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MenOver30: Matthew Rush & Seth Knight

Matthew Rush & Seth Knight  at MenOver30

Matthew Rush & Seth Knight  at MenOver30

Matthew Rush & Seth Knight  at MenOver30

Matthew Rush & Seth Knight  at MenOver30

Matthew Rush & Seth Knight  at MenOver30

Matthew Rush & Seth Knight  at MenOver30

Back with us this week is our favorite “thirty something” hottie, Matthew Rush whom was more than happy to help us with our newest member to the ‘MenOver30-by-injection’ club, Seth Knight. Seth is a hot 20 year old guy from Wichita Falls. Seth is new to the industry and has proven he can hang with the big boys.

Watch Matthew Rush & Seth Knight at

23 Responses to MenOver30: Matthew Rush & Seth Knight

  1. avatar Jared says:

    There’s just something so wrong about Matthew Rush doing a shitty site like this. He should have his own site or own company at this point.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Jared, regarding your comment “He (Matthew) should have his own site or own company at this point”.

      I would argue he should be retired from porn at this point. I never got his appeal. Yes he has a awesome body but that face is just NOT pretty…and that’s being generous. I used to be ok with him cuz I thought he had a great personality but after hearing that “odd” rant about another porn star giving him some disease or something, he lost any appeal IMO.

    • avatar Jared says:

      OMG! I forgot about that crazy rant where he starts crying about some kind of infection and b/c the other model fucked Jake Cruise then masturbates. WTF? That was so crazy. I knew there was another reason I couldnt watch his scenes.

      When he was younger there was something kinda odd cute about him. And his body, ass especially, was awesome. When he got older and got tattoos he lost his appeal. Not that i hate tattoos. I just dont like his.

    • avatar porndog says:

      Elmtree, I was going to say the same. While I’ve always thought he was hot and still do–I have compassion for an aging pornstar. I thought he was pretty in his younger days, and today he still has a rockin bod. But on this site, he always appears like he’d rather be anywhere doing anything else.

      And with an ass like his, I’ve never taken him seriously as a top. He really should bottom more. I’d watch that!

  2. avatar Established One says:

    Well even Matthew needs the money…yet I can’t believe he would lower his standards for a site like this. But it is still hot though.

  3. avatar Daniel says:

    Matthew Rush used to be so hot sigh…

  4. avatar emopunk808 says:

    ive always liked matthew rush hes hot ;) its kinda cool to follow him from young to old- cant wait til hes 40 lol he can be my daddy anytime.. seth is cute too hot face and body sweet load

  5. avatar Matty T Luffy says:

    I was sick of Matthew Rush 6 Years ago when he was in everything Falcon puked out. The tats don’t help one bit. Dude has to RETIRE.

  6. avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

    Matthew Rush is still hot! His tat are silly and he should never have branded his body like that. The other guy has a body and a face perfect for the radio, he should talk to Matthew about the proper steroid cycle for him.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      You looked at the second pic above and came to the conclusion Matt is still hot and the bottom is the ugly “radio” face one? Really??

    • avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

      Don’t kid your self, if you ever be so lucky to get Matt on your bed you wouldn’t kick him out. Besides, i’m not going to bitch about his looks because he got older. Matt looks HOT for a man his age, the other guy looks 20 something going on 40 and busted. I really pity you because you are not getting younger so you better start the botox and saving for the facelift.

    • avatar elmtree says:

      Actually age has nothing to do with my comments about Matthew. If you notice my above comment I have NEVER thought he looked good in the face. And I have NEVER wanted him in my bed. I do think men in their 30’s and 40’s can be beautiful and sexy, even more so then guys in their 20’s so no need to assume I’m critical of someone just cuz they are older. And certainly no need to pity me cuz I know I’m not getting younger but I do just fine.

    • avatar fresero_abre_culos says:

      You just talk about the second pic, where do you say in that comment that you never liked Rush? You do just fine? Is it Matthew Rush fine or Orca fine?

  7. avatar Barack says:

    In the first pic and a couple others, it looks like Matthew is fucking the POTUS!

  8. avatar Randolph912 says:

    Bottom’s face is so girly but his ass is so fuckable.

  9. avatar Jared says:

    Yea you could totally see him as a tranny.

  10. avatar McNeils says:

    I would like to register

  11. avatar Brock722 says:

    What I don’t get about this site is, there are *plenty* of porn-worthy Men over 30 (believe it or not, we don’t keel over when we hit “old age”), yet they have to pair Matthew Rush with some unappealing twink? If you’re going to have a site featuring those heading for the nursing home, at least give me two of us old codgers.

  12. avatar Hunter says:

    Eh if hes this despret. I cant wait untill hes realy doing those hard core disgusting shove a lit cig up your ass hole paul morrison fuck films. Now id watch that.

  13. avatar RJ says:

    Matthew Rush is so HOT

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