a bit. I was just looking at the pics again. The large one where he is holding on to Tommy—freaky eyes. It’s gotta be lighting or something technical, but they make me look away. “Eye men” really hate having to look away from normally quite nice eyes.

    • jmdrwac

      It could be the lighting. Or he could be stoned.

      Topo Gigo used to say ood night to Ed Sullivan every Sunday. It was a classic variety show host-puppet love affair.

    • mat

      lol I know!
      When he smiles or stares at the camera I just can’t help thinking about Gigio..I take some pride for bringing him into a gay porn blog

      It’s the lighting,the smile for the camera,the hair,his lips(it seems like he’s wearing lipstick)….he’s not sexy when he poses but he’s just fine in the video stills..

  • Josh J.

    Marcus’ face kinda creeps me out a little. Doesn’t look too natural to me, but he’s got a nice body on him. Cool to see TommyD still going. He deserves better than working with Next Door Studios though.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    I didn’t know Ellen Degeneres took it up the ass.

  • Neobamboom

    I love Marcus and he put on a great show this time around!

  • Established One

    It’s a hot session, but bless Marcus, he just isn’t all dat glory with his dick. What a shame to be cute and no dick.

    • AaronJL

      My problem exactly. My hearing was not so good at conception time. I was asked if I wanted to have a dick or to be one.

      The little sperms guys really said “Do you want half a dick or a real one?”


      ~Mr Shoulda Been 14″
      (damn hearing)

  • von schlomo

    Last week’s update.

  • Daniel

    Wish Marcus was topping