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CorbinFisher: Josh Fucks Foster

Josh Fucks Foster at CorbinFisher

Josh Fucks Foster at CorbinFisher

Josh Fucks Foster at CorbinFisher

Josh Fucks Foster at CorbinFisher

Josh Fucks Foster at CorbinFisher

Josh Fucks Foster at CorbinFisher

Watch Josh Fucks Foster at

Corbin Fisher wrote:

Josh and freshman Foster are shooting pool. Once Josh sinks a particularly good shot, he decides he’s ready to sink something long and hard into Foster!

The two go out to the gazebo. It’s gorgeous sunny day. Both guys waste no time kissing and undressing each other. Once Josh sees Foster’s muscular torso, he explores every inch of it with his tongue. He kisses his way down Foster’s ripped abs. He sucks Foster’s cock, licking the shaft before going down on it.

Josh spits on Foster’s dick and it slides all the way down his throat. Foster moans with pleasure as Josh deepthroats his cock. They kiss again. Foster’s completely horned up and can’t wait for Josh to drive his dick into his ass.

Foster bends over. Josh slides his big cock into Foster’s tight ass. Foster groans in ecstasy. Josh pounds Foster faster and faster. “Oh yeah!” Foster yells, as Josh smacks his ass and drives him face first into the cushion.

Josh flips Foster over. Spitting on his hard cock, Josh shoves it back inside Foster. Josh jackhammers Foster. Foster’s meaty pecs bounce as Josh fucks him.

It doesn’t take long for Josh to fuck a thick wet load out of Foster! He shoots all over his ripped abs. As much as Foster came, though, Josh shoots even more, spraying Foster all the way up his chest! It’s a hot ending to a cool game of pool!

Watch Josh Fucks Foster at

44 Responses to CorbinFisher: Josh Fucks Foster

  1. avatar Ryder25 says:

    It’s not ‘Foster’s’ first trip to the rodeo. He got fucked a few times when he was ‘Cameron’ at SC.

    • avatar Neobamboom says:

      Yeah but you could tell that he wasn’t into it here. The kissing was just awkward on his end. He really didn’t want to use that tongue

    • avatar LA Clergy says:

      We cannot ever believe anything these write-ups say. I truly believe the authors of these write ups have not a clue what the definition of straight or gay is.

      Apparently if you got fucked once but didn’t enjoy it doesn’t count and you remain virgin. I can only imagine what color the skies must be in that world.

  2. avatar FTLRSW says:

    Ever since Josh took that big 10 inch cock from Jamie (I think), I have been a fan….he is very hott.

  3. avatar LadiezMan says:

    What more could I say about Josh that I haven’t said before. He’s the ultimate cutie, like on a dorky type tip. He’s got a super sweet smile and disposition…but add to that a smokin’ hot lean yet muscular bod, one of CF’s best pair of feet, one of CF’s nicest smoothest bubbliest asses, a nice juicy perfect dick, loads of passion, and a tongue that does the job AND more…you’ve got somethin special. Josh is that somethin special, my oh my the thangs I would do to that boy if I played for the other team!

    The other dude Foster is aight. He’s got a nice body, and a decent face (when he doesn’t smile…when he smiles he looks kinda goofy) and he’s nice and long. The height contrast was cool. Other than that, he’s kinda blah. He did take Josh’s sauasage nicely though.

    • avatar CapnMorgan says:

      LadiezMan, you’re aight with me. If I weren’t straight myself I’d be all over you. I think you should audition for CF. They have so many straight guys there, too.

    • avatar marcus carls says:

      I like your humor CapnMorgan. I like it a lot. Very subtle.

    • avatar Paul D says:

      I wish to attain the masculinity of the LadiezMan, who repeatedly comes on here to prove his hardcore heterosexuality. If I played for the other team like he does, I too would peruse gay porn on a daily basis, comment on guys’ sausages, constantly say “I’d hit that piece of ass if I didn’t like vagina so much, you know what I mean, gurlz?”, and then bone my super-mega-hot model girlfriend. IF I was straight like he is, that is.

    • avatar LA Clergy says:

      LadiezMan your knowledge of gay sex is astounding. Do you recall your reply on
      in which you wish you could have been gay? What actually stops you from coming out of the closet? The amount of time you spend on gay porn denotes the massive interest you have on gay sex. Frustration may bust that closet wide open. If it hasn’t already.

    • avatar LadiezMan says:

      CapnMorgan & Paul D…I’m lovin the fact that you two have welcomed the Ladiez Man back into the waybig family with open arms. I love the hell outta you two dudes, you’re like my gay brothas!

      Capn, I can kinda tell from your demeanor and your way with words that you’re pretty fuckin hot! I’d totally tap that ass alllll niiiiiite lonnnng. But you know the deal, I definitely would if I wasn’t straight, but I am so that’s a no go. :-(

      Paul D, you get me 100% man! Finally, somebody understands! Although I detect just a tiny bit of sarcasm in your words, I can see that you get that I find the male body sizzling hot, and slightly erotic…even though I’m completely straight. That’s awesome! I wish more people were like you, bud!

    • avatar sliderboi says:

      poor LA Clergy just doesn’t get it, does he? but then, maybe that’s his problem, he doesn’t get any. so his sense of humour has been destroyed by bitterness and cynicism.

      gotta love LadiezMan. If i were a lesbian, i’d be all over his wife.

    • avatar LadiezMan says:

      @LA Clergy: Oh yes, I definitely can recall that hot update…I’m getting chills just thinking about it now :-) Well, I mean, I guess I get what you’re saying. I guess I’m just not your average guy. Being perfectly honest, I have no closet to come out of, I really am straight. I just think guys are hot and good gay sex is hot. I don’t participate in gay sex because I’m not gay, and it’s unfortunate because sometimes i’d like to be. But I couldn’t and wouldn’t force something that’s not there, you know? I’m perfectly 100% happy with my fiancé, she’s just the finest lil thang ever created. And I’m only sleeping with her lol :-D but I love coming on WayBig to see some of my fantasies acted out. It’s awesome!

      @Sliderboy: Haha, I’m pretty damn stoked that you get me too man! Cool. Nah, I actually think LA Clergy is pretty cool, I guess I’m just a complicated strange dude on here. A bunch of people don’t understand it, haha. But it’s all good. Good thing you aren’t a lesbian or straight, by the way…or else we’d have some beef over my WIFEY! ;-)

    • avatar CapnMorgan says:

      Thanks LadiezMan. I might even make you go gay! Nahhh, you’re too straight for that gay sex stuff.

    • avatar LadiezMan says:

      No prob Capn. Yeah man, I think you’d have to do something ridiculously outta this world to get me to play for the other team. Not saying it isn’t possible, it’s just a very verrrrrry tall task. Who knows though, bro… ;-)

    • avatar PornJunkie says:

      To be honest with you LadiezMan I kind of believe you, cause though I define myself as strictly gay lately I found that I’m quite turned on seeing some pussy licking videos. Actually I think that’s because I love rimming and when a man do some serious blowjob to a women the way his tongue moves seems way hotter than the rimming (and it doesn’t hurt that the actors seems much more enthusiastic about it). Does that make me bisexual? I don’t think so. Maybe it’s the same with you but in reverse.

      By the way, greetings from México to all of you!

    • avatar LadiezMan says:

      @PornJunkie: Exactly, my man! You can definitely relate to me. In my case, I like the masculinity/rough factor that some gay porn brings. I love my girl and everything, but like it or not, she’s fragile. These dude can be a little more rough with each other, and that kinda turns me on. I can also see beauty in both sexes obviously…and I’m not the kind of guy to hold that in. If a guy hot, then he’s hot! I watch straight porn, bi porn, and lezzy mcguire porn too. But I just prefer gay porn. Am I going to act on it or recreate it with another bloke? I really highly doubt it, because I’m straight. In any event, I LOVE checking this porn out, the scenes never cease to amaze me…I feel like a baby at a titty buffet! :-D

    • avatar LadiezMan says:

      Oh, and greetings to you too buddy!

    • avatar AshBry says:

      Ladiezman, I’ll also take your word that you may be totally fully strictly straight, but lets face it you have some non-straight fantasies lurking in your realm of hidden desire ;) Does your girl know this? Maybe she’s ok with it, since she’s #1 and all, she might even be willing to go threeway with you and that friend whose sexy body you’ve been undressing with your eyes……. ;)

    • avatar LadiezMan says:

      I think that’s fair to say Ashbry, I definitely have some ridiculously non-straight fantasies rolling around in my head. Hell, sometimes the shit that swirls around in there is even gayer than a gay guy fantasizes about, lol! But with me, it’s just that, a fantasy. I’m very happy in my real life :-D I think my girl knows, she knows that I come to this blog, she’s seen me check out a few updates, and I don’t think it bothers her. Though the 3 way idea sound heartachingly hot, I don’t think I’d be up for that. I think dudes are sooooo hot, but I just can’t see myself actually doing something with one. In my head, sure…ALL DAY! Haha, but just not in reality, if that makes any sense…? :-)

  4. avatar Anton says:

    Any video featuring Josh is a plus for me. One of CF’s greatest performers to date. Truly amazing as both a top and bottom. Plus, I never seen a video featuring Josh where his dick isn’t rock hard from start to finish. That’s a born performer!

    I like how CF uses Josh too. He doesn’t appear as frequently as Dawson or Travis, he appears a bit more sporadically which is good since it gives you the chance to miss him. I usually prefer him as a bottom, but that last video where he fisted Austin has made me change my tune and now I highly anticipate when he tops — and I’m not even into fisting! It’s rare you see a performer that’s both a convincing, submissive bottom and a rough/aggressive top.

    CF better hope that Josh doesn’t ever abandon ship and move to another site because that would be a huge loss.

  5. avatar cdman says:

    Even though I go for Josh much more as a bottom, I’m REALLY digging this pairing. Both guys are hot and I’m always up for the bigger guy getting fucked by the smaller guy. YUM…..Excellent, CF!

  6. avatar Sushi says:

    Well I don’t dig Josh and wish he would go away. Granted, it’s betting seeing him than Dawson, but not by much.

    And yeah, “Foster,” who was “Cameron” has been fucked before, which is why there’s no talk of any virgin ass or never with a guy before. Thank goodness they left that bullshit out.

    Why can’t two new-ish guys go at it? Why must it always be some dinosaur paired up with a newbie?

    This is just an OK update for me.

  7. avatar tyler says:

    love these dirty blondes

  8. avatar dio says:

    been coming here for a while and seeing all the hate Dawson/Travis gets vs. lurve Josh gets is baffling. LOL Seriously. I like how Dawson/Travis work on their fitness and come across like they’ve given up the pretense and fucking ENJOY sexing a dood.

    hmm, Josh with his average looks and average dick/body (IIRC, his body used to be fucking TIGHT… what happened?) and average performances… Ugh. Josh, to me… looks like he fucking enjoys it, but is fighting that pleasure, or something? Kind of like how Connor used to look, but now he seems to have relaxed into it.

  9. avatar Mike says:

    Neither of these guys interests me.

  10. avatar hewolf says:

    JOSH fucks??? BO~RI~NG

  11. avatar DGrayson says:

    anything with josh in it works for me.
    that guy knows what he’s doing.
    he’s like… “adorable” and “hot” all at once.

  12. avatar nata says:

    Josh – Justin, Josh – Foster I do not see a duet. I see solo Josh: Josh kisses, Josh BJ, Josh fucks … It is pity…

  13. avatar Established One says:

    Well you knew it was coming with Foster being fucked.

  14. avatar Jakub says:

    Foster obvious that he did’t like it at all …

  15. avatar LA Clergy says:

    I have always liked Foster. He looks great since his Cameron days. I think he does better as bottom than as a top but that is a personal opinion. As to Josh he need to show more emotion while fucking. It comes across too mechanical.

  16. avatar louie says:

    Damn that was a short video. Not even 12 minutes.

    Quality not quantitiy, right?

  17. avatar Timah says:

    I like Josh better when he’s riding a dick.

  18. avatar ei8htinches says:

    where have i seen josh before? oh yeah, everywhere. fuck off lol NEXT

  19. avatar seymour dix says:

    No thank you, Foster

  20. avatar jugde6 says:

    Hot Guys, check
    Nice scenario, check.

    So, what´s wrong in this video clip?
    Passion was not invited. Looks like Josh wanting to get things done as soon as possible.

  21. avatar AshBry says:

    Well, isn’t Josh just the finest specimen in porn :D

  22. avatar pubert says:

    I seriously don’t see the appeal of big-nose “Josh”. Looking at him makes me feel congested.

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