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ActiveDuty: Chris

Chris at ActiveDuty

Chris at ActiveDuty

Chris at ActiveDuty

Chris at ActiveDuty

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ActiveDuty wrote:

Chris is, at first glance, the boy-next-door that signed up for the military and shipped off one day without you taking much notice. But, if you’d gotten to experience that same guy next door like we get to experience Chris tonight in the War Chest then you’d probably have hopped in his duffle bag and gone all the way through boot camp or basic training with him, just to be sure you never let him out of your sight. Yes, Chris is that damn cute.

14 Responses to ActiveDuty: Chris

  1. avatar Daniel says:

    That’s a BIG cock

  2. avatar AaronJL says:

    Merely okay. This site could be called Active Mouth. The producer talks WAY too much.

  3. avatar jmdrwac says:

    Nice cock, nice balls, nice body and he’s not a bad looking guy. A lot here to like.

  4. avatar LA Clergy says:

    Big ass there. That is a cock alright!!!, I like it all. A major YES from me.

    I hope he comes back and feed that meat to some hungry hole.

  5. avatar Lucas says:

    “I am over 21 and have read and agree to the terms above. ENTER THE SITE”

    And yet the guy is 19…
    Meh, I guess they couldn’t resist that beefy dick of his. ;)

  6. avatar Sushi says:

    Cute guy. I’m intrigued. Would love to see him in ActiveDuty with another guy. ;)

  7. avatar Mike says:

    He is damn cute. Love that big ass.

  8. avatar FFVIIMidgar says:

    Holy fucking shit! That cock is a work of fucking art!!! It’s perfectly shaped and really long and thick! And the guy is really attractive too! That needs to go incredibly far up my ass.

  9. avatar lovelivelife says:

    He makes me wet… if that’s even possible lol

    I never experienced a guy that hot while I was in the military… I feel cheated

  10. avatar Established One says:

    Yes, he does have a very big cock. He’s hot…and cute…It’s a YES for me!

  11. avatar Brock722 says:

    Nice big cock, beautiful balls, but the ass isn’t doing it for me quite as much as for some of you… though I would still gladly plow it. Something about his face and especially his eyes is unfortunately bland, though.

  12. avatar denver 38 says:

    This is one fine ass young man. I too look forward to seeing all the new guys that Mike , the guest director sends to Dink. I have been told that Mike has his own web site. If anyone knows what that site is please let me know.His videos are so dirty as you can tell that they are not staged. I like the fact that you never know what the guys are going to do , I love the anticipation . , Denver

  13. avatar penisrep says:

    This young man is going along way in male photography he has all the right assets, the correct tool for that special job, and the innocence of youth to enhance everyones vivid imagination well into all of our futures, I’m sure I speak for the masses, when I say “BRAVO” more, much more, be safe dude, good luck, make love not war!

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