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CorbinFisher: Marc & Travis (Marc’s First Time)

Marc & Travis (Marc's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Marc & Travis (Marc's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Marc & Travis (Marc's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Marc & Travis (Marc's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Marc & Travis (Marc's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Marc & Travis (Marc's First Time) at CorbinFisher

Watch Marc & Travis at

Corbin Fisher wrote:

New freshman Marc doesn’t waste any time getting right to action – and what better adviser to start his ACM education than our Postdoctoral Fellow in Anal Studies – Travis?

Marc sits on the couch and tells Pete he is a bit nervous. Travis starts to smile and says, “I don’t know why I get this huge smile on my face now, every time.” Pete laughs and says, “I think I know why.” The joking around is visibly helping relax Marc, so we put Travis to work.

Travis kisses him. After he gets the shirt off, Travis kisses those solid pecs and ripped abs, then kisses Marc again. The chemistry between these two ripped studs is intense. Marc’s dick is already stiff when Travis pulls it out from his jeans and starts licking it.

Travis blows Marc, who leans back and enjoys it. Travis sucks each ball in turn, then goes back to the shaft. Travis gets his shorts off and the two guys kiss again. Travis strokes both cocks with one hand. He grinds up against Marc. Neither one can stop kissing the other.

“You wanna taste me?” Travis asks and Marc wants to try. He goes down on Travis’ big dick. He’s tentative at first, then swallows nearly all of it as he gets into the moment.

Marc strokes his cock while Travis’ dick is in his mouth. Both of them are moaning with desire. “Are you ready to take this a step further?” Travis asks. Marc says he is and Travis puts a condom on him.

Travis opens up for Marc’s cock, and he looks up at Marc’s hot body pounding him. Marc jerks Travis’ cock. “Yeah, give it to me,” Travis says. We definitely know why he was smiling earlier!

Marc slams into Travis’ ass. He holds up Travis’ legs to push in even deeper with each thrust. Legs now over his shoulders, Marc is drilling Travis’ hole with no mercy. Travis loves it, slapping Marc’s ass and saying “Fucking give it to me!”

Getting Marc to sit back, Travis slides onto that long cock in a reverse cowgirl. Marc’s heavy fucking makes Travis’ big cock swing back and forth like a thick, meaty metronome. Marc jerks Travis’ cock.

“You’re gonna make me come!” Travis yells. He shoots a huge load up to his chest, and the hot spunk drips slowly down. But that’s not enough for our insatiable Travis. “You gotta keep fucking me,” he says. Marc fucks him doggy style and he’s close to coming.

He pulls out and sprays his load all over Travis’ ass and hole. He rubs it in using his dickhead. They kiss again and Travis rubs Marc’s hot body again, clearly wanting the experience to not be over.

59 Responses to CorbinFisher: Marc & Travis (Marc’s First Time)

  1. avatar kevin28 says:

    Nice update.
    To bad Marc isn’t the one getting fucked.
    Would have love to see him bottom.

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      Connor Travis Connor Travis Connor Travis Connor Travis Dawson Connor Travis Connor Travis Connor Travis Connor Travis
      Gawd this shit is getting old Get some new fucking bottoms and tops!!!!!!!

    • avatar LA Clergy says:

      I totally agree. This site is beyond boring. Their models are always the same guys. Porn is fantasy. There is nothing new about these very same guys that we don’t know already. Get new models and FIRE the old ones.

    • avatar jmdrwac says:

      Travis has been fucked 20 times this year on film. I have no idea why anyone would be bored with her.

      They should throw a big party, let him take Dawson and Lucas up the ass at the same time, have him suck off pig face Connor, and then fire the whole group of them.

  2. avatar marti1234 says:

    ditto flip flop would have been hotter:)

  3. avatar Jakub says:

    What ????

    AND…Marc does want to fuck Travis!

    so He come to CF !!!!XDDDDDD””””

    However,Nic to see Marc again so soon!

    and I am sure Marc is more GAY after watched this one!

  4. avatar Dave says:

    Porn makes my time at work soo much more enjoyable!

  5. avatar Riley says:

    Yippee and Yay and finally out of that dreadful bedroom :)
    Me Likey MORE TRAVY and MARC NOW!!!! Or at least MORE MARC
    LOVE my sk8ter guys!!!! :) Okay My Travy Too!!!! :)
    I want MARC next DAMMIT if he wasn’t HOT to anyone before
    HE is NOW!!!! Would be nice to work up a sweat with HIM YUM

  6. avatar Riley says:

    That’s a way to end a HOT sk8ting Sesh!!! :)

  7. avatar seymour dix says:

    THIS IS HOT. I know the Travis haters will be here in droves, but who cares? This is very HOT!

  8. avatar wompman says:

    Kudos to those in Marc’s solo comments that he’d be fucking Travis soon (much sooner than any of us thought…and he skipped the “I’m straight” bit on Corbin’s other site). Boo to Sean Cody for not getting this hottie in guy/guy action when he was on his site.

    Next up, Marc HAS to get that fantastic ass fucked.

  9. avatar muffintop says:

    I guess I’ll start.

    OH COME ON. Travis and Joseph should have switched places in today’s ACS/ACM updates.

  10. avatar reader says:

    Travis isn’t aging very well. His face looks weird now.

    I wish he’d just go home.

  11. avatar FeydRautha says:

    Didn’t expect Marc on ACM so soon (or at all). Looks like a solid update on his part.

    As for Travis… why don’t they ever have him do the topping?! It’d go a long way to relieve my boredom with him. I think the last guy he fucked was Ty.

  12. avatar kevinj says:

    No complaints here!! I wanted to see Marc in action, and here he is!!! HOT!! HOT!! HOT!!!

  13. avatar FFVIIMidgar says:

    Yup not surprising. (Insert fresh meat here) fucks Travis.

  14. avatar brandon85 says:

    I never thought I’d tire of Travis but I did. I know he is an excellent bottom but even Michael Jordan retired at some point. It’s time for Travis to go away.

  15. avatar MidiAttack11757 says:

    being a bit of a slut myself i never get tired of watching travis take it. i mean i can tell he knows. knows that each guy has a different style of fucking and that makes each new cock an adventure. travis’ scenes are never boring because a new guy is never boring!

    • avatar reader says:

      Never boring? lol

      This recent “insatiable Travis” act he’s been doing the last few months is total bullshit and uninspired. Also, the giggling and “wows” after every performance are TIRED and phoney. It is no longer endearing.

      He’s been fucked by countless guys on the same site, in the same positions and locations for years. He is doing a poor job of pretending. Plain and simple. The innoncent, aw shucks, boy next door thing does not work for him any more. He needs to move on from CF and become versataile if he’s do anything exciting in porn. Otherwise, he is in the twilight of his career in porn and it shows. He seems desperate.

  16. avatar Auggy says:

    Damn! Are my eyes decieving me or did Marc bulk up since his solo? Because he’s looking amazingly tight and fit, right now — especially his arms and shoulders. Damn…he looks good…so yeah…Marc fucks Travis won’t be a surprise pairing to anyone but the scene was really REALLY hot, IMO. Marc matched Travis’s insane sexual energy really well for a “first timer” with boys. ;) Trav is such a slut, I love it, lol. Despite his too frequent use, I’m not going to lie, Travis is a damn good performer. But, I too think he needs to top more, for sure. That dick of his needs to slip into the eager asses of Justin, Phillip, Sam(donde estas?) Cain, Connor, etc, etc, immediately!! And surprisingly, Chip’s write up this update was one of his better ones. No puns, cliches, or flitter flatter. It was to the point and hot. A very good update for CF.

    Sorry for writing so much. I just really liked this update. Tralalalalala. :)

  17. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Marc is a hottie!

    For those who still subscribe to the site, what does “he rubs it in using his dickhead” mean? Are we talking a mini-creampie i.e., with actual dickhead insertion? Or more along the lines of using the head as a cum paintbrush?

    It’s now clear that, for some reason, CF has some sort of commitment to keep condoms part of all ACM scenes…a commitment that reaches beyond marketing considerations. You can almost feel the thought process over time: “Hmmm, how can I get around my commitment to keep condoms part of ACM? OK, first I’ll offer full BB on ACS and DVDs. For ACM I can do “brief BB teases” or other push-the-envelope stuff without breaking my condom promise — especially if I prominently feature the condom in another part of the scene.”

    It’s actually interesting to see what new limits pushing devices he comes up with for ACM while keeping the rubbers, but I still have no intention of re-subscribing until ACM adds BB or ACS deletes it. Or, maybe even if CF was simply forthcoming with a reationale for the odd discrepancy I would consider re-subscribing…but I’m not holding my breath.

    I was actually determined to give my “why the discrepancy?” between sub-sites refrain a rest for awhile, but that “rubs it in using his dickhead” text set me off…

  18. avatar Established One says:

    Flip-flop? Are you kidding me? This would have been perfect had it been anyone else other than Travis. Damn, Marc is so damn hot and sexy. Well toned body and a nice dick to go with it.

    Marc = A Major YES
    Travis = A Hell to the No!

  19. avatar KingSize says:

    FUCK YES FOR MARC!!!! Lovin that dude! Too bad it was Travis….even though really we all new when he started who it would be? So who wants to take a guess whose gonna fuck him? Its either gonna be Dawson, Connor, or Cain thats for sure since Corbin obviously has those 4 left in the stable.

    And on a side note…doesnt anybody think its funny that the current 6 running for the Deans List is pretty much whose left on the site? Im mean seriously Corbin has NO new talent. PLEASE MARC STAY WITH CF!!!!!!!!!

  20. avatar Fazz says:

    Marc looks awesome but For fuck’s sake Remove Travis from CF, at least for a while!

  21. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    I think Auggy nailed it on one point: Based on comparing the two photo sets it looks like Marc really did bulk up. Also, the facial expressions (including killer smile), poses and photography here really make a difference.

    In the solo set I thought, “yeah, kinda cute,” but in this one I really sprung to attention! That doesn’t happen very often. These go into my photo collection. Tempting to re-subscribe to see the video, but no way as long as my mad-on with CF continues.

  22. avatar elmtree says:

    Wow, Marc looks hot here. I’d take him…

  23. avatar porndog says:

    Two things I notice. One, no p**sy scene on ACS first. Two, no careful mention that this was his “first time” with a guy. But Marc is HOT! I love that he has such a dark complexion and is cute and sexy at the same time.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Well, I already predicted that on Oct 1 talented bottom Justin will get fucked by some guy who slurping pussy at the same time. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Marc…

  24. avatar Lady GaGa says:

    That Marc is a sexy guy!

  25. avatar bob80 says:

    Travis is making me sick. puke.

  26. avatar Jamal says:

    Marc is the hottest dude since Cain.

  27. avatar gustav09 says:

    Marc: Total stud!

    Travis: Do you happen to have an extra barf-bag, bob80?

  28. avatar brucesteggert says:

    I’m not a fan of solos, so I didn’t watch Marc’s.

    I wasn’t going to watch this vid because it’s too early for the Ghost of Christmas Past (Travis), and I wasn’t sure what I thought of Marc. But I decided to watch it anyway.

    So glad I did! Marc is a hot customer. Handsome, beautiful ass, great thighs, nice dick, and long, elegant eyelashes. And yes, a sexy voice. A sexy guy. And he knows how to drill. I’m definitely a fan. I think I’d like to see him top a few more times, before assuming the position.

    I wish Marc had fucked Travis standing up, with Travis wrapped around his waist. And then Marc could have carried Travis over to the bed. I think that would have been hot.

    And I wish Travis had done the white swallow, as usual.

    Well, now that Marc has banged Travis, he can move on to guys! lol

  29. avatar Zee Brat says:

    Travis is going to look back on CF as the best years of his life. Getting banged by all of these hot guys in such a safe environment while getting paid lol.

    • avatar jimmymack says:

      Yes the lesbian/village bicycle is on her back yet again. As some other reviewers mentioned the fake oh’s and ah’s and cheering on the new guy is so fake. Marc is hot, he knows exactly what he is doing and will be pounding some major man pussy as long as they will pay him. Two cocks up for this one!

  30. avatar WeaponX says:

    Marc is hot, travis is not. I’m confused because travis seems slimmer here so it might be an old vid… like those of recent one-hit wonders like Teagan (?) or that guy with the ugly complexion and invisible eyebrows, I already forgot his name. I hope not, Marc would be a nice addition to this bunch of repeats.

    • avatar Auggy says:

      Teagan? I think you meant Tevin. :)

      Ugly complexion/ Invisible eyebrows = Mark (with a K aka Ron Weasley) ???

  31. avatar acosta says:

    oh yes marc and travis has me cumming all over myself. i would make love to them both all night long. licking their feet, cock, but hole. have them both cum in my mouth then swallow their children.

  32. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Gimme Travis over that troll Dawson and his expanding forehead anyday!

  33. avatar humanoid says:

    it’s kinda weird to see CF keep propping up guys for the public to detest them immensely like lucas, logan, dawson and travis… this is like a torture porn for CF’s customers…

  34. avatar Anton says:

    Marc is some kind of hot. Yes, SeanCody missed out big time by not having this guy back. SC’s lost CF’s gain, I guess.

    I use to be a major fan of Travis — still am a fan — and I like the fact he slimmed back down now, he looks so much better this size than that metamorphoses into the Incredible Hulk a few months back. And while he remains a brilliant bottom — probably CF’s best, with Josh coming in a close second — I can understand why some people have become bored with him. He’s been in far too many updates. That’s the main problem with CF compared to SC: CF doesn’t allow his audience to yearn or miss the performer because most of them are in videos too frequently.

    I’ll probably watch this video because of Marc, but I sort of wished it was Josh in Travis place.

  35. avatar Colby2 says:

    Marc is hot, too bad he had to fuck that ugly twink Travis

  36. avatar Orion Hunter says:

    Marc = pure dickthrob.

  37. avatar Daniel says:

    Marc is hot.

    Travis is the resident orientation guide lol

  38. avatar brandon85 says:

    I predict Cain will take Marc on camera virginity

  39. avatar jayare says:

    Helllz chyea. Marc is definitely one of CF hotter new dudes. Hope he’s not “overused” like everyone seems to despise. I actually don’t really mind.

    Of course, I don’t have a CF subscription so I probably don’t count bahaa

  40. avatar Sushi says:

    Marc is hot, hot, HOT but to stick him with Ellen–I mean Travis.

    Well, now that he’s be the top, he’ll bottom soon enough. Bring on Dawson or Connor or Cain. Those seem to be our only options for the past 4 months, right?

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      “Marc is hot, hot, HOT but to stick him with Ellen–I mean Travis.”

      THAT’S how to finally get pussy-less bareback onto CF! Have Travis play Ellen, a girl with a penis. Brilliant!

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