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CorbinFisher: Hunter II

Hunter II at CorbinFisher

Hunter II at CorbinFisher

Hunter II at CorbinFisher

Hunter II at CorbinFisher

Hunter II at CorbinFisher

Hunter II at CorbinFisher

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Corbin wrote:

Handsome and full of Southern charm, Hunter is the epitome of a sexy frat boy. He likes to lift weights, hang out with his friends, go out – the typical 23-year old lifestyle. Only his looks are far from typical!

Hunter is laid back and engaging. Even when he’s not talking about sex, those gorgeous eyes make you wish he was! He’s into petite, dark-skinned and dark-haired girls. He was 16 when he first had sex. A girl who had a crush on him had a party at her house. One thing led to another and he lost his virginity that night.

She was the one who initiated it, and Hunter said he doesn’t mind if girls sometimes take the lead, but he likes to mix it up and take control of the situation as well. His favorite position is having a girl face him while riding him.Who wouldn’t want to face this beefy hottie?

When he was ten, Hunter hung around with some older friends who told him about the process of jerking off, and he tried it – unsuccessfully. He got the hang of it, even though he doesn’t jerk off too much now. He generally does it every other day, but I’m sure he has a lot of offers to help him relieve any tension he might have

When Hunter jerks off, he usually watches porn. His tastes run to mainstream porn. Nothing too hardcore, nothing too amateur.

Hunter’s most exciting sexual experience happened when he threw a party at his place. He had strippers come over and two of them ended up in his bedroom. It’s been his first and only threesome to date (“Unfortunately,” he says), and he’d love another one. I hope we can help him with that.

He goes to the gym every other day, and usually does some type of cardio on his off days. Hunter has been working out since he was 16, and loves to focus on chest exercises. It shows! He says he gets more compliments on his chest than just about any other body part. He benches around 205 pounds, which he feels is pretty good for a lighter guy like himself.

Hunter peels off his shirt to show off those thick pecs. He flexes them and they are rock-solid. He strips down and he has a tattoo of two shamrocks on one thigh. “It’s supposed to help me be lucky,” he says. As hot as he is, I doubt he needs much luck.

He hasn’t jerked off in four days, so he leans back and gets to work. His focus is intense. He slowly pleasures his cock, and barely seems to notice he’s pulling on his balls, or rubbing those meaty pecs at the same time. Hunter has a great ass, and I wonder if he’d be into a guy fucking it. After all, he didn’t specify what kind of threesome he wanted …

Hunter alternates his strokes between an inward and an outward-facing grip. He spits on his dick to re-lube it. He moans in pleasure. He’s starting to work up a sweat and his pecs are glistening in the hot sun.

His breathing gets erratic as he inches closer to coming. Hunter’s thick shaft tapers to a smaller head and it looks like a torpedo that’s about to explode. He shoots and cum sprays everywhere. “Think I made a mess,” he grins. That kind of mess is okay with us!

Watch Hunter II at

47 Responses to CorbinFisher: Hunter II

  1. avatar KingSize says:

    YES!!! Though…he looked much hotter in the pictures. But regardless he is hot! We just gotta do sumthin about that haircut! lol

    And Riley needs to hurry up and get here with a shit load of emo-icons and YAY’s! and YIPEE’s because we need them! lol

  2. avatar Grey says:

    he is totally hot looking…lol he should go thru the courses all the way

  3. avatar Bradster says:

    Not sure what this update’s doing here, but this guy is hot!

    Good way to make up for that Alec II stinker.

  4. avatar Established One says:

    Nice…and I am sure he will be back. I say YES!

  5. avatar LA Clergy says:

    WOW this guy oozes hotness. He is definitely my type. I hope he comes back as a bottom. His dick is weird. The head is smaller than the shaft which makes it look like a worm and not a cock. Not my taste there. His ass on the other hand is ready for action and sublime. I would love to dive in that pucker.

  6. avatar Delian07 says:

    He’s pretty hot. I just wish he didn’t look bored in every one of his still pics. (And what an awkward “O-face”!)

  7. avatar alanalt says:

    So Alec’s update has been pulled and replaced with Hunter? Why? And the way it’s been done is so Orwellian – ‘Our January 24 update is Hunter, our January 24 update has ALWAYS been Hunter!’

  8. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Every thing was going great and then the trailer park came in! Those stupid tattoos! This guy is super hot trailer park trash! With the gastly clover tatto, yuk!

  9. avatar dio says:

    he’s def. in shape, and seems to have clear skin (face and dat ass…), but his disinterest is painfully apparent, though, which is kind of a turn off. :/

  10. avatar elmtree says:

    WOW, Hunter is flawless and I am speechless. Big yes and please get him back for more…

  11. avatar muffintop says:

    They pulled Alec? …I liked him. Regardless, this guy is HOT but he needs to loosen up a bit. Smile! But with the lack of hotties at CF I’m not sure I’d want to see this guy paired with some plain joe. He probably isn’t coming back anyway.

  12. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Wonder if the two people who thought Alec II looked like he’s killed somebody were onto something…

  13. avatar porndog says:

    Okay, this guy makes up for the Alec II update. He looks like a sexy geek (or stoner), with the long, adorable face and the lanky frame. Really, I like everything about him. I really can’t wait to see him in some ACM action (not ACS). And esp hope to see him in a 3way as long as it doesn’t include Travis.

  14. avatar Devvy says:

    He’s hot. I pray he comes back.

  15. avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

    Not impressed. And he looks really bored in most of the pics. He shows a little more enthusiasm in the last one, but only because he knows it’ll be a wrap after another spurt or two.

    • avatar Bradster says:

      Oh please…moronic post of the day right here…

      They’re just fucking pictures. Ever look in the mirror when you’re jacking off? Whatever stupid look you have plastered on your face, enthusiasm it ain’t.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      Didn’t know you were spying. Scary.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      …I do see your point, though. But in several of the non-action photos he seems to give off a clear “I don’t really want to be here vibe.”

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Good reply Bradster. And let’s not forget how often we criticize when models smile too much. I think Hunter is just trying to look sexy. But the truth is he doesn’t have to try…he just is.

  16. avatar Sushi says:

    Great looking guy, who has total gay face–no matter what that baloney story says.

    He will look great whether topping or bottoming. Yum. I hope he comes back.

  17. avatar Daniel says:

    Hot body and cock – the face, not so sure.

  18. avatar Auggy says:

    Lol @ his eyebrow. Does that thing ever go down? ;) Hunter is okay, not really my type but he’ll do. :p For someone whose only 5’10, I loved how long and lean he seemed. And he busted a nice lil’ load.

    • avatar Jonny Marzetti says:

      “Lol @ his eyebrow. Does that thing ever go down?”

      I think you just may have just stumbled onto something! Since sales of Fisher’s lube have probably peaked (despite its presence in virtually every ACM video), could it be he’s preparing to roll out Corbin Fisher eyeliner?

  19. avatar BrianRatliff says:

    Well, I am a Southerner and this Hunter is a bad boy….really bad.

  20. avatar NotSoMuch says:

    I don’t believe him nor his muscles.

  21. avatar Matt says:

    No attraction for me. Don’t care for his haircut or smile. I found recent additions of Reed & Keegan better looking.

  22. avatar Maps says:

    So hot

    too bad while i was jerking & scrolling down, the dogs face in pic number 3 totally made me lawl and killed my hard on lol

  23. avatar scottnyer says:

    In that last pic as he is cumming, he looks like the joker. It’s like a rictus of pleasure and pain.

    Nice body. I like his hair gelled up. I think it’s cool. He’s pretty hot. I can’t decide if he’s bored, nervous, or just not present. I wouldn’t mind seeing him take it, but only if he’s more animated.

    the problem with a lot of these films is when the dudes have sex, there’s no facial expressions, or sound. So, it’s boring.

  24. avatar danni says:

    he’s hot and all, but looks cocky, too
    wouldn’t kick him out of bed though

  25. avatar JJMIKE says:

    There are still pics of Alec on Hunter’s profile page. And now they’ve pulled “Cain Fucks Glen”. What’s going on at CF? Looks like they are having a nervous breakdown.

  26. avatar shock55 says:

    i’m in love.

  27. avatar bruceknightengale says:

    I’d bet everything I have that you’ll see more of this one, and that he’ll take cock in his ass. I’ve seen him do it before.

  28. avatar jimbosd says:

    Hunter sure looks like Sebastien from Sean Cody a few year back when he was 20 yrs. old. He bottomed with the hot blond jock, AJay, Here is the link to his initial video,

    • avatar tyler says:

      looks like him but their cockheads look different and the nips are as well. sebastien had very brown eyes and hunter’s are green, but very similarly structured faces!
      this guy is hot. i was disappointed when i read “6.5”, but pleased when i scrolled down…sometimes girth beats length and this is a good case of that.

    • avatar Jared says:

      I think he looks more like SC model Kenny than Sebastian.

    • avatar dio says:

      @ Jared this guy is a pound puppy, compared to Kenny. Seriously. Kenny was so handsome you wondered why he was doing gay porn. Tall, dark, and handsome was a very apt description of the dood.

      Hunter is no Kenny. >.>

    • avatar darkthunder1983 says:

      I’m just now seeing this and I almost thought it was Sebastien for a minute.

  29. avatar jag2power says:

    Perfection, IMHO! I love the lips that seems a permanent smile and the dreamy eyes, the hair, the come hither to look while bending over the work out bench, the way he looked last night. ;)

  30. avatar alias74 says:

    Disappointed in 6.5’??? I guess I should be happy as a bottom I don’t need to wield my 6.5’er much…

  31. avatar GEL says:

    Thank goodness. Alec II was not even fit to look at fully clothed. Glad to see that removed!

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