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CorbinFisher: Cain Fucks Philip

Cain Fucks Philip at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Philip at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Philip at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Philip at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Philip at CorbinFisher

Cain Fucks Philip at CorbinFisher

Watch Cain & Philip at

CorbinFisher wrote:

Philip got to fuck Cain in their tag team. Now Cain’s going to fuck Philip … and the first-time bottom looks a little nervous about what’s coming his way!

Philip says it’s a combination of anxiety and nerves. It’s understandable – he’s seen Cain’s huge cock in action! But Cain promises to take care of him. He starts by kissing Philip deeply.

Philip responds passionately. Who wouldn’t, given the chance to play with Cain’s amazing body? Philip gets on his knees and chews Cain’s big nipples, and kisses his thick pecs. Cain gets Philip back on the bed and kisses Philip’s nipples and his crotch.

Cain gets his uncut dick out and wastes no time making Philip suck it. Philip does a great job blowing him, but Cain grabs Philip by the hair and pushes him even further down his cock. “Let’s see how far deep you can get, huh?” Cain says.

Philip sucks it down hungrily. You can always tell when Cain’s having a good time – he lets you know! He also likes to tell guys exactly what he wants. He tells Philip to show him his tongue, and Cain slaps his big dick against Philip’s tongue.

Cain compliments him, telling Philip he’s really good at sucking dick. He jackhammers Philip’s face, then pulls Philip over the edge of the bed, forcing his cock into Philip’s upside down mouth. After stuffing his cock down his throat, he makes Philip suck his balls, saying “Get ‘em all in there, get ‘em all in there!”

Watching Cain, you never know what he’ll do next. Now he tells Philip to suck his cock and his toes! “Oh,” Philip says with surprise. I’m sure he didn’t anticipate this as his introduction to getting fucked.

Cain loves the shrimp job. Philip sucks Cain’s toes and dick. Cain spits on his fingers and works them into Philip’s hole, getting it ready for his dick.

“That’s so fucking tight,” Cain tells Philip. “I can’t wait to fuck it. I’m gonna fuck it so good.” He tells Philip to get on top of his dick. It takes Philip a minute to ease onto that huge cock. Once he does, though, Cain breaks him in completely. After this, Philip will be able to take anyone we throw at him!

Philip whimpers with pleasure as Cain thrusts in deeper, and starts fucking him faster. Both guys are loving it – Philip for Cain’s big dick, and Cain for Philip’s tight, virgin ass. Philip yells in ecstasy as Cain goes in harder.

Cain gets Philip on his hands and knees and takes him doggy-style. Philip soon finds out Cain fucks even deeper and harder doggy-style! Cain lets spit drip down onto Philip’s ass to lube it up even more. After Cain says” Don’t you run away from me. That ass is mine,” is when Philip totally submits to the muscular top and gets totally into being fucked.

Cain flips him over and Philip’s cock is rock-hard. Philip shoots with Cain inside him, and sprays cum all over his stomach. Cain keeps fucking him, and shoots a huge load inside Philip. He pulls off the condom to show Philip what his tight ass did for him.

The guys head to the shower for some bonus footage. Pete jokes with Philip about how it looks like his ass is still intact. Philip says he’ll never forget it. Cain wants to tattoo Philip’s ass with his name, marking his territory!

Pete asks Cain what he likes better, breaking in newbies or pounding more seasoned vets. Cain, the ultimate horndog, says it’s about half and half. But that it is fun to know he’s someone’s first.

I bet Philip is glad Cain got there first, too!

49 Responses to CorbinFisher: Cain Fucks Philip

  1. avatar moondoggy says:

    Is it me, or is Cain even hotter than before? I really really wish this was bareback.

  2. avatar mason5011 says:

    sigh….. wake me up when it’s over.

    I guess I am officially gonna give up on CF….

  3. avatar baz says:

    Oh well, I know I’m over-Cain-ed because upon seeing him in this update my first thought was “Oh. Cain. Again.”

  4. avatar Alex S says:

    I love Cain but, Jesus Christ ever heard of less is more?

  5. avatar jugde6 says:

    I love Cain to, but I am afraid he is going to be Dwasoned(overused)soon

    • avatar sexciting says:

      Difference being that Cain is hot hot hot and keeps getting hotter while Dawson was well, ok at his best.

  6. avatar milz says:

    love cain and his tig o bitties, other guy is cute, too

    • avatar moondoggy says:

      omg, “tig o bitties” is the thing *I* say! Wassup wit’ that? Wassup wit’ that? …

      My apologies to Lindsey Buckingham.

  7. avatar Riley says:

    Well those guys talking of overuse blame CF and their sorry excuse of a schedule for getting and models in or letting popular models go DO NOT BLAME MY CAIN :) He is innocent in all of this.

  8. avatar Sushi says:

    How can you not love Philip??? Yeah, Cain has been used a lot lately, but I’d prefer him to Dawson any day.

    When I first saw the update on Corbin, all I could say was, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAH!!!” Can’t wait to watch!!

  9. avatar Bradster says:

    To the people whining that it’s another Cain update…would you prefer a Dawson one instead? Didn’t think so.

    Cain is the only guy I want to break in a newbie. Philip’s a little cutie. Hope to see more of him.

  10. avatar Daniel says:

    Philip looked like he enjoyed it lol

  11. avatar Established One says:

    Cain is such a babe and hottie. I don’t think that he could ever be overused. He has all the qualities that makes him worth watching. This update is no exception. I love it. It’s a YES for me!

  12. avatar tyler says:

    some guys i do not tire of even after others do. it might be called loyalty or it may be my motor runs a little fast and once i am turned on by a guy i always am. cain is one.
    philip is gorgeous- those lips!- and he certainly looks like he knows his way around a cock so the ‘first time’ is as stretched as his ass gets with cain’s fat cock in it!
    love this one

    • avatar BrianRatliff says:

      Cain is a handsome cuz….Phillip is undoubtedly Corbin’s wishstar for Gabe (Breck Orshal) that didn’t live up to the CF Education…Gabe did fuck a guy…but that is about it…he never got fucked, sucked a cock, kissed a guy or ate any DNA. Although, I am a sucker for Gabe because he has that damn air of straight boy seductiveness. With that said, cudo’s to Tyler…I agree with you wholeheartedly. Phillip is my gay-bi dreamboat for Gabe…if only Corbin can dish out about $100,000.00 to have Gabe come back and completely “complete” his education in one scene with Phillip…now that would be awesome.

  13. avatar cdman says:

    Phillip looks alot like the actor Justin Bruening. Enjoyed seeing him bottom, hope he does more of it.

  14. avatar jolan says:

    Mmmm. I absolutely love Philip. I wanna see more of him, but not to the extent that he is overexposed. He’s such a cutie.

  15. avatar jayare says:

    Hey, no complaints on my front. Cain is always an all-star, and Phillip I’d definitely let know my bologna’s first AND last name. shiiiet

  16. avatar louie says:

    FINALLY CF got something right. Phillip is a hottie and loved watching him take it for the first time from Cain. And I actually believe this was his first time taking a cock.

    I was really really really thankful that it wasn’t Dawson or Connor taking Phillips cherry too. I agree with Baz that the only Dawson updates I need to see are him on the bottom, same goes for Connor too.

    Anyway, a very good update. Kudos to Cain and Phillip!

  17. avatar Mike says:

    Nice vid. I’m not tired of Cain…yet. I like Philip. (For me, though, he should let those gorgeous pubes grow out.)

    Love to see a guy cum while fucking. :P

  18. avatar brandon85 says:

    Cain makes me miss Brent both r hot and passionate bring Brent back and let him flipflop with Cain

    • avatar jugde6 says:

      I agree.
      I miss Brent. Maybe he run away when the bareback thing began. So hot, gentle and smart, Brent was a whole package.

  19. avatar Grant Urwish says:

    That’s what I like to see two hot guys really getting it on. Love the face fucking and it looks like Phillip did too. Don’t see much face fucking anymore. These guys did great.

  20. avatar Colby2 says:

    Cain again? Every week it’s either Dawson, Connor, Travis or Cain. Yawn..

  21. avatar Jakub says:

    happy to see NEW guy here!

    Well,Cain better than Dawson,Connor…

    a new guy alway bottom for three of they,face it.

  22. avatar GAZZAQ says:

    I may re subscribe both guys are hot loving Phillip very nice indeed excellent pairing and Cain fucking fit as usual..

  23. avatar alias74 says:

    Phillip and Cain are certainly draws….now CF just has to be careful NOT to “Dawson” them as you all point out!

    Phillip is mass-hot! Although some of those faces he makes just highlights the point that his eyes are kinda close together…but still HOT! I feel like he might check out soon – most of the hot ones do a bareback clip and then disappear….

  24. avatar Jared says:

    Cain is overused and overrated. He’s not that hot. He has bad teeth and talks like he has marbles in his mouth. NO model should be used this much. I would have much preferred Dawson at this point.

    • avatar jimmymack says:

      Cain is an MPU….Mindless Pleasure Unit. Certainly there is good stuff with that! If he would just shut up, not let us see the teeth or try to act like an 18 year old master this could have been tolerable.

      Phillip’s screaming, wincing and looks of horror did not help either. There are those screams that are raw and from the gut and are really cries for more! These were screams as he searched in panic for a clock in the room, to see how long before this was going to be over.

      Let’s see some real intense and connected fucking.

  25. avatar AaronJL says:

    I’m with Tyler in this case. I haven’t been over-Cained yet (however it looks like it’s inevitable … sigh). But, for now, I truly like him. Alex S has the right idea re: future Cain though … less is more.

    I have to consider that CF is not all that popular with new models. His inventory is low. There was a time when a fresh face was readily available. CD247, for example, stands above CF in a LOT of ways. So does Southern Strokes, to a lesser extent. Now ain’t that just sad.

    Philip looks like he’s really into it. Cain musta been too to come in the condom. Yeah, what Moondoggy and Tyler said about that!

  26. avatar Lucas says:

    Is Cain really 18? He looks like he could be 21-23.

  27. avatar Carl says:

    Hot to see Philip moaning like a bitch in heat.

    I think he could handily replace Travis in the bottom stable, and be there with Trey. Both like the cock mucho.

    Wanna see Philip eating the spunk next time. I’m sure he’ll do it.

  28. avatar Dorse says:

    An erection-giving vid.

    I’d like to see Philip and Brody face off in a flip-flop. Not sure which one would be more dominant.

    Or a tag team with both Brody and Philip servicing Cain or another stud. That would be hot!

  29. avatar wompman says:

    This video was hot as hell. Philip is a beautiful addition to CF and I love watching him moan while taking Cain’s thick tool. Philip has such a nice ass. The only thing missing was ass eating & Philip taking the load in his mouth.

    I know Cain seems to be CF’s go-to top lately, but I still like him as a bottom.

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