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RandyBlue: Patrick O’Brian

Patrick O'Brien at Randy Blue

Patrick O'Brien at Randy Blue

Patrick O'Brien at Randy Blue

Patrick O'Brien at Randy Blue

Watch Patrick O’Brien’s Video Clip

RandyBlue wrote:

If you saw Patrick O’Brien sitting opposite you in a steam room it would take all you had to not just stare at this sexy muscle jock. First, there’s the face, devilishly handsome with just a hint of sweetness. Then there’s the body. Chiseled pecs and abs that sport a light spattering of hair that gets thicker as you go down towards a lush patch of beautiful dark pubes. From there rises a thick meaty cock with a large delicious mushroom head. As if this wasn’t a total package, Patrick then opens his mouth to reveal the most seductive English accent. A landscaper by trade, his hours in the outdoors carrying heavy objects has given him this strong athletic body, yet he’s not new to the adult scene. Having explored modeling in the UK his first trip to the US is specifically to model for Randy Blue. And if this super hot sauna jerkoff video is any indication of what this stud can do, this will be one guy to keep a lookout for.

Watch Patrick O’Brien’s Video Clip

39 Responses to RandyBlue: Patrick O’Brian

  1. avatar Delian07 says:

    Oh HELL yes! This guy’s smokin’!

    Too bad he was already on English Lads (I think that was it), and only did a solo. He identifies as straight, but maybe there’s hope for him. Who travels to another country just to do a solo?

  2. avatar Bo69 says:

    He first appeared in a solo on MenAtPlay where I think he has a bit more bulk. I think he’ll be fucking and sucking before the end of the month.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      I highly doubt it. He’s been on several sites already (as either Patrick or Paddy) and he never does more than jack off. There’ve been a number of these British guys to do the same; very few “graduate” to full-on gay sex (unlike their American counterparts).

  3. avatar LikeWhoa! says:

    He went by ‘Paddy O’Brian’ on men at play.

  4. avatar Brian_26 says:

    He is smoking HOT! Love the dark hair and the sexy eyes. Not to mention that beautiful cock. I got hard as soon as I started looking at these pics. Looks like a membership to Randy Blue is in my future!

  5. avatar adamdays23 says:

    Hot Sexy Nice Abs!!, Randyblue please keep him and have him do some live shows soon. Also maybe some guy on guy action soon. Hes hot a very nice big cock. One of the best randyblue I ever seen. Five Stars here!!!

  6. avatar FeydRautha says:

    While he’s certainly gets around, there’s no denying that he’s HAWT. I think he does a short interview for MenAtPlay; he sounds a bit like Beckham with his Estuary English. :D

  7. avatar porndog says:

    Hot! Call me when (if) he does more.

  8. avatar LA Clergy says:

    He is steaming hot. I hope he goes beyond just appearing in the nude or just choking the chicken. He needs to bottom to some cool top.

  9. avatar jag2power says:

    I want him bad. Love the darkness releasing like a carpet all over the lower part of his body. Truly, I could get lost.

  10. avatar Fazz says:

    Call me a superficial bitch if ya want for this but, I cant get past the franken-thumb.

    Sorry! I’m in no way perfect, but I cant get past that.

    I feel a little like Grace from Will & Grace when she dated that ridiculously handsome guy with a sixth toe.

    I mean he’s very good looking, and I love British men.
    Ugh what is a man to do?

  11. avatar Marjorie Flores from Ishcombobbido says:

    Randy Blue’s robo-femme photography (amongst other things) style does NOT suit this guy’s natural, masculine beauty at all!

  12. avatar David says:

    He’s very, very sexy. When I saw that he’s British I presumed he’d be uncut but I was glad that there wasn’t one in sight.

    • avatar FeydRautha says:

      Dammit! Why’d ya have to go an’ point out his one major flaw?!

      (Well, apart from being straight, that is.)

    • avatar LA Clergy says:

      FeyRautha: Do you believe that he is straight? I don’t know any straight guy that would pull apart his cheecks and take pics… but I could be wrong.

      One can dream. I need an O’Brien ASAP

  13. avatar czpep says:

    now he is smoking hot! wow.. love the dark hair!

  14. avatar danni says:

    I want to stumble upon this brit in the steamroom sauna!

  15. avatar MarissaCooper says:

    My god. He is PERFECTION.

  16. avatar Riley says:

    MY PATRICK DELICIOUS!!!!!! And to those who said he only came here to do a solo your right ,but so have a few of RB
    American models just saying. Patrick is DROOLICIOUS!!!! Loving MY BRITISH MEN SO SEXY ESPECIALLY THEIR ACCENT!!!!!

  17. avatar lee-dong says:

    he is hot but what a shame how rb cant devlope there own talent!

  18. avatar clusterfuck says:

    Burberry underwear? Chav.

  19. avatar Established One says:

    I totally agree. Patrick is smoking hot. Love the hairy ass and chest. It’s a 100% YES for me!

  20. avatar muffintop says:

    Holy hell this guy is literally perfect. I recognized him from a couple other sites and he’s only done solos. I kind of don’t want to see him in action so I can preserve my perfect image of him…

  21. avatar marti1234 says:

    hawt hope he goes further:)

  22. avatar dio says:

    wow, he’s pretty and hot, too – a deadly combo.

    get him to fuck with Richard Pierce or Gabriel or Justin Blakely, please RB… and I’ll forgive you for subjecting me to Micah Andrews & Porter Wescott.

  23. avatar Neo says:

    Dude is sexy as fuck. Probably sounds like Simon Cowell tho. Easily one of RB’s hottest guys. Hope he does more and if he does hopefully with someone newer, and not with the same bunch of ran thru RB models.

  24. avatar Randolph912 says:

    If I were a woman I’d have his babies. END

  25. avatar darkbloo says:

    And he’s also modelling some Armani underwear here:

  26. avatar Res1 says:

    I guess he’s hot, but he just doesn’t do much for me. And that thumb is weird.

  27. avatar marti1234 says:

    nice why not get Dallas, Benjmin,cayden & Ashton to stumble upon him & gang bang him, a wish list , only a suggestion:)or a flip flop with Ashton:)

  28. avatar andrew chris says:

    wow! very hot men. RB is amazing. RB please couple with cayden ross, reese rideout or chris rockway. I want it very much. please accept my want.

  29. avatar patrick says:

    he reminds of that horny singer shane ward

  30. avatar johnsobe says:

    Oh, if they would only pair him off with someone worthy. He is gorgeous!! His body hair is like each hair was placed individually by angels. His hairy legs are beautiful and perfect. He is truly a vision of loveliness. Would love to see him get his dick sucked.

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