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Fratmen.TV: Lucas (Naked College Bodybuilder)

Lucas (Naked College Bodybuilder) at

Lucas (Naked College Bodybuilder) at

Lucas (Naked College Bodybuilder) at

We had another pledge class and Kumar was in charge. This week’s pledge loves football and wants to be a bodybuilder. Welcome Fratmen Lucas.

Watch Lucas at Fratmen.TV

27 Responses to Fratmen.TV: Lucas (Naked College Bodybuilder)

  1. avatar Riley says:

    Are y’all sure he is not Jaydens’ lil brother? Oh an yeah he HOT!!

  2. avatar Riley says:

    Dare I say HOTTER than Corbins’ Lucas did I just say that wait….

  3. avatar Riley says:

    No more bodybuilding Lucas stop where you are you look HOT where you are at!!! Welcome to the house Pledge Lucas!!!
    Make him feel welcome guys!!!

  4. avatar Dave says:

    Young. Dumb. And full of cum. I’ll take him!

  5. avatar Urs Jans says:

    I’m not into big muscles and his ass looks flat so I would pass. Too bad cause he’s kinda cute in the face.

    • avatar EmpireState says:

      Yes, because muscles are ugly. Eeeewwww! Seriously, the guy looks good and isn’t ripped, so he just wants to be big. I can respect that and enjoy it too.

  6. avatar Lucas says:

    Lucas is prettyyyyyy.

  7. avatar josh69 says:

    He should back off on the weights….and do more cardio to get little more ripped…Then he’d be really yummy…

  8. avatar Dorse says:

    What a cute little muffin.

    Beautiful brows.

    Face reminds me a little of Owen from SC.

  9. avatar Grant Urwish says:

    Can’t find a thing wrong with this jock. If I could just get him to come and lay on my white couch like in that one foto I could definately munch and munch and munch on that butt.

  10. avatar jonesy says:

    another generic burly man. how boring.

  11. avatar Sushi says:

    Gorgeous!! Fratmen always seems to get the hottest guys. And if that’s a flat ass, then I’ll take it.

    • avatar FFVIIMidgar says:


    • avatar 007james says:

      Agree Agree… and I think Fratmen have the best photography. Their pics always look appealing to me more than most other sites. Just wish there was a little more variety in these solo shoots, it’s always.. in the shower, then walking to a bed or couch then jacking, then. a second scene of jacking…. kinda know the routine by now and that isn’t as appealing anymore.

  12. avatar Established One says:


  13. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Everyone’s a bodybuilder (or a supermodel) these days.

  14. avatar FFVIIMidgar says:

    What a beautiful hunkalicious man! I could wake up to that everyday, then have him give me a morning fuck.

  15. avatar gpguy says:

    looks better with clothes on

  16. avatar Daniel says:

    Aww shucks.

    Not my kind of man.

  17. avatar Orion Hunter says:

    How sweet. A smiling, anatomically correct and fully functional teddy bear of a man. Christmas came early, y’all!!

  18. avatar GAZZAQ says:

    This boy is perfection he is lovely nice face and the arse thank you for this as it has made my day.

  19. avatar scottnyer says:

    i think he looks great. I’ll take him!!!

  20. avatar bmg says:

    This guy is my ideal, from his adorable face, to his natural-looking beefy body that isn’t overly toned, to his perfectly sized 5.5″ cock (yes, that’s the perfect size for some people). Lucas, get the heck out of fratmen and head over to corbinfisher or chaosmen so we can see you fuck bareback!

  21. avatar tandagay says:

    YES!! Such a beautiful face! Would really like to see him join the fratpad.

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