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HotJocksNiceCocks: Brad Star & Cliff Jensen

Brad Star & Cliff Jensen at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Cliff Jensen at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Cliff Jensen at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Cliff Jensen at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Cliff Jensen at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad Star & Cliff Jensen at HotJocksNiceCocks

Brad is spotting Cliff and being his own little cheering section at the same time. Cliff has really been trying to lean down and bulk up in all the right places, and he could really use the encouragement. Of course, Cliff compares himself to everyone, including Brad. Sure he can compare arms, abs, buns, but what really matters is what’s going on between the legs. No amount of working out in the world is going to make that more than what it is, but these guys could bench-press trucks with what they have.

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48 Responses to HotJocksNiceCocks: Brad Star & Cliff Jensen

  1. avatar clusterfuck says:

    A bit vanilla but wouldn’t mind working out with these two.

  2. avatar LikeWhoa! says:

    //The much-anticipated return of Brad Star//

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Wow, I had no idea Brad was planning a return. Glad to see it tho. Always liked him and he’s still hot IMO but for different reasons. He’s kinda gone from a thin, hot twink to a hot daddy! So wish it was me fucking that still hot ass of his :)

  3. avatar Sushi says:

    I love it when Brad bottoms, but what happened to his face?

    Maybe it’s just the haircut.

  4. avatar FeydRautha says:

    Geez, how long has this guy been doing porn? And isn’t he gay-for-pay? You’d think he’d’ve found some other line of work by now…

  5. avatar tyler says:

    OMG!!!! My boy Cliff fucking one of my idols!!!

    • avatar tyler says:

      Best 703 scene since Cliff Fucked the gorgeous Jake Steel. Brad Star is bisexual, having been in a love relationship with another pornstar Angel [?] where there was alot of drama. I love the thought of him “turning” gay 4 pay, but he actually likes cock as well as pussy. One of the best of the tops, when he bottomed in the Lucas movies it was a sight to see! Chad Hunt claiming him on the sofa watching football is probably the best…

    • avatar tyler says:

      and CLIFF…well he has the perfect cock and a great, masculine voice. I don’t see how anyone could resist giving him their ass…

  6. avatar FeydRautha says:

    Uh, no that was all a hoax apparently. He and his girlfriend(!) even took out a restraining order against this “Angel”. Some “love relationship”… Straight, gay-for-pay, bisexual… whatever he’s calling himself at the moment, he should retire like most of his contemporaries have done.

    • avatar tyler says:

      found this (which is semi-interesting- lol):

      GIO When was your first gay contact?

      BS Well I consider myself bi-sexual, but my fist gay contact was a little over a year ago with one of my friends who apparently had a crush on me and I did not know it. He actually offered me money to have sex with him…I was not sure about the whole thing. But, he needed the “booty call” and I needed cash, so I did it. After that, he would call me up from time-to-time and we would play. As I said, I truly am bi-sexual. I prefer to be with a woman for a dating relationship and I like sex with guys based on the physical relationship only. I do not think I could be in a relationship with a guy for a long period. I do not have one thing in particular that really turns me on. I really like a great BJ and that really gets me going if they can take me all the way down.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:


      I don’t like the guy. You’re not going to persuade me otherwise. In fact, reading that makes me dislike him all the more. But you can idolize him all you like…

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      LOL! I just realized your story is the very definition of “gay-for-pay”.

    • avatar tyler says:

      wasnt trying to persuade you or anyone to ‘like the guy’, just was commenting that brad and angel had a real relationship (no matter how fucked up it might have been and probably was and how crazy things ended, jail, etc) AND that he considers HIMSELF bisexual (not gay 4 pay) even though he claims to have gotten into it for money

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Well, he seems like a fucked-up individual all around. I wouldn’t take anything he says for the truth…

    • avatar cdman says:

      Tyler, can you explain the part where you mentioned jail pertaining to Brad and Angel? I never heard about the volatility in their relationship before.

    • avatar tyler says:

      from Angel Skye, January, 2010:

      “It is obvious to us all that I can not hide the elephant in the room , and many questions have remained unanswered as to what happened between myself and the man you all know as Brad Star. To put it in simple words I had enough abuse after 4 years of putting myself in second place and living my life for someone else that ultimately landed me in the hospital at the verge of losing my life at the hands of this man. I broke and I made the hard decision to let him go. The things he has done since the time I left him (May 2009) to now have made me further open my eyes to what a monster he is. Several months ago he and I exchanged words for the first time since we parted ways, and it did not go off very well. I fought with him and asked him to leave me alone once and for all. I spent the next several weeks crying, and feeling horrible inside, but then I prayed that life would teach him a lesson because I knew in my heart I could never bring myself to hurt him.
      On December 23 Brad was arrested for making terroristic threats to me and his girlfriend at the time as well as hitting her. He spent both Christmas and new years behind bars and was recently released. He is on probation and not to come anywhere near me or her. This was it the break I was waiting for, the vindication I deserved, and the closure my heart needed to let go and finally move on as I paved my way in 2010.
      Dear friends abuse is never ok one should not let anyone abuse them in any way, and I am ashamed to have let someone abuse me Physically and mentally. I knew I was wrong for letting him get away with it, and I regret not speaking up before, but I feel great today in the knowledge that I can move on with my life and put all of this in the past.”

    • avatar cdman says:

      Thanks, Tyler. I had no idea their relationship was that volatile and I also never heard of Brad being arrested, which is strange because I usually keep up with the various porn sites. But thanks again for the info.

    • avatar tyler says:

      of course this isn’t necessarily the truth, but it was posted on Angel Skye’s blog. Just cuz it’s in “print” doesn’t mean it’s accurate or the whole picture… I remember loving a photo of “Brad Star” from Slutgarden’s (Brad & Angel’s defunct company) site and the pic was named “Greg” when i saved it so that could be his actual name. Maybe you should ask Feyd since he thinks he knows the truth about everything. lol

    • avatar elmtree says:

      OMG, so funny and so true Ty…the part about Feyd thinking he knows the truth about everything, from when someone is telling the truth or not to when porn is staged and when it is not. We all should be so talented :)

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      I wouldn’t say I know everything, only that I know enough. :|

      I know enough about this “Brad Star” and “Angel Skye” to say, at the very least, that they’re pretty unsavory characters and I wouldn’t trust them to tell the truth about anything.

    • avatar VegasRich says:

      Tyler that while situation was way more fucked up than what appears in Angel’s blog. There’s the porn invested who claims Angel was just a scammer who stuck Brad with holding the bag. That’s how I heard about the crap. I just ignore all the National Inquirer type stories and just enjoy the porn.

    • avatar tyler says:

      exactly Vegas!
      that is why i love this scene and dont care much about who is gay/str8/bi as long as they do gay shit in the scene and are hot to look at!

  7. avatar AidanThomp says:

    Everyone with more than 5 years porn know that.

    Brad and Angel dated, were in love, started their own company, broke up, the company was over, blog posts declaring eternal love were deleted, the usual porn-drama stuff.

    • avatar AidanThomp says:

      My bad. Not all blogs were deleted.

      Angel let brad’s kitty outside. LOL

      Coincidence or not, Angel is running their old company again, “AngelSlutGarden”

    • avatar AidanThomp says:

      Last one, i promisse. haha

      “Brad is a very exciting guy,” Skye said. “Never a dull moment. He is my best friend and I am very lucky to have him in my life.”

      The couple has experienced “ups and downs” as they learned to balance professional and personal lives, particularly given that much of it is lived on-camera.

      “I think the balance came with time,” he noted. “We took our time and got our priorities straight. Now we seem to balance business and personal time very well.”

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      “Everyone with more than 5 years porn know that.”


      NEways, everyone knows there’s no such thing as “love” in gay porn. Look at the Jarics, beating the shit out of each other. Geez, Steven Daigle just put his boyfriend, Trent Locke, in the hospital.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      @AidanThomp’s linkage

      Gawd, these bishes are seriously cray-cray! LOL!

  8. avatar Orion Hunter says:

    Brad Star has never looked so good (at least as far I remember). He was never really one of my faves but after seeing this update I’d be willing to follow his “cumback.”

    Cliff Jensen is confident sexiness epitomized.

    This is a “yes” for me.

  9. avatar J.P says:

    I reali dont get the thing to b gay-for-pay!! For me it’s either u’r gay or not or even bi(confused whore). Str8 people turnin gay for money, zat complete bullshit. Sorry i’m gay but if someone pays me for having sex wiz woman i wont do cause it’s wil b a complete loss of respect for myself n 4 the woman. I think zat the point is, those ‘STR8 GUYS’ r the lamest and most boring people out there n wil b always b alone in there life!! PATHETIC

  10. avatar Nautilus88 says:

    Personally, I adore him. Probably because his ass looks so inviting (I bet it tastes soo good). He’s in better shape than ever. Oh, Brad Star…you are my all-time favourite pornstar.

    I could look at his ass all day. I could probably have my tongue in it all day…I just can’t get over how spectacular his ass is. I’d so love to bury my tongue there…drooling all over myself now…

  11. avatar cdman says:

    WOWWWWWWW…….that’s all I can say about this update. Like Tyler, Brad Star is also one of my idols and it is so freking great to have him back. I’m also ecstatic over the fact that he’s bottoming in his first scene back!!!! I think overall he topped far more than he bottomed before he retired, and hopefully his bottoming will be more frequent now that he’s back! And I have to say, he looks awesome with the new haircut and beefier bod! Love it, love it, love it! Now, a list of people I hope he bottoms for at some point (or at least flip-flops with): Zeb Atlas, Chris Rockway, Parker London, Nash Lawler, Connor Habib, Tucker Vaughn and….despite what’s going on with him right now…Steven Daigle. (Please don’t hate on me for that last one)!

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Well, that settles it. In the words of Heidi Klum, “The taste level just isn’t there.”

      I mean, Steven Daigle! He’s fucking women and beating up his boyfriend… *shakes head*

    • avatar cdman says:

      Yeah, I know Feyd….His actions and behavior are questionable to say the least, but I was just going on his looks. He is a good-looking guy that I would like to see fuck Brad or flip-flop with him. Even in spite of what’s happening with him now.

      By the way, was his SG4GE thing with the women because he wanted to do it, or because it was in his contract and they basically MADE him do it?

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      His looks?! He’s got a teensy dick and no ass. He’s 37 years old and his face is cracked! I seriously don’t know how he managed to get this far in porn. But, different strokes, I guess.

      As for he and this Brad Star… they sound perfect for each other.

  12. avatar Established One says:

    Hot….definitely hot. YES!

  13. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Bard Star looks 20 years older without hair. Not a good thing.

  14. avatar tyler says:

    so he was about age 5, 6, or 7 with hair? because this hot guy doesnt even look 30

    • avatar cdman says:

      For the record, I think he turns 27 next month. I saw his birthdate listed on some site I can’t remember.

  15. avatar EmpireState says:

    These two create some masculine magic. I like it.

  16. avatar humanoid says:

    i loved brad when he was a twink and got plowed senseless by some big cocks…. his blondie look doesn’t go well his this gorilla body type….

    anyway i hate guys who fuck in jockstraps… it gives me queasy feelings….

  17. avatar Daniel says:

    Looks contrived.

  18. avatar scottnyer says:

    i think Brad star looks pretty youthful.

    i’m digging Cliff’s looks.

    Interesting stuff: this porn gossip.

  19. avatar BillyTK says:

    I have adored Brad foir several years, he looks best with a dick in his ass- loved his work for Lukas and now with Suite703… the rest is rumor… just give me the boy

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