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NextDoorTwink: Jacob Marteny & Jesse Jordan

Jacob Marteny & Jesse Jordan at Next Door Twink

Jacob Marteny & Jesse Jordan at Next Door Twink

Jacob Marteny & Jesse Jordan at Next Door Twink

Jacob Marteny & Jesse Jordan at Next Door Twink

Jacob Marteny has twisted his ankle. Jesse Jordan is skeptical, but luckily for him, Jacob’s foot is not the appendage he’s interested in. So after soothing the ankle pain with a cursory rubdown, Jesse investigates the rest of Jacob’s body for potential ailments, and discovers that the area in need of the most attention is in Jacob’s pants.

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23 Responses to NextDoorTwink: Jacob Marteny & Jesse Jordan

  1. avatar Timah says:

    Too much rib-cage

  2. avatar Wuppypup says:

    Yuck. Where is Chris Hanson to shutdown this site when you need him?

  3. avatar LA Clergy says:

    Didn’t enjoy this one at all.

    I PASS

  4. avatar Res1 says:

    The one with the hat is cute. He’s a good performer too. I like the scene he did with Johnny Torque.

  5. avatar lovelivelife says:

    I understand if you older guys feel weird watching this but I don’t have a problem with it. They look like a lot 18-25 year olds. We’re not all buff studs… some guys can’t help but be this size.

    • avatar ei8htinches says:

      well put! i am 22 so this is kinda up my alley haha i’d do the pale one in a heartbeat! :D

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      There are plenty of older guys who like 18-25’s, and a fair number of 18-25’s who like Daddies.

  6. avatar Devvy says:

    …I like that kids turquoise underwear.
    Or are they aqua?
    That’s seriously gonna bug me.

  7. avatar DGrayson says:

    is it just me, or does nextdoortwink do a lot of foot fetish type stuff?
    not that that’s a bad thing, just an observation.

    anyways, i actually watched this vid and it’s not bad at all, they’re both pretty cute and have good chemistry.

  8. avatar Trepakprince says:

    I think just by typing about this Chris Hansen from to catch a predator is at my door right now, really I just walked in my kitchen and all I wanted was some cookies and lemonade…

  9. avatar Established One says:


  10. avatar sliderboi says:

    yes. just yes.

    very lovely, very willing, very fuckable.

  11. avatar Daniel says:

    What pretty twinks

  12. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Both kinda cute, although I prefer twinks that are a little buffer. Love the bottom’s hair and cap.

    Why is it Next Door Studios doesn’t show actual penetration in their pictorials?

  13. avatar JacobMarteny says:

    Well thanks for all the kind Words everyone ha ha Im trying to Get buffer and Get out of the Twink Stuff ASAP But u can see more of my work on other sites like
    and Soon To be many more and If your a True Fan Of my work Add me on Facebook,

  14. avatar kev says:

    Just curious…what have you done in can’t seem to find any of your works? By the way, you’re hot so keep on the good work!

  15. avatar alpha says:

    Hi Jacob,

    I found your scene on colt studio:

    Could you share links concerning your other work please? :-)

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